Wilders’ Lawyer Speaks Out

Yet another article from De Telegraaf, as translated by VH:

Moszkowicz: Court is overestimating itself

Bram MoszcoviczThe lawyer for Geert Wilders, Bram Moszkowicz, finds that the court overestimates itself, now that it has found it unnecessary to hear some legal experts. “That is quite something, that a court finds that no legal experts are needed,” Bram Moszkowicz said. “With this the court overestimates itself, and when a judge overestimates himself, I start to be afraid.”

Moszkowicz believes the case of the PVV leader must be “legally grained.” Like his client, the lawyer considers the matter principled enough to want to hear the opinions of legal experts in the courtroom. Among other things he announced that he would then bring the statements of Theo de Roos and Henny Sackers into the case in writing. “The court will thus get a lot of paperwork because of this.”

Bram Moszkowicz was clearly “not amused” by the decisions of the court, but said that rejecting the court is not an option. “That is only possible when you think you can prove that a judge is biased. Self-overestimating is no reason to reject a court.”

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2 thoughts on “Wilders’ Lawyer Speaks Out

  1. “The present European order is a bureaucratic nightmare that crushes the spirit”, wrote Auster today in VFR about the surreal delay in Wilders’ trial. Paul Belien commented in VFR that everything is so surreal in the EU that even “German homeschoolers get political asylum in the U.S.”

    Kafkaian courts in a Kafkaian continent! How come so few people are ashamed of Europe?

  2. Chechar,

    “Kafkaian courts in a Kafkaian continent! How come so few people are ashamed of Europe?”

    I don’t feel ever feel personally bad or responsible about anything the EU does because I find it impossible to identify with the EU. It’s clever the way the EU has gotten people to refer to it as ‘Europe’, which it is not.

    Same with the Dutch government. Although I’m technically living in the same political entity as the Dutch, I wouldn’t generally know what goes on in Holland politically if not for this and other blogs.

    The newspapers in Britain and Ireland do not give W. European affairs enough coverage, considering that we are essentially wedded to all these countries some of which we know so little about. Throw in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and it gets even worse.

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