Whoops! It Slipped Out!

Alert reader Inalienable Rights has noticed something interesting about the OIC’s Islamophobia report (pdf) that I mentioned last night. The report’s authors forgot to engage in their customary kitman, and let the truth slip out about the meaning of the word “jihad” (page 2, section iii):

German doctor refuses to treat teen named Jihad — the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (in German), citing a local magazine, reported that an orthodontist in southern Germany has refused to treat a 16-year-old whose first name is Jihad, which is Arabic for holy struggle or holy war, because she took offense at his name. The name, popular among Muslims worldwide and even used by some Christians in the Middle East, has become controversial because militant groups often incorporate it into their names and use it as a rally cry. In retrospect, the doctor said she regretted her decision. She was quoted as saying: “He can’t help it if his parents named him so.”

Everybody got that? “Jihad” doesn’t mean “inner struggle”.

It means “holy war”.


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7 thoughts on “Whoops! It Slipped Out!

  1. HRW —

    You must have missed my update here.

    Yes, KGS and I have a copy of the pdf, and I sent it to Vlad. I’m sure there are many other pig-laden copies spread around the web by now.

  2. this fine lady also named one of her brood “Jihad”

    I suppose after you’ve used Mohammed, your options dry up pretty quick….

  3. I think we’re winning an important propaganda battle concerning ‘Jihad’. It means ‘struggle’, and it is now clear that ‘inner’ is unknown in context.

  4. If a Muslim takes offense at something Christian they are pandered to. If someone takes offense at something Islamic they are asked to “regret” doing so. Personally I think “taking offense” is no excuse for any poor behaviour regardless who is feeling wimpish at the time.

  5. But it was an infidel who made the mistake, saying jihad stands for “holy war”. Once everyone submits to Allah’s will, such mistakes won’t occur anymore — so convert now, and let’s get the pain behind us.


  6. Swordsman of Fingal: If a Muslim takes offense at something …

    With how often such offense is taken, and typically being totally unmerited, it more than likely means they have stolen it.

    Islam has stolen so much offense of late that, were it not for their near terminal stupidity, Muslims might have already conquered the world.

    (Hat tip, Robert Marchenoir)

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