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Earl Cromer sends the following news story (not absolutely current) about the actions of violent “youths” in Bury. He includes this note:

It’s a very strange article, because it reads all wrong — first off you get the impression the “Asian” gang stormed into the chapel to rob it, but all they did was beat and humiliate the 80-year-old warden, who was setting up for the service, and then steal his car keys.

He only drives a Ford Focus, so could it really have been all about the car? At least three men and a hammer? Why risk serious time when you could grab such a car off any residential street with no fuss?

I’d be interested in your thoughts, as I think you’ve posted before on churches, Christians and vicars being targeted in the north of England. Needless to say no mention of this in the nationals (it’s a month old) or any hint at another motive.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about all this. The news from England lately has been so insane that it’s hard to form an opinion. The new owners of the island of Britain are simply claiming their territory, plus the tribute they consider to be rightfully theirs.

To paraphrase Humpty Dumpty: “The question is who is to be master — that’s all.”

Here’s the article from Bury Times:

Hammer Thugs Attack Pensioner Inside Chapel

A CHURCHWARDEN tried to tackle a gang of masked robbers when they attacked him with a hammer as he prepared for a chapel service.

The 80-year-old victim recalled the sickening moment the thugs hit him with the weapon and said: “next time it will be your head”.

Speaking anonymously, the man said he feared for his life when the robbers struck at Gospel Chapel in Benson Street, Bury.

“At first in seemed so unreal, like a prank,” he said. “But it was very real. They could have killed me.”

The victim, from Whitefield, was setting up the chapel hall for a service last Wednesday when he heard a knock at the side door about 7.25pm.

When he went out to see if anyone was there four men jumped on him, brandishing a claw hammer.

“They bundled me back up the steps and into the chapel shouting for my car keys,” he said.

“I resisted and managed to pick up a chair to defend myself, but one grabbed the end of the chair and the others grabbed my arms.”

The robbers hit the pensioner on the knee with the hammer and pinned him down while they rummaged through his pockets.

– – – – – – – –

“He said if I didn’t give him the keys, next time he would hit me over the head with the hammer.

“So I thought, if I carried on resisting I would get damaged and they would still take the keys. They ripped my trousers, grabbed the keys and ran out.”

The thugs locked the victim in before driving off in his car, which was parked outside.

The grey Ford Focus, registration number NL07 XXY, has still not been found.

The robbers are described as Asian men, aged between 20 and 30, and wearing dark clothing and balaclavas. One is described as six feet tall and the others are of average height.

The victim said: “This was a sickening crime of breaking into the house of God, fighting and robbing. Have they no shame?

“I have been a warden here for the last 50 years and have never seen trouble like this. They are scum, the lowest of the low.”

DI John Mazzolai said: “Amazingly the victim was not hurt though he was pushed around violently. Needless to say though he is left terribly shaken up by this. Attacks like this on vulnerable, decent members of the community will not be tolerated and we are working very hard today to trace those responsible.”

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7 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Hammer Thugs

  1. The robbers are described as Asian men, aged between 20 and 30, and wearing dark clothing and balaclavas. One is described as six feet tall and the others are of average height.

    No surprise at all. Three young “Asian men” (read – with 90% surity: Muslims), armed with a hammer, against a lone, weaponless 80 year old pensioner. Such is the usual way with these Lions of Islam™.

    The victim said: “This was a sickening crime of breaking into the house of God, fighting and robbing. Have they no shame?

    Silly question. Of course they have no shame. They’re Muslims. It’s not a house of their God and therefore subject to ordinary Islamic rules that cover looting and pillaging in dar al harb.

    “They are scum, the lowest of the low.”

    Here, the warden waxes far more articulate than the attending authorities.

  2. Britain scares me..
    the are barbarians. that’s all. how can they have shame? they dont repond to shame but to force and power. barbarians with their desert mentality in the middle of Britain = chaos

  3. Since sources from within the core of the Labour Party have finally admitted that they have followed a policy of flooding their country with immigrants of this type, I think native Brits should start preparing legal action against Labour PMs Blair and Brown for high treason and ethnic cleansing of the native population. I don’t even agree with the BNP, but it’s ridiculous that they should be facing legal harassment when the ruling party of the country openly admit to ethnic cleansing and are allowed to do as they please. For the same reason, the people who should be dragged in front of a court of law in the Netherlands are members of the Dutch government, not Geert Wilders.

    Is there such a ting as a “Socialism with a human face” that does not lead to mass murder? Apparently not, as the ethnic cleansing of these “Social Democrats” demonstrates. National Socialists target the Jewish minority population for destruction; international or transnational Socialists target the Christian majority population for destruction.

  4. In agreement with Fjordman, yes, Brits should prepare legal action for high treason and ethnic cleansing against each and every one of those involved with the intentional flood of muslim immigrants.
    As I read this mornings posts at various blogs, it appears there is further orchestration behind this flood as a coordinated effort demonstrations take place across the EU:

    Sweden: Immigrants cleaning the streets

    Italy: Immigrants in nationwide strike
    France: ‘Day Without Immigants’

    Note statement made by Italian protestors:

    Quote: . . .”Perhaps the largest demonstration took place in Naples, where a procession of over 20,000 snaked through the historic center chanting: “We are the citizens of tomorrow! We are paying for your pensions!” One of the organizers, a representative from Italy’s largest trade union CGIL, Jamal Qaddorah, said he was pleased with the turnout from the area’s immigrant community” . . .

    Who do these protestors think they are going to import to pay for their own pensions?

  5. It takes time to turn things round, there is so much inertia in the system. I myself as a Brit despair at my compatriots, but knowing my countries history I am always surprised at the speed with which we can change. The Falklands war took only 74 days from start to finish, from Chamberlains appeasement to Churchill’s defiance took less than 9 months. These people are sowing the wind. I look at the BNP website perhaps once every week but I check the stats almost every day, the hits are growing almost exponentially. There will come a time in the not too distant future when the followers of the religion of peace will over step the mark and retribution will be swift and ruthless. In the end it will be the great unwashed the plebes that decide, plus the the impoverished middle classes if the economy goes tits up. I have just been watching the debate on Dutch television with the political parties in which Wilders got 32% of the votes as best debater. I personally didn’t think that he was so far ahead but it was a phone in vote and was more of an expression the peoples feelings. He certainly didn’t mince his words and hinted that the socialist party perhaps should move their HQ too Mecca. The interesting point was that most of the Questions after the debate were aimed at him and were not particularly aggressive.

  6. and the guns were confiscated by the Brit government -for the peoples’ ‘own good’ – how many years ago!!!?
    my english friends-get a Second Amendment—- FAST!!!! and SOON!~!!!!

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