Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/31/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/31/2010I haven’t been able to open many news sites today, since we are trapped in Dialup Hell. However, thanks to tipsters who send the full text of articles by email, we have a reasonable number of items here tonight. All of the Gaza Flotilla stories are here (approximately 24 of them), including the complete versions of articles that were excerpted in today’s posts.

In other news, a jetliner en route from Paris to Mexico City was diverted to Montreal because a man on the no-fly list was on the passenger list, and the plane was denied access to U.S. airspace. When the plane landed, the man was taken into custody, and the rest of the passengers resumed their journey to Mexico after taking off their shoes and belts and getting scanned one more time.

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Thanks to C. Cantoni, heroyalwhyness, Insubria, JD, KGS, Zenster, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/31/2010

  1. Let’s try this at the News Feed this time.

    Flotilla: Arab Israeli Sheikh Raed Salah Wounded

    … Sheikh Raed Salah, was among the seriously wounded …

    This is a tragedy, a complete and total tragedy of monumental proportions. Nowhere on this list do I see the name of William Ayers. So many shell casings so few results.

    Israeli Commandos Gun Down 19 Peace Activists in Raid on Gaza Ships With 28 Britons on Board

    What, no fluffy bunnies or fuzzy ducklings squashed underfoot by the merciless jackbooted Israelis? You call this a “raid”?

    Pictures of [peace] activists with sticks bludgeoning an Israeli soldier as he tried to land on a boat from a helicopter were shown by Turkish channel NTV.

    Sooooo, these “peace activists” weren’t quite so peaceful after all, now were they?

    It’s kind of hard to squeal bloody murder while proudly displaying footage of Israel’s boarding party being attacked at the first opportunity. Then again, such blatant contradictions have never troubled Islamic or international media crews in the past. Why should they now?

    Raid on Flotilla Puts Final Nail in Coffin of Turkish Ties With Israel

    And just when everything was showing such promise!

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s escalating rhetoric that targeted the Israeli government and his remarks that Israel’s alleged nuclear weapons capacity was comparable to Iran’s quest to develop such weapons was responsible for putting a strain on bilateral ties over the past year.

    Iran is a major sponsor of international terrorism. Attempting to establish any moral equivalency between Iran and Israel is like comparing Idi Amin to Mother Teresa.

  2. Israel allowed the boat to land in Haifa to be inspected for weapons. The boat refused. And in terms of supplies Israel allows food medicine and all basic provisions into Gaza. In fact you can find pictures of the regular street bazzar in Gaza on the internet which looks no different than the one in machne yehuda. The only difference is that the one is machane yeduah was bombed on numerous occasions by Arabs so it is natural for Israel to assume that some Arabs might be thinking of trying again Let me just say that to be a Jew is not easy or simple. We are not better or worse than anyone else. But we are just trying to survive–which is something it seems a lot of people have a problem with.

  3. The captain of the flotilla should be charged with endangering the lives of his passengers and attempted murder of Israelian soldiers. By ignoring the orders of the navy, he comitted a crime and all deaths would be his responsibility.

  4. My idea is, that this is a setup by the Turkish government to provoke Israel into military action en therefor have an excuse to break the diplomatic and other ties with Israel, probably under pressure from other anti-Israel states, meanwhile implying other western countries with the same action.

    So this was and still is a provocative action with geo-political goals, namely, the strenghening of Turkey’s position in both eastern and western eyes and at the same time severely damaging Israël.

    It is a dangerous act of provocation, comparable to an (para)military unit crossing a border to provoke military action en have an excuse to declare war. Only this time the para-military groep is disguised as a welfare organisation.

  5. Seen from Israel ,where I live,things are indeed getting somewhat tough.
    The situation we have is comparable to 1967 when de Gaulle suddenly changed sides and turned against us, leaving Israel without a military sponsor .
    Obama is doing it slowly.
    The smell of war can be felt in the air by some people .
    Does erdogan want a war ?
    He seems more like a manipulator than a fighter , so maybee what he REALLY wants is for the Israeli navy to sink a few turkish warships , giving him the externel enimy to unite his devided people?
    Whatever happens , Israel is not going to back down under pressure, and as we sit and talk , the navy is learning the lesson of the comando operation and preparing a much smarter reaktion model for the next “flotilla”;with or without turkish escort .

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