Levels of Treason

It is now widely known that the during the paste decade the British Labour Party deliberately imported millions of new immigrants in order to change the social situation in the country and extend its hold on power. A Norwegian reader named Ola Olsen read the recent revelations and was prompted to send us the following essay:

Levels of treason
by Ola Olsen

After reading the Telegraph article about the deliberate plan to import millions of immigrants into Britain for political reasons, I realized that the expression “treason to your country” is too broad to cover all the different cases. After some thinking about it, I came up with a way to classify traitors against his/her country into three different levels:

Level 1:   A person who is actively preventing others from saving their country. A typical example in this regard is a newspaper editor who will not print articles written by those trying to alert the people to what is going on.
Level 2:   A person who is actively helping the enemy in damaging his/her country. This is the classical traitor who is a spy for the enemy.
Level 3:   A person who is actively trying to destroy his/her country’s culture and identity by replacing the original people with another. This would typically be through uncontrolled mass immigration to the extent that the original population becomes a minority, or by the more direct approach of genocide.

Labour politicians responsible for the mass immigration into the UK are Level 3 traitors. It is true that they have not initiated genocide, but the long-term effect of uncontrolled mass immigration from a hostile culture will be the same.

These politicians have put their own people in a terrible situation which may only be “solved” by extreme upheavals and civil war over many years. Their actions would have been less severe had they decided to bring in people from a compatible culture. Instead they elected to import from the most hostile and dangerous culture on the planet: Islam.

– – – – – – – –

The politically correct thought (and still think) that Muslims will “integrate” into Western societies. Sorry, it’s not going to happen, at least not the way we want. We’ve had Muslims in Western countries for more than three generations now, and it is to be expected that they should have been “integrated” into our culture by now, right? Instead we are observing the opposite: Muslims are becoming less “integrated” with their host countries each year.

Why? Is it us? What is the cause?

The cause, of course, is Islam itself. Fjordman is correct when he says that it cannot be modified successfully into something less lethal. The UK (and other countries) cannot sit around waiting for “moderate Islam” to emerge. By the time that happens, the UK (and everything else) will be gone. Instead we will see one Western country after another with high levels of Muslims become progressively more unstable and dangerous. No one knows what will happen in detail. But we know it’s not going to be nice.

At some point in the future, there will be a need for another Nuremberg trial, where the traitors of all levels will be brought to justice. Until then, if it happens that our culture survives, it is important that we collect evidence against them so their terrible crimes will not be forgotten.

The days of peace and safety are about to end for Western countries. We are moving quickly into darker days, thanks to our political traitor class. Therefore it is important for us to remember the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not get away with it!”

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  1. Hi Baron,
    Thanks for informing on this crime of incredible idiocy!
    Maybe it is not too coincidental that I just watched again, yesterday, YouTube vids on Enoch Powell. It’s too bad he was derided, and driven out of the gov’t for he was truly visionary, and could thus see, the impact of immigration policy even 40 yr ago.
    Geert is the closed to an Enoch that Europe has today.

  2. Hi Baron,
    Thanks for informing on this crime of incredible idiocy!
    Maybe it is not too coincidental that I just watched again, yesterday, YouTube vids on Enoch Powell. It’s too bad he was derided, and driven out of the gov’t for he was truly visionary, and could thus see, the impact of immigration policy even 40 yr ago.
    Geert is the closed to an Enoch that Europe has today.

  3. Here is an interesting quote from the 1999 tony blair speech, mentioned in the telegraph article

    “Global finance and Communications and Media. Electronic commerce. The Internet. The science of genetics. Every year a new revolution scattering in its wake, security, and ways of living for millions of people.

    These forces of change driving the future:

    Don’t stop at national boundaries.

    Don’t respect tradition.

    They wait for no-one and no nation.

    They are universal.

    We know what a 21st century nation needs.

    A knowledge-based economy. A strong civic society. A confident place in theworld.

    Do that and a nation masters the future. Fail and it is the future’s victim.

    The challenge is how?

    The answer is people.

    The future is people.

    In the 18th century land was our resource.

    In the 19th and 20th century it was plant and capital.

    Today it is people.

    The cause we have fought for, these 100 years, is no longer simply our cause of social justice.

    It is the nation’s only hope of salvation.”

    Link to full speech

  4. You know what James I & IV did to the Gunpowder plotters? He had ’em hanged, drawn and quartered.

    Maybe it’s time to reintroduce that punishment. Horrific as it is, it would certainly be a very effective deterrent to treason (especially of Level 3). I mean, people may want to die, but I don’t think they’d want it to be agonising and take forever.

    Let them know that social engineering isn’t something we want. It has no place in our society, and those who believe in it deserve a good smack.

    Incidentally, Australia also has an enormous immigration intake (over 100,000 annually). Our resources are already stretched thin, and yet the Rudd Labor government wants to get Australia to a population of 35 million by 2050 (currently, we’re about 22 million). We can’t support that many people (water resources, mass transit, land use, etc), and they are all going to end up in Sydney and Melbourne.

    If I were a NSW State politician, I’d try and get the state government to bus all the immigrants to Canberra (the federal capital) so the bastards who wanted this can deal with it.

    Honestly, populate or perish? More like populate and perish. (That was a slogan after WWI to encourage immigration from Britain. This time though, it’s more serious).

  5. I totally agree with Ole that everything must be documented for trials at some later date in time. The way I see it many of these traitors both in politics and media as they have been quite open about it they have also given us the rope to hang them figuratively speaking. The problem we need to solve is how to flush out the puppet masters who does not like publicity at all and prefer to stay in the shadows and work unseen. These people are by far much more dangerous than public figures like Blair and Brown. If they manage to keep themselves hidden it will help us little even if persons like Blair and Brown gets hanged, drawn and quartered. The puppet masters will continue to plot against us and corrupt new people making them work for them. Exposing these people should be priority number one. No matter how despicable people like blair and Brown is, they are still small fish and I want to catch the BIG fish.

  6. The British Labour Party also abolished the crime of treason, as part of Crime and Criminal Evidence Act 1998.

    So, under current law, none of those three levels of treason actually exist, although in the moral, unwritten law they most certainly do.

  7. The Daily Telegraph article is unsourced as to the “unpublished home office paper.” I cannot find an actual copy of it anywhere on the web. Until I see it, I cannot agree with Janet Daley’s analysis, nor the “treason” path those on this site who have riffed on it have taken.

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