“There is Terrorism and There is Islamophobia”

Three Two guesses which is the worse problem.

Paul Belien has a most interesting essay on Europe’s “draconian measures to monitor the internet”. Before your eyes glaze over because that’s-Europe’s-problem-so-why-should-I-worry, read what he has to say. America is also going to be dragged into it, and our elites will hardly be unwilling accomplices. Just another nail in the growing edifice of world governance.

A few years ago, when news of the Lisbon Treaty was coming to light, Fjordman and I exchanged several emails about the contents of this “treaty”. His information was appalling; reading the details for myself was an exercise in despair. It was plain Stalin still lived on and he was having his way, even in eternity.

However, I took hope because I knew the citizens of Europe would never fall for this criminalization of daily life. It turns out I was right, the people didn’t want it. But who was to know there was no way to stop the juggernaut of the European political elites who would simply push rudely past what their citizens wanted. Referenda? They don’t need no stinkin’ referenda. Just buy off the various parliaments.

I have now lived to see the same process happen in my own country. The repeated attempts to ram through several corruption-riddled pieces of legislation which are too big to read, much less comprehend, are nightmares from which there is no exit. We may well get our “health” “reform” whether we want it or not, and whether or not it is healthy or even concerned with reform. Will we have change? Sure. But Obama never promised us change for the better. His change amounts to chains of eternal debt as far as the eye can see.

Which brings me to Mr. Belien’s essay. Many of you may have read it by now but for those who haven’t, it’s full of useful information, not the least of which is the ways in which America will be pulled into enacting these “draconian measures” the EU is cooking up via the statutes of the vile Lisbon Treaty. Those rules will be measured up for us, American-style. Slightly different flavor but just as poisonous.

Mr. Belien says:

There is terrorism and there is Islamophobia.

Of these two the latter is apparently the more serious misdemeanor. Europe is introducing draconian measures to monitor the internet for so-called “racism,” but at the same time the European Parliament has decided to deny America access to servers with international banking data that relate to terrorist organizations.

Last January, the French Inter-ministerial Committee on Racism and Anti-Semitism met to discuss measures to ban from the Internet those websites deemed by public moralists to be “racist.” The French government is acting in accordance with resolutions of the European Parliament that urge the member states of the European Union to “combat racism and xenophobia.” The French authorities are currently working on “a plan of action at the national and international levels, mobilizing public authorities, Internet operators and special-interest groups” to combat “the expression of racist commentary on the Internet.”

So what. That’s just France being France, right? Would that it were so. It’s just France, all right, but it’s the Gauls gearing up for the global governance the EU has planned for us all.

Mr. Belien continues:

A report presented to the French government on 21 January recommends “an increased action from the Central Office for the Fight against Crime in the Information Technology and Communications Sectors (French acronym OCLCTIC)…

…The report notes that “the international dimensions of the Internet and the different laws and cultures on the question of racism are used by some to escape their responsibilities.” Hence, it proposes that the French and American public authorities work out a plan to combat Internet racism. This plan must also “allow for the participation of national and international NGOs involved in the fight against racism on the Internet.” In the fight against “racism,” civil-liberties and privacy concerns are only of secondary importance.

Index Librorvm ProhibitorvmI would have put it more strongly. “Civil liberties and privacy concerns” would be much improved if they were truly of “secondary importance”. I doubt they even register as “concerns” among the political elites. They have nothing to lose from the French Blah Committee on Blah Blah because the behavior of elites is well beyond the purview of these burgeoning bureaucracies. The Eurocrats don’t even have to keep track of their expenses, why would they worry about some low-level, make-work Committee’s ‘findings’?

Ah, but here comes one of the more interesting points in Mr. Belien’s post:

One of these NGOs is the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship among Peoples (French acronym MRAP), that monitors “racism” in France. Last January, the MRAP presented a 154-page report [pdf], listing more than 2,000 URLs (including 1,000 blogs) deemed to be “racist”, “racialist”, “ethno-differentialist”, “extreme-right”, “anti-Semitic,” “Islamophobic,” “homophobic,” “ultra-Zionist,” etc. The website of the American scholar Daniel Pipes is listed on page 129 as a “neoconservative” site which “develops Islamophobic themes.”

Imagine the hours these flunkies spent surfing the internet just to find writings and images they consider offensive. Imagine the time it took to create these categories. Why “ultra-Zionist” when they detest Zionism itself? And is there any category of “right” that is not prefaced with “extreme”? The two words have become synonymous. And do you think they’ve listed the Islamist web sites that have fatwahs and rantings about the evil West? Or is that protected under religious speech?

[Perhaps the trick would be to make a religion of Western Culture. We could be the Culturists (the “Western” part would be known only to inititates), with our own rituals, holy days, and some kind of priesthood or other. We’d create a Sacred Book of Writings, with severe penalties for desecration of an unchanging writ. We could apply for tax-exempt status. Our Sabbath could be, say, Monday. That’s a lost day, anyway. Who’d notice if you didn’t show up for work on Monday? Oh, and we could have martyrs and saints. Lord knows there are plenty of those to go around. We’d have to think of a name for our deity. al-Plat-o, perhaps? And penalties for apostasy. Within six months of establishing our religion and drawing up our Credo, we could have a schism based on some obscure point in our texts. The Culturish Churches could look vaguely like banks (urban churches) or fishing cottages (for the rural groups). But I digress…again. ADD is a terrible thing to waste.]

These gallant Gallic efforts at creating forbidden zones remind me of the old Catholic censorship via The Index. Voyeurs Experienced theologians were assigned to read what the faithful were not permitted to see, just so they could tell them what not to read: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was on that list. So was James Joyce’s Ulysses. If I remember correctly, my mother had the latter in a plain brown wrapper, sneaked into the country when it was still not available here…
– – – – – – – –
Not that she ever made her way through it, mind you. It was just the fact of Joyce’s Irishness; her patriotic duty to a fellow Irishman, even if he was, in her estimate, “daft”. My, how the setting of the bar for permissibility has changed! Notice, however, that there is indeed still a bar and it’s bigger and uglier than ever.

This MRAP is no less censorious or religiously faithful to its mission of protecting people from the dangers lurking in their own minds. No doubt the Committee will eventually produce a list of acceptable blogs, ones which may apply for their coveted “Nihil Obstat” button to affix to their ‘safe’ postings. Plus ça change; France’s leadership in this censorious effort has layers of irony that only a true student of The Revolution and its bloody battle against clerics could appreciate.

Mr. Belien lays out the case for America’s interest in all this:

While Europe hopes that America will assist it in its crack-down on “racist” websites and blogs, it is less keen to assist America in its battle against terrorism. In this context, civil-liberties and privacy concerns are invoked to deny the U.S. continued access to financial information from SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), an international banking consortium, headquartered in Brussels, which processes inter-bank data. SWIFT processes millions of transactions daily between banks and other financial institutions worldwide. It holds the data of some 8,000 banks and operates in 200 countries.

The European Parliament has nixed any cooperation with the US regarding SWIFT data. What’s really mind-blowing, however, is that America had direct access to the data until its servers were moved to Europe at the end of 2009. That really made the headlines here, didn’t it? What one might be inclined to call a real swift move by the Obama administration. That is, if they had a choice.

Please read the rest of Mr. Belien’s essay. He has a link to that pdf listing of blogs for the proposed Index of Baddies. They’re not all French. I clicked on to a few and saw enough to make a multi-culti’s hair curl. Those guys must have hex signs all over their computers to protect them from this scary stuff. Anyway, don’t get lost trawling through the listings. Some of the listing titles are umm…shall we say, whimsical?

We’re a ways off from the final clench of the iron fist. And meanwhile, Russia – and even perhaps China – would be willing to make a few euros hosting blogs that the EUSSR deems too dangerous to live. The morally superior EU has abolished capital punishment except when it comes to ideas it doesn’t like. Blog beheadings may become the new sport.

Don’t kid yourself: this is not just a European problem. America is full of mini-me Euro-type political elites on both sides of the aisle. They’d have no problem with closing down the opposition; they just have to apply a little American ingenuity to the problem, just as they did with those ginormous pieces of legislation. As we’ve seen, their confreres in Europe are getting the censors set up. All those nice new laws that say, in effect, “nice little life you have there. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to it just because you think you can write what you want for public consumption.”

Hey, the Middle East imposes silence and censorship with aplomb; they dare you to make an issue of it. China, despite its size, has been shutting people up by various means for millennia. Russia doesn’t think twice about jail – or worse – for its dissidents even now.

What makes Americans think we have some magic escape clause that lets us get off the merry-go-round? The removal of the SWIFT database servers to Europe is proof there is so much happening behind our backs that the lie about transparency has become so shredded by reality it’s easily seen through. Now it is. Back during the elections, lots of citizens believed that drivel.

Makes you wonder how much longer we’ll be around? I’ll predict that these pernicious ‘freedoms’ of ours will last, oh, all the way through the second half of the next presidential administration.

What’s your guess?

15 thoughts on ““There is Terrorism and There is Islamophobia”

  1. Jesus Christ, have you seen the French document? I feel shivers on my spine.

    According to it, even pro-life blogs are considered extremist!!! Another reason to close and censor blogs is “ethno-differentialism” (what the hell does it mean? If I state on a blog that Romanians are different from Brits, does it make me a Nazi?). One blog is on the black list for the unbelievable sin to “express solidarity with the Serbs in Kosovo”!

    Go on, Eurabia, you will make Stalin look good.

  2. I am sure some people will deride me as a “conspiracy theory nut,” but every day that goes by I am increasingly convinced that what we are dealing with is a deliberate plan to destroy the free West once and for all by forcibly integrating us into a global authoritarian political system. Simultaneously breaking down the white majority population in all Western nations by flooding our countries with mass immigration and shutting down any opposition to this policy is a critical component of this plan.

    I think there is ample documentation by now to reach this conclusion, including public statements from key figures. The French-led creation of Eurabia is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is a well-documented fact that is not even a secret, technically speaking, just never mentioned in major newspapers for some strange reason. Likewise, it is not a “conspiracy theory” that authorities in North America and Australia have long-term plans to overwhelm the white population with mass immigration against their will.

    The people doing this are first and foremost authoritarian, Globalist palefaces; most of the immigrants lack the natural intelligence to pull this evil stunt off by themselves. What we are dealing with now constitutes nothing less than the greatest betrayal ever committed against a population by its leaders. It should be properly documented while we still have time to do so.

  3. Armance–

    I did see that pdf, but I didn’t see you. In fact, I spent some time there, looking around. They really did drill down to find the small blogs, didn’t they? Leave us a link to your blog in this comment thread, would you? We could do an up-date with it, unless you’d rather not call attention to your “fame”.

    Of course, pro-life blogs would undermine state policy so they’re subversive.

    America is getting worse. I can’t find the link to a Chicago story now, but I had it earlier and was planning to post on it.

    They’re making it harder for pro-life clinics to function. And Obama is the only president we’ve ever had that votes a straight infanticide line. He has infamously said several times that he wouldn’t want one of his girls burdened with a pregnancy. Nice dad and all, but he’d better read the literature since cancer runs on his mother’s side of the family. If there is a BRCA gene in there, and his girls have a first-term pregnancy aborted then their chances for breast cancer increase substantially.

    Two teenagers in Washington won hefty settlements because they were not advised during their pre-abortion “counseling” of this risk. The abortion clinics settled out of court in order to avoid publicity.

    In such cases, most oncologists recommend double mastectomies real early (in your 20s) to avoid the risk of an aggressive type of breast cancer that is the result of a primigravida abortion (first pregnancy must be carried to term to avoid the risk).

    Last year, I went to the funeral of a 40 y.o. woman I’d known when she was a teenager. She was a “wild child” and I’m fairly sure she had an abortion early on. So a dozen years later she went thru two years of hell with breast cancer, surgeries, chemo, metatases, etc., before dying and leaving two young children and a heart-broken husband.

    She was one of the most delightful people I’ve ever known; everyone truly loved her. The fact that this information is deliberately hidden from girls like her is disgusting.

    The children are so young. The littlest looked up at his dad as they were leaving the church adn said “when do we get a new mommy?” I’m sure in his young mind, the “new” mum would be just the same old beautiful mother he’d always had. The one the cancer took away.


  4. Dymphna,

    I don’t have a blog. In my post I said “if I state on a blog” as a possibility, not that I have one.

  5. In hoc signo vinces

    Just waiting for the day which may not be far off when I will no longer have access to GoV due to the internet connection being filtered for “inappropriate” content or the bandwidth is strangled. The family has been alerted and made ready for the possibility of the standard issue kicking in the door every time a political conviction is made known in a comment.

    No conspiracy theory or paranoia HERE I know for a fact they have been watching.

  6. The only hope I can see is that, because they’re attacking on so many fronts at once, they’ll cause a total systemic breakdown before they’re prepared for it.

    They’re tying everyone up in so many laws and putting everyone in the position of being a criminal just by breathing (almost literally with all the global warming crap) that, pretty soon, the majority will simply decide that they may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

    I’ve noticed, as the laws have descended, that my opinions on a wide variety of subjects have become less “moderate”. I’m reaching the point where my natural reluctance to physically engage will be overwhelmed by the sheer frustration I feel… I mean, I talk big. That’s what I’ve been up to now, a talker. Unlike a lot of you I’m not plitically active because I’ve lost any faith I ever had in the political system, but I’ve not looked for alternatives. Pyjama-clad and grumpy at the world without any idea of how to change it.

    Thing is, I already break the law several times a day doing things that are not actually wrong, but merely illegal. At some point even someone like me will wake up one morning and thing “What the hell, I’ll just not bother any more.” I haven’t hit it quite yet, but I will. A lot of people have already, but when people like me – reluctant, “too busy” or simply not physically inclined towards action (and frankly a little cowardly, if I’m fair) – hits that point then the game changes.

  7. Fjordman, you wrote:

    “The people doing this are first and foremost authoritarian, Globalist palefaces”.

    There are many different opinions out there as to the identity of those “palefaces”.

    Would you care to elaborate?

  8. According to it, even pro-life blogs are considered extremist!

    Better pro-life and ‘extremist’ than be without regard for human life, including the unborn.

  9. TC, look for the persons in organisations like the Bilderberg-group, Council of Rome, Council of Foreign Relations and such. It’s persons like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix etc. They are the puppetmasters behind all this. They have plotted against us for decades, some even think for centuries. They are very knowledgable in the occult. You may think that is hogwash but remember they believe in it themselves. Look at the infiltration of the Bohemian Grove by Alex Jones. That’s a place in California where the elite meets to worship an entity named Moloch. Moloch is a biblical demon for shris’ sake! So they are supported by dark forces from beyond even! It’s like a nightmare from a Hollywood horror movie but for real!

  10. Robin, I have looked, I have noticed – and then moved on to what I think needs to be done. Pointing out that the President of the European Union attended a Bilderberg meeting a few days before his appointment is worth mentioning. And that’s it.

    The bulk of the work is to demonstrate that people like Herman Van Rompuy (now, who’s that?) and his friends are hopelessly illoyal to the people they’re supposed to represent, that they lack skill, courage and honesty – and that ordinary citizens with time to educate themselves in things that matter can see through their games.

  11. Robin

    So you are saying it’s an occult religion around people like Rockefeller, the Rothchilds and Henry Kissinger and that they congregate in organisations like the Bilderbergers, CFR and council of Rome?

    I certainly do not believe in the often expressed popular opinion that they or people like VanRompuy are “stupid”. The way they organize the demise of the White Occident looks pretty smart to me.

    Thus, we have to assume that the decline and fall of our culture makes sense for SOMEBODY, right?

    How do you define the interest of that group? What are they after? What motivates them?

    Wealth? Nah, doesn’t make sense. When you look at the members of the groups and families you mention, they are filthy rich already, so that can’t be it.

    Power? See above. These people have all the power you can get, if they are able to influence public opinion and politics in the way they obviously already do.

    Fear? Hey, who would be afraid of a White, ethnocentric Occident? Who indeed?

    Mohammedans maybe? Or Gypsies? Negroes? Eskimos? Buddhists?

    Hun! A real headscratcher!

  12. TC, the movie is quite long nearly 2 hours but it is worth watching. The Bohemian Grove is no conspiracy theory. It’s real. If they sacrifices people for real or if it is just dummies is anybody’s guess. But these people are rich and powerful. These are the people who COULD get away with murder and maybe they do. Another fact is that they tightened the security after Alex Jones got in and filmed them and their rituals in secret.


  13. 4Symbols, what is sad is that I grew up in a former communist country and everyone here thinks that what we lived is behind us and that the West is good.

    Oh well, at least I’m glad that my government is too incompetent to tax people, let alone arrest us for this type of stuff.

    Fjordman, it’s sad, but the more someone reads about it, the more they realize that what you say is true.

  14. In hoc signo vinces


    Wonder with what those who were adults under communism in Romania will label the new totalitarianism and even if they will recognise it as a danger when it stealthily engulfs them.

    Will having past experience of such regimes in living memory make them more adept at identifying and fighting the new theo-politics.

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