Our Advice for Herr Westerwelle: Stay Home

Our Flemish correspondent VH wrote the following report last October, but it got lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, the issue discussed in this article —the likely fate of gay people in the Third World, especially in Islamic countries — is still relevant.

VH adapted his report from material posted at Het Vrije Volk. I formatted the list of countries into an HTML table, so if any errors have crept in, they are probably my own:

Which country should the new German Foreign Minister avoid?

By E.J. Bron

Guido Westerwelle (FDP) is likely to become the new Foreign Affairs Minister of Germany. His homosexuality is no secret. But there are many countries which impose life imprisonment or even the death penalty for that.

The chairman of the FDP [Freie Demokratische Partei, “Free Democratic Party” — Liberal, Center] Guido Westerwelle presented his partner in public in July 2009, during a celebration to mark the 50th birthday of Angela Merkel, the Chairman of the CDU [Christian Democratic Union] and the Chancellor. His homosexuality was not a secret anymore, and other senior politicians have also come out. Klaus Wowereit of the SPD [Socialists], for example, who is mayor of Berlin, Ole von Beust (CDU), the first mayor of Hamburg, and Volker Beck, parliamentarian for the Greens. It is an achievement of our democracy and our society that this is possible.

The situation is somewhat different in several other countries on this planet. Guido Westerwelle as Minister of Foreign Affairs has to represent the Federal Republic of Germany abroad, and thus will probably meet heads of state of countries where homosexuality is criminalized and even punished with death.

In December of last year, Westerwelle for the first time formulated foreign policy guidelines. He explicitly stated that he wanted to stop development aid to states “where men and women are executed solely because they are gay”.

Guido Westerwelle is actually not allowed to visit a number of countries, because they have adopted laws against homosexuality.

Here a list of these states and their maximum penalties:

– – – – – – – –

Africa   Political/religious info   Penalty
Algeria   OIC — Muslim 99%   3 years imprisonment
Benin   OIC — Muslim 25%   3 years imprisonment
Botswana   Christian 71.6%   7 years imprisonment
Egypt   OIC — Muslim 90%   3 years imprisonment
Eritrea       3 years imprisonment
Ethiopia       3 years imprisonment
Gambia   OIC — Muslim 90%   14 years imprisonment
Guinea   OIC — Muslim 85%   3 years imprisonment
Cameroon   OIC — Muslim 20%   5 years imprisonment
Kenya   Christian 78%, Muslim 10%   14 years imprisonment
Liberia   Christian 40%, Muslim 20%, Indigenous 40%   A fine
Libya   OIC — Muslim 97%   5 years imprisonment
Malawi   Christian 19.9%, Muslim 12.8%   5 years imprisonment
Morocco   OIC — Muslim 97%   3 years imprisonment
Mauritania   OIC — Muslim 100%   death penalty without exemption
Mauritius   Christian 8.6%, Muslim 16.6%, Hindu 48%   5 years imprisonment
Mozambique   OIC — Muslim 18%   3 years imprisonment
Nigeria   OIC — Muslim 50%   death penalty (stoning) / 14 years imprisonment for men
Uganda   OIC — Muslim 12%   20 years imprisonment (for men)
Senegal   OIC — Muslim 94%   5 years imprisonment
Sierra Leone   OIC — Muslim 60%   life imprisonment
Sudan   OIC — Muslim 70%   death penalty
Somalia   OIC — Muslim, 15% Bantu and Arabs   death penalty where Sharia rules, otherwise 3 years imprisonment
Tanzania   Muslim 35%, Christian 30%, Indigenous 35%   14 years imprisonment
Togo   OIC — Muslim 20%   3 years imprisonment
Tunisia   OIC- Muslim 98%   3 years imprisonment
Zambia   Christian 50-75%, Muslim ±5%,   14 years imprisonment (for men)
Zanzibar   100% Muslim   25 years imprisonment (equal to murder), 3 years imprisonment (for women)
Asia   Political/religious info   Penalty
Afghanistan   OIC — Muslim 99%   15 years imprisonment
Bahrain   OIC — Muslim 80%   10 years imprisonment (only for men)
Bangladesh   OIC — Muslim 83%   life imprisonment
Brunei   OIC — Muslim 67%   10 years imprisonment
Iran   OIC — Muslim 98%   death penalty (for men), 100 whippings (for women)
Yemen   OIC — Muslim 99%   death penalty
Kuwait   OIC — Muslim 85%   7 years imprisonment
Lebanon   OIC — Muslim 60%   1 year imprisonment
Maldives   OIC — Muslim 100%   10 years imprisonment
Malaysia   OIC — Muslim 60%   20 years imprisonment
Myanmar   Socialist dictatorship   life imprisonment
Nepal   Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%   1 year imprisonment
Uzbekistan   OIC — Muslim 88%   3 years imprisonment (for men)
Oman   OIC — Muslim 90%   3 years imprisonment
Pakistan   OIC — Muslim 95%   life imprisonment (for men)
Qatar   OIC — Muslim 77%   5 years imprisonment
Saudi Arabia   OIC — Muslim 100%   death penalty
Singapore   Buddhist 42.5%, Muslim 14.9%, Christian 9.8%   2 years imprisonment (for men, but not enforced)
Sri Lanka   Buddhist 69.1%, Muslim 7.6%, Christian 6.2%   10 years imprisonment
Syria   OIC — Muslim 89%   3 years imprisonment
Turkmenistan   OIC — Muslim 89%   2 years imprisonment (for men)
UA Emirates   OIC — Muslim 96%   10-14 years imprisonment

In the Caribbean he had better avoid Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Kitts and St. Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago, since he would risk 10 years imprisonment to a life sentence and forced labor. In Oceania he might want to bypass the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Tuvalu where he risks 4-10 years imprisonment. And in South America there is still the OIC member state Guyana[1] to avoid, where he would risk a life sentence.

An easy rule would be: avoid the Caribbean and the OIC member states.

[1]   Yes, Guyana is an OIC member state, although it has only a 7% Muslim population. There are twelve other OIC member states like that, of which Gabon is the most peculiar one: less than 1% Muslim.

8 thoughts on “Our Advice for Herr Westerwelle: Stay Home

  1. Good idea.
    But where should this end?
    We are in the UN, united on a footing of equality with countries who do not not share our values, and who we have allowed to write their own charter on human rights; rights that are enforceable in our own countries? They can vote on decisions that have force of law in our countries!
    How crooked is that?

  2. the UN?

    In my opinion this is a spent force long past its sell-by date and has been hijacked by Islamists (OIC) It should now be ditched to the waste bin of history.
    Similarly the Geneva Convention. We no longer have traditional wars with “gentlemanly” behaviour where combatants wear distinctive uniforms on both sides.
    Take prisoners? NO – why allow the normal force of law to apply to murderers who hide behind civilian dress and civilians come to that. Shoot on sight, No expensive law suits or compensation.
    Ban torture? Complete crap. If torturing ONE person would save the lives of hundreds of innocents then where is the problem. It is a no brainer.
    Much much more but the bottom line is that current norms need to be re-evaluated to gain serious advantage over the terrorists who play by different rules. WE should play by THEIR rules.

  3. They get their heads sown off. But on the other hand that could happen to any captured western soldier, only the risk is even higher if they are openly gay.

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