The Carnival of Islamism in Tehran

The regime in Tehran just celebrated the thirty-first anniversary of the Iranian revolution. Afshin Ellian is a Dutch writer who escaped from Iran, and, as regular readers know, Mr. Ellian is a supporter of Geert Wilders.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from Elsevier by Afshin Ellian about the current situation in Iran:

Iran might explode any time now

by Afshin Ellian

Tehran February 11, 2010 — The city was breathing under the heavy shadow of a military regime. Everywhere there were soldiers. And yet the government claims that all citizens support the regime.

Carnival in Tehran. With buses the powerful were bringing mercenaries to Tehran. To prove to the world that they are supported by the people. But despite the camera techniques, they made no impression. The Carnival of Islamism, in which they convey America and England to the grave, is pretty amateurish stuff.


Who was really buried yesterday? The posters of Khamenei as well as Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of all this misery, were torn and trampled.

They were present with all possible power. Tehran was a militarized city. Helicopters in the air, and soldiers in the streets. Yet they did not manage to raise fear anymore.

What did the state demonstration in other cities look like? In Tehran thy put up a show for the international press. But in Tabriz Isafahan we saw impoverished demonstrations in support of the government.


– – – – – – – –

The people were clear in their political demands: a referendum. That is what they demand of the rulers.

But the response of the government to the peaceful demonstration was, as always, hard and merciless. There was shooting and clubbing. That was no coincidence. The troops had been instructed to act ruthlessly.

The resistance managed to record a conversation between the police commander of Tehran and his troops. General Radan said to his men: “Act hard, make arrests. We will accept nothing else. No excuse. Act rock hard.”


So it is not inconceivable that the security services act tough. This is demonstrated among other places in this video. This is how they celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Tehran. A boy here is cruelly mistreated by the security forces.

Yet the demonstrators dared to challenge the security forces with empty hands. We again see thereby the courageous women who walk the lead. They chanted: “Khamenei is a murderer and his regime is unjust. Independence, freedom and an Iranian republic.


There were also injured. And hundreds arrested. The release of political prisoners is the most urgent matter for the people. And that is also what the Western states may demand of Iran.

When will the final phase commence? Nobody knows the answer. Iran may explode any moment. The more so because the internal conflict within the regime between Khamenei and Rafsanjani is once again increasing.


This week, Rafsanjani visited Khamenei. [Khamenei was earlier called by Ellian “The Iranian Emperor Nero”] According to well-informed sources, Khamenei was warned: “If you touch me or my children, I will make public some very incriminating documents. Then you will really be in trouble with Israel and the West. These documents are not in Iran, but abroad.”

Where did Rafsanjani refer to? In the eighties of the last century Khamenei was the Special Envoy under Khomeini for the Iranian forces. Khamenei led the formation of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. At that time in Lebanon innocent people had been taken hostage and slain. Would this have to do with that? It must be about Islamic terrorism. Or has it something to do with the contacts between Khamenei and Al-Qaeda?

Khamenei has only one solution: violence, also against his friends. For in the end the revolution eats its children.

To be continued.

8 thoughts on “The Carnival of Islamism in Tehran

  1. It does seem that a full blown counter revolution is blooming in Iran, where will it go seems uncertain to me, but often a small event that goes un-noticed at first will present a tipping point that will topple the existing government. Has that event already occured—who knows!

  2. I am so glad that Gates of Vienna after years of negligence and sleep finally…starts hesitantly considering the greatness of the Gates of Teheran.

    The end of islam in a country xy requires some civilization niveau
    already present in the country. This is clearly the case with Persia.

    Islam there is rotten to the core. That per se is not enough. There are also milions of highly educated young people clearly able to analyze why it is so and after accomplishing reconquista of Iran even ready to support us further in DEislamization of the West.

    Remember: Persia has Sobieskies and Martels of their own.

    Know and see your allies.

  3. Czechmade —

    I have said before that I don’t blog about Iran because I don’t know enough. I’m not willing to hold forth on a topic about which I am largely ignorant.

    But I’m always willing to post material by people who do know what they are talking about, and Afshin Ellian is one of those.

    Next time you visit Tehran, please send dispatches reporting your observations and conversations with people on the street. I will gladly post them.

    Iran is a complex place. There is obvious barbarity and obvious civilization all mixed together, with Islam being the glue.

    I see videos of protests against the theocracy, but some of the protesters shout “Allahu akhbar!” and others carry large posters with the face of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    This is confusing to one who knows little about Iranian politics and culture. So I don’t post about it.

  4. There are many more in US and Germany…and in Iran.

    Allahu akbar is indeed confusing, but easy to explain: They revoke the apparatus and symbols used against the Shah. Which is legal on surface and difficult to refute by the regime itself. The meme is to outmanoeuvre the regime by means celebrated by the regime itself.

    They say “Now you are the Shah, it is your turn to go”.

    One of the signs of islam being dead in Iran is the fact that a sexual revolution took place in Iran all wrapped in silence with tacit support of the Iranian parents.

    There are generations of people who hardly visited a mosque and are plainly unaware how to behave in such a surrounding.

    Akhund i.e. mullah is a sort of insult among Iranians and Khomeinis stolen revolution is viewed as second arabization.

    I do not blame you for not knowing more, but finding some fresh sources without obligatory media fame should be easy…and then the link would bring us more and more knowledge. In Iran they are somewhat in a state of shock that we keep so silent…and they know about our islam troubles quite well.

  5. In short – no islam without the cult of chastity and “honour”. There are many single women maintaining their lives, jobs and love affairs on their own. And ubiquitous house parties maintain our lifestyles behind the walls. There is no glue, dear friend.

    The only means to suppress this for a while is when some retarded minorities are brought for a while from remote provinces in the cities. Not even regular army or police is willing to harm their own people. It is amazing.

  6. Czechmade —

    This blog is a cooperative. Readers, commenters, contributors, tipsters, and correspondents all have collective responsibilities.

    The general rule here is: “If you think of it, then you have volunteered for the job.”

    Therefore, since you thought of the idea that I need more Iranian correspondents, then you find them for me.


  7. Come on Baron! Isnt’it “Capice”?
    … who cares, anyway?


    Hi, Czechmade
    long time don’t read ya.

    “Iran is a complex place. There is obvious barbarity and obvious civilization all mixed together, with Islam being the glue.”

    My view is that while it is true that islam never was the same to Persians than it was to the rest of the muslim world, I find that the idea that “islam” is dying in Iran quiet ridiculous.

    We should only try to kill “islamism” in Iran. If the Iranians want, let them leave islam by themselves.
    Islamism is what really is dying in Iran, or at least faces an enormous challenge.

    Mullah can be an insult. But do not believe Iranians will leave islam only because they’re growing tyred of islamism.

    P.S. – And to ignore that there are great islamist forces in Iran would be foolish as well. If the “West” gets too much involved in the Iranian question, Iranians may even turn towards islam/islamism more because if there’s something they hate more than islamism is being humiliated as a subjected country.

  8. In fact I am trying to find some sources. But to find some independent mind with fresh experience (older exiles are good but disconnected from rapidly changing Iran)the Czech Rep. is possibly the worst place. And I focus on the German and Czech sources at the same time. I translate GoV abridged articles into Czech often and add links:

    We have started spontaniously a Czech FB group rejecting plainly islam growing rapidly – we are now 31 928 people exchanging infos, links and planning other activities. Some of us created a web to unite all the links available in Czech language and some other people provide videos with subtitles. It helps greatly to spread the knowledge in all directions and the final results are beyond any research – simply a visible snow ball effect.

    Afonso these are hypothetical guesses of yours based on simply moving few stones on the table. The changes in Iran are much more brilliant than expected (re islam). And of course many many Iranians did not need to change or grow up like little kids.

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