A Culturally Enriched Monopoly on Rape

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This story is a year old, but it’s still important and relevant to what we discuss here every day.

In 2009 the Oslo police reported that rape statistics for the past three years showed that none of the rapes in the city were committed by native Norwegians — all were committed by immigrants. The video below is from a report aired on a Norwegian TV news program. Many thanks to TTL for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark has translated a contemporaneous newspaper article. Zylark adds these observations:

The article is a good one, but it’s a bit misleading. It states non-Western immigrants are behind all assault rapes, which is true enough, but it is not quite exact. What it should say is: immigrants from Muslim countries are behind all assault rapes.

I dislike the tendency for the mainstream press to lump all non-Western immigrants into one big sack. Non-Westerners from non-Muslim countries integrate perfectly well into our societies. They have their quirks and culture, and that is fine. Quite exciting actually, rather enjoy it. They are decent people, unlike many of the Muslims, who are not.

I would love it if the press managed to grow the [manly equipment] to make that distinction. But I guess it would be racist to say that Indian Hindus are no problem, but Pakistani Muslims are. Never mind that they are essentially the same, ethnically speaking. Only the creed differs.

Below is Zylark’s translation of the article from Dagbladet:

Immigrants behind all reported assault rapes in Oslo

For the last three years according to the police.

All 41 reported assault rapes in Oslo for the last three years were committed by non-Western immigrants, according to the police.

“The perps are relatively young men who come from other countries. They are often asylum-seekers and often from traumatized countries or countries with an entirely different view on women than we have here in Norway,” says Hanne Kristin Rohde, leader of the violence and vice section at the Oslo precinct to NRK [Norwegian Broadcasting Company].

She says the perps are either traumatized or psychologically damaged, or from countries where violence towards women is ordinary.

Brute violence

Men with Kurdish or African background dominate the statistics.

None of the reports involves ethnic Norwegians.

What distinguish the assault rapes are threats or use of brute violence.

– – – – – – – –

The police think more preventative measures towards men of immigrant background are needed.

[Yes, a course is needed, where one need to tell people rape is wrong. *Sigh*. — translator]

Ole Morten Lyng with the Nordbybråten asylum-reception center agrees.

He emphasizes that nothing can excuse such actions, but that it is important to understand the situation the assailants are in, in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

“Politicians are afraid”

The leader of the resource center for immigrant and refugee women, Fakhra Salimi, passes the ball to the politicians.

She claims preventative work amongst men with minority background is entirely lacking, and says the politicians are afraid to tackle the problem.

“There is a lot of interest in listening. We’ve had several meetings where we have talked with organizations and departments. They listen, but there is silence when action is warranted,” she says.

The State Secretary for Integration, Immigration, and Diversity in the Labor and Inclusion Department, Libe Rieber-Mohn (Social Democrat), says rape can never be excused or apologized in any way.

“Many people live in a difficult situation, have experienced war and harassment, but do not rape,” says Rieber-Mohn.

Make demands

She means it is necessary to make strict demands of immigrants.

“It is important to be crystal clear on what demands and expectations Norwegian society sets. To be successful, we are entirely dependent upon having a controlled and regulated immigration. If not, we will not succeed in our immigration policy,” says Rieber-Mohn.

Further, she says it is important to have clear consequences for rapists.

“It means that one’s citizenship may be revoked, and also that one may be expelled. It is not acceptable that one can game the system. Norway gives people protection, and one cannot then use that to commit offenses and rapes,” says the state secretary.

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Hat tip: Reinhard of FOMI.

11 thoughts on “A Culturally Enriched Monopoly on Rape

  1. About the Indian immigrants – it’s irrelevant that they integrate. The real question is if they provide a large enough benefit to outweigh the extra costs they provide and the carrying capacity of Norway that they occupy.

    Leaving this aside, who cares what situations these assailants are in? The real solution is to abolish asylum – it’s not the duty of Norwegians to give nice lives to non-Norwegians. Nothing really needed to understand besides that 41 women had their lives turned upside down because a lot of people like to feel morally superior by bringing foreigners into the country and that Norwegian men are funding the welfare of their daughter’s rapists. This is the situation without jumping through mental hoops to justify bringing Kurds and Africans in your country – the people who support the make me feel good inside multicultural regime and immigration have ruined the lives of 41 women.

    And I like this name – Integration, Immigration and Diversity in the Labor and Inclusion Department. What the heck? In my country it’s called Ministry of Administration and Interior – Authority For Aliens.

  2. “Norwegian men are funding the welfare of their daughter’s rapists”

    Quite correct,and the politicians are jointly responsible for these crimes. It’s good to see Norwegians waking up!

  3. She claims preventative work amongst men with minority background is entirely lacking, and says the politicians are afraid to tackle the problem.

    I would wager that the politicians in question are nowhere near afraid enough. The very least that they should fear for is their continued place in office or any possibility of re-election. One would also think that concern for the genuine safety of Norway’s indigenous population would rate right up there as well.

  4. See? If we would be smart, we’d gather all the Marxists around like in the Nuremberg trial and judge them for these things. Basically, every single murder, rape and so on committed by non-Europeans is on their hands with their active promotion of immigration. In this case, of non-Norwegians.

  5. In hoc signo vinces


    “There are both traumatized men and culturally related acts as we see it … ” Ad infinitum.

  6. However late I have arrived, I want to stress how abhorent I find the multiculturalism of our Norwegian correspondent.

    Worst than that I find abhorent the plain anti-Islamism of him.

    It comes all down to individuals. I mean, yes, Hindus are generally the model immigrants, indeed.

    But, here for instance, our muslim comunity is organised around educated somewhat afluent muslim families. Yes, they sometimes go terrorist, yes, sometimes they comit some criminality.

    But the majority of the rapes like that which are perpetrated here are perpetrated by oh-so-wellcome African and “Latin” American immigrants, mostly.

    I abhor that attack on Islam. I abhor the lack of spine to stand for ones heritage and recognise that no alien have a legitimate right to our (whatever, I’ll just say) heritage, to what is ours.

    Oh yeah, and the fact that rapists are asylum seekers says a lot on how deranged we’ve become.

  7. Afonso, I agree. It’s quite funny, but in my country most of the criminality is done by Gypsies and they’re Christian, while close to my boyfriend’s city there’s a fairly large Muslim community. Still, it’s quite funny that the biggest mosque in my country has the name of my country’s first king, which crushed the Ottomans in war and gained independence for us. Oh, the irony. What’s even funnier is that since we’re not pansies and we wouldn’t put up with their stuff, they don’t really act based on their faith. Our way is normative, even inside their communities. The bigger problems are the Chinese immigrants and the Gypsies. Even before WW1, when they were about 5% of the population they didn’t create much fuss. The Muslim Gypsies, for example, act the same as the Christian ones. The Tatars are pretty much non-existent and I didn’t even know they existed as an ethnic group in my country until reading about them in the last year or so. This is why I keep saying that the problem is us, not them.
    This is the part of my country where my boyfriend is from. As you can see, there were plenty of Muslims before WW1, in quite a bit of land being the majority of the people. They also have no problem with us saying that Christianity is an important part of being a Romanian, for example. If Western Europe gave up the multiculturalist stuff a few decades ago and enforced their culture as superior status, the Muslims wouldn’t really be such a problem. Obviously, now it’s too late since you’d have to do a demonstration of force after being so weak for so long to show what I said earlier. And well, our Muslims aren’t of the same ethnic group either.

    But yes, judging by the statistics of foreign nationals living in Sweden, Africans commit a lot more crime than Muslims. The former 11 times more than ethnic Swedes and the later just about 6 times more. Still, the type of crime depends too. I’m curious though, how does our corespondent knows the religion of the criminals?

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