Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/23/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/23/2010Kevin Rudd, the Labor prime minister of Australia, has been forced out and will be replaced by Julia Gillard. Laborites hope the ousting of the unpopular “Krudd” will save the party from electoral defeat at the next elections.

In other news, General McChrystal has been relieved of his command in Afghanistan, thanks to his inexplicable decision to make disparaging remarks about members of the Obama administration to a Rolling Stone interviewer. Meanwhile, five women have resigned from Al Jazeera to protest the Islamic news service’s hijab dress code.

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  1. Regarding Krudd in Australia. They have just replaced one communist with no trade union background with another communist who has a marginal trade union background.

  2. But seven months after the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, Brussels institutions are struggling to get the right tone and the balance for the direct democracy law — partly because it is not clear to what extent and how citizens will use it…

    Oh, but we know how they’re going to use it, don’t we? A EU-wide ban on minarets has already gotten people concerned over the opensewerization/mahoundianization of Europe to work, and those sharia-loving dhimmis must be scared to death that such an initiative might be approved by an even more overwhelming majority than the Churchillian Swiss ban. Either that, or they’re counting on the European Court of InHuman rights to overturn it once it becomes law.

  3. Siegetower, Red Julia is more dangerous than KRudd. The only surprise is that she didn’t move earlier. I’ve been expecting it since the day after the last election.

    For fans of Downfall: Kevin Rudd’s Downfall

    I hope someone can save a copy of this, because it is gold, especially if you have been following our politics for the last few years.

  4. A mixed blessing for us here in Oz, perhaps…

    KRudd was a “transnational Progressive” type, but utterly ineffective. A good thing (the ineffectiveness), methinks.

    Our new Prime Ranga Joolia is more of an “old school” hard-core socialist. And rather more effective, I’ll bet. Not so good…

    OTOH, in her “inauguration” speech she threw quite a few bones to the “Howard battlers” (the socially conservative, upwardly mobile working and middle classes that repeatedly voted for John Howard). Maybe she realises that she will have to curb the “progressives” in the Labor Party to regain broad appeal.

    She did say that the ETS (Emmisions Trading scheme/Cap’n’Trade) was on the back burner for the moment — a somewhat pragmatic position.

    We shall see…

    I suspect she’ll lose the next election, but even though I oppose (to my very core) her general political positions, she’s a far worthier politician to be PM than KRudd.

  5. .
    …thanks to his inexplicable decision to make disparaging remarks about members of the Obama administration to a Rolling Stone interviewer.

    Whole Rolling Stone intervview is here!

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