Update on the Dudley Two

Heroyalwhyness sends some additional material about the Dudley Two, and includes this observation:

Potential confirmation of arrests due to rumored stabbings in Dudley News. Note that the Dudley News identifies the two EDL members in custody. None of the eight other arrested individuals are identified. If, and that’s a big assumption on my part, if the eight others are not EDL members, it appears the individuals involved in knife incidents were bailed.

From the The Dudley News

Men in court for EDL rooftop protest

TWO men have appeared in court following the English Defence League rooftop protest in Dudley.

Leon McCreery, aged 28, from Stockport, and 39-year-old John Shaw from Knaresborough, appeared at Dudley Magistrates Court today charged with burglary and public order offences.

Following the Bank Holiday demonstration a 34-year-old man appeared before Dudley Magistrates Court yesterday to be bound over for a breach of the peace. Seven other men, aged between 16 and 34, were also arrested for public order offences and remain on bail pending further inquiries.

From the comments:
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robsbritish country, dudley says…

6:55pm Wed 5 May 10

yes it is true arther,the truth behind it is that a muslim gang stabbed 5edl members.they arrested a muslim and next thing muslims rang police and said let our man go or we will cause a riot! thats when the armed police went on to roof and attacked the two edl members with electric guns!one as a broken arm and the other a black eye. i wonder whether it will be in the paper?

One thought on “Update on the Dudley Two

  1. Off-topic slightly, sorry but the video below demonstrates just what the EDL (and BNP) are up against on a day to day basis

    Attack by Muslims on BNP’s London parliamentary candidate Bob Bailey, standing in today’s UK General Election

    Bob did very well (he is ex-services), what a shock for these Muslims who usually expect all whites to back down when assaulted and threatened – FANTASTIC!

    Video below shows the BNP candidate out canvassing yesterday in London, then approached by a group of, ahem, “enrichers” …..


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