Smashing Up Toronto

Anarchist anti-globalist demonstrators — looking much like their Antifa comrades in Europe, clad in black and wearing masks — went on a rampage yesterday in downtown Toronto during the G-20 meeting. They smashed windows, torched a police cruiser, and caused general mayhem, although they were unable to get anywhere near Barack Obama and all the other heads of state at the summit.

You’ll notice that the anarchists did not consider the videotaping of their antics by citizen-journalists to be free expression and thus worthy of protection. Watch them try to shut down the cameraman in this video:

According to the AP, more than five hundred people have been arrested so far, most of them home-grown Canadian anarchists. A sizeable contingent was arrested during a raid on the campus of the University of Toronto.

This photo was borrowed from the Greater Fool:
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Toronto: G-20, 2010

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Ghost of a flea has a series of videos taken on Yonge Street after the demonstrators had passed through. The riot police were concentrated in the financial district protecting the G-20 meeting and the banks, leaving the demonstrators the opportunity to wreak havoc with impunity on the commercial streets.

As the cameraman notes, the targeted businesses were almost all American franchises such as Starbucks, McDonalds, American Apparel, Burger King, etc. After the worst was over, the streets filled with ordinary Torontonians who came out to rubberneck and photograph the wreckage.

With the glass all over the sidewalks in front of the business establishments, it looked like Toronto’s version of Kristallnacht.

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9 thoughts on “Smashing Up Toronto

  1. Most hilarious of all − if there is any hilarity to find with such criminal antics − is how, in a majority of nations around the world, these little turds would have about 15 minutes before their skulls got caved in by some genuine dyed-in-the-wool “opressors”; The like of which would make all of these sniveling scum suckers beg on bended knees for calm peace officers like those supervising this Antifa-style thuggery in Toronto.

    Let them try this sort of crap in Iran and see what happens.

    As with so many liberals around the world, they detest the exact “system” that endows them with freedoms of expression which enable any sort of protest in the first place. The sheer ingratitude and hypocrisy of this simply defies all rational or polite description.

  2. What a bunch of pathetic little twerps. This video actually made me laugh. They think they are tough little world changing warriors by taking a hammer to a Starbucks window. Hilarious. Then they all go home to mom and dad’s basement, light up a joint and listen to punk rock. Echoing Zensters words. I would love to drop them into Helmand province for a couple of hours. They would soon be begging the “Oppressors” to come liberate them before some Afghani liberated their head off of their body.

  3. Just like El Inglis wrote about ANTIFA, most of these wimps are professional protesters and hooligans. The police knew most of them so well from incidents in the past that as soon as they took their masks off they got arrested. The police straight up recognized their faces!

    Also it was at least four police cruisers that were burned. Some Canadian businesses were smashed as well. Tim Hortons, a local strip joint called “Zanzibar”, and three Canadian banks (Scotiabank, TD, CIBC). Other places that suffered property damage include Burger King, Mcdonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Pizza, Swiss Chalet, a Bell Store, Sears, Nike, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Urban Brick, Foot Locker, Barclay Jewellers and De Boers.

    The hauled a bunch of the stinkers away from UoT today. There is a dock on Eastern Avenue where they have been throwing the black bloccers. The Black Bloc protested outside it today demanding their criminal friends be released. It actually says something good about the Toronto Police. They got so many of the Black Blocers yesterday that too many were locked up to continue the riots.

  4. Meanwhile, inside the meeting, the international socialists plot our enslavement.

    Totalitarians on one side, anarchists on the other. Both hate the middle class and would like to stamp it out.

    Every time they have one of these international meetings, the violent anarchists show up. It’s almost as though they have a symbiotic relationship or something.

  5. In hoc signo vinces

    Though this is not an old style class war in the UK it does resemble one, the counter jihad must recognise that the values that it seeks to preserve are to be found with the lower class – not with the spoilt brats of the political elite.

    In the UK the attack on the lower class has started the aim to turn them into neoliberal helots. To prevent this group from being (economically) desimated and lost as an opposition block then their subsitance WELFARE rights must be supported.

  6. These “anarchists” are agent provocateurs. That is, they are paid to cause problems so that ordinary people think the police presence is justified.

  7. All of this garbage goes on during Obama’s watch.

    Here he is, on the one hand doing everything he can to bankrupt and destroy what’s left of the middle class and the working class under the pretense of “economic stimulus,” “health care,” and “protecting the environment,” and on the other hand, he remains friends with Ayers and Dohrn and others who, back in the 60s, behaved just like these violent rioters do now.

    So even if the trouble takes place in Canada rather than the US, he’s the one who points the way for the inmates to take over the asylum, and trouble follows him wherever he goes.

  8. Lygeia, you’re probably correct about agent provocateurs. Whenever there are high-profile acts of violence, the enemies of freedom use them as an excuse for taking away freedom, not necessarily from the perpetrators, but more often from the victims.

    I blogged about that back in February: Going postal empowers evil tyrants

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