The Situation in Sweden

A Swede named Cavatus has started a new English-language blog that focuses on the immigration issue and the stifling of free speech. In his inaugurual post he says:

Dear Readers,

I hereby write my first blog post on this blog. Since the day I decided to start writing here and inform the world outside Sweden on Sweden’s situation, I have been tongue-tied, or rather hand-tied. There are so many things to comment here in Sweden, so much to reveal that shows that our democracy is in serious danger. I myself woke up completely as late as this autumn. I had felt the suffocating discussion climate for a long time in media and society, but after starting to find information on my own online, I have woken up brusquely.

I have read a lot information from blogs around the world, I have found that the debate climate is tight in other western European countries as well, but in Sweden there is something particular, like a damp blanket all over the society, particularly regarding certain issues. But there is ONE issue that is absolutely forbidden to discuss, unless you have the “correct” opinion, and that is the immigration policy. Here Sweden still has the climate of former East Germany.

– – – – – – – –

In Sweden, there are seven different parties in the parliament, but they all represent the same opinion on immigration. At the same time they defame the biggest party outside the parliament that has another opinion on the immigration policy. In other words and according to the parties in the parliament, there is no real possibility for the voters to impact this increasingly important issue.

In September, we will have our parliamentary election and it will be interesting to se and follow the election campaign up to the election and see how the “politically correct” parties will tackle this issue.

This was a brief start and until next time, I will take the temperature of Sweden

Also check out his post on sharia law in Sweden, plus the one about the stigmatization of dissidents. He also notes the Soviet-style demonization of the Sweden Democrats in the state-owned media:

In the state-owned radio channel 1, there is a programme called The World of Knowledge (Vetandets värld), that always has been renowned for a scientific and serious angle of approach. But on 5 January 2010, the subject matter is Talk or Keep Silent on Xenophobia. The programme’s reputation sinks as a stone. Why? The programme shows an awkwardly low level, when persons from the Left Party’s youth league and Mikael Hjelm, a researcher at the Sociological Institute at Umeå University, are allowed to make incorrect and misleading statements about the party the Sweden Democrats. The conclusions about on why certain groups are more negative to immigration halt seriously and more resemble a job ordered from the political correct politicians in the parliament.

During the 19 minutes’ long programme, the Sweden Democrats are mentioned 16 times but no one from the party is allowed to be present and comment on the conclusions. The word xenophobe/xenophobic is mentioned no less than 43 times. It is grave when the state employs someone who does not share the democratic values, i.e. someone that does not respect that people hold and state different opinions. They set up that working class people are more xenophobic than people with academic exams. But they cannot draw the conclusion that working class people have to live in the same suburbs as the immigrants and by that experience the negative sides of the multicultural project. University-trained people have enough money to buy houses in other area. It has nothing with the level of education to do.

They draw the conclusion that people in Sweden have a higher level of education than Sweden’s neighbouring countries, where xenophobia is much more widespread. This is actually what they allege, insolently enough.

Cavatus’s blog looks like it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Hat tip: LN.

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  1. I have posted on Cavatus’ site to tell him that what he generally describes is little different from what we suffer in the UK. The “anti-fascists” here are called the UAF – Unite Against Fascism. Supported by all 3 main political parties who can see no irony in the fact that the UAF use TOTALLY Fascist methods and are simply THUGS without uniforms.
    Thanks for pointing to the Cavatus blog. Maybe he could become the focus of European opposition to many things. Country elections provide no such opportunity because, excepting Geert Wilders and his party, the choice in Europe is non existent because all main parties appear to offer similar choices.
    I rather think that the supposed “peace in Europe” raison d’etre of the EU may soon unravel spectacularly. I hope not but I think so.

  2. Cool Baron,
    I’ll add this one into my Google Reader. Out of the north European states, two of them fascinate me most. That is Nederland and Sweden. I find my slef staring at their towns and cities, language and artists, and at the i am equaly amazed at the sickness of their elites. I find these countries shocking, Sweden even more than Nederland

  3. There is no such thing as free elections in Sweden I’m afraid, so come September, and everything will be as usual. – Unless, of course, the EU for once does something useful and follows Mr. Messerschmidt’s advice (Danish MEP) and sends controlling observers. Like it does to Ukraine, Lebanon and other corrupt states.

  4. Thanks for ther heads up, Baron. Cavatus is quite courageous. As we have seen with Mr. Wilders’ persecution in the Netherlands, the elites in Europe (and soon here in the US if we don’t watch out) will spare no effort to demonize and silence anyone who disagrees with their Multicultural Reich. Good luck, Cavatus!

  5. It is as bad in the UK.

    People write what they like about us in SIOE, in articles in papers like the Guardian. Our responses are censored.

    There is absolutely NO distinction between the three main parties in the UK. They are now called the LibLabCON!

    Voye for anyone, but the LibLabCON!

  6. The parliamentary parties has been nicknamed Sjupartiet (The Seven Party) and Sjuklövern (The Seven Clover) which indicates they are more like a hydra with seven heads than seven different parties.

    Commercial tv-channel Tv4 started a political poll on text-tv with the intention to keep it going until the election in september. But when the Sweden Democrats reached 43% in just a few days they decided to shut down the poll entirely! Tv4 then claimed that it had been a campaign orchestrated by the Sweden Democrats themselves. But as it seems now people where just able to vote once with the same cell phone. The poll also showed clearly that several of the smaller parties fell under the 4% margin and would thus be kicked out of parliament! Thoralf Alfsson’s blog has a screen shot of the poll before it was removed for anyone interested.

  7. Thanks for tipping us off to this blog! Although I do speak Swedish there are times when clear understanding is paramount – and that is often a challenge when one thinks in English.

    Tack så mycket, Cavatus!

  8. Thanks a lot for your supporting words. I will continue to inform the world about the absurd situationen.

    There are things happening every day here, so I don’t know where to start my reporting.

    Yesterday, for example, an muslim man got damages of about 6 000 euros after having been discriminated because he refused to shake hands with the female employer/manager, where he was applying for a job. The jobcentre excluded him from further help, since he by this action showed that he was not deemed to be available for labour market. This last issue made him sue the jobcentre, and he was paid the damages after a trial befor court.

    This poll Mr Shadowes mentions, is another completely absurd story! You don’t believe your eyes and ears when you hear it.

    Sweden has turned into Absurdistan!

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