“The Mosques Are Our Barracks”

Vlad Tepes interviews Sam Solomon about the role of the mosque in Islam, and how it functions as a center for jihad against non-Muslim societies:

A quote from the interview:
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Islam is not simply a religion. Islam is a socio-political system. It is a socio-political, socio-religious, socio-economic, socio-educational, socio-judicial, legislative, militaristic system cloaked in, garbed in religious terminology. And therefore Islam is not like any other religion…


Islam is a system. And wherever there is a Muslim community there will be a sharia. And wherever there is a sharia there is an Islamification of the territory and ultimately of that nation.

4 thoughts on ““The Mosques Are Our Barracks”

  1. As Tavis Smiley would say: Most Christian churches have anti-aircraft batteries in them, too, don’t you know? Usually right next to the baptismal fonts.

  2. Erdoğan is famous for having said:

    The mosques are our barracks,
    the domes are our helmets,
    the minarets are our swords,
    and the faithful are our army.

    What is not so well know is that he actually wrote those lines, changing the original Kemalist-oriented poem into an Islamist version.

    This person twists everything around.

  3. The logical conclusions is that mosques would be legitimate military targets, even if they did not have weapons in them at the moment. Interesting.

  4. In hoc signo vinces

    Hard to find a place for chivalry and rules of engagement in the face of jihad, ambulances become APCs, hospitals become command posts, civilians become human sheilds, mosques become magazines, humanitarian workers become irregulars, journalists become propagandists etc etc …

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