Take Another Bow, Mr. President

Who knows from what deep recesses of his childhood this habit of Obama’s comes? Though not similar, it is startling enough in its own way to remind one of George Bush’s disconcerting habit of holding hands with the Saudis. Actually, I prefer Obama’s bow to Bush’s strange practice.

Obama Bows in Tampa

Or maybe Obama is an escapee from a Shakespeare play in which he was a courtier or a prince? Perhaps Hamlet? I’ve been pushing the Hamlet meme for awhile, considering that his presidency is beginning to resemble the “To Be or Not to Be” soliloquy.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that Obama is doing this on the advice of his chiropractor. You know, stretching out the muscles in his lower back. The seats on Air Force One are no doubt dreadfully cramped.

Just think of the possibilities here : if we could just get Miz Michelle to curtsy as he bows, we’d have a matched set. Wouldn’t they make great salt-and-pepper shaker figurines? Look for them soon at your local schlock shop.

By the way, the bemused recipient of his courtliness is Tampa, Florida’s Mayor, Pam Iorio. Well, I think she looks bemused. I wonder what she said to her staff later? Well whatever she thought of it, people must like this stuff. Obama’s negatives have gone from -17 to -4 is just a few days.

Keep on bobbin’, Robin!

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9 thoughts on “Take Another Bow, Mr. President

  1. BHO’s just rehearsing for his next tour of the Middle East. He’s gotta stay in practice! The guy’s fans wouldn’t want him to disappoint his Islamic masters.

  2. Zenster, you’re cute when you’re paranoid. This guy doesn’t have any Islamic masters.

    In fact, that might suggest an actual plan, which would be an improvement over the re-invention of Himself every morning. I fully expect him to careen from one flap doodle to the next, knocking things loose as he goes.

    I just hope he doesn’t break the bank or get us all killed before his time is up. By 2012, it will be as much a penance for him as it is for us.

  3. Ah, light dawns. Bush had his Islamic “best friends” and so does BHO.

    Didn’t Kissinger go to work for them, too?

    Follow the money…while it’s still there.

  4. Dymphna: This guy doesn’t have any Islamic masters.

    BHO’s willful blindness makes him a slave to Islam just like any ordinary Muslim. Search my comments here and you will find that I have always argued against BHO being any sort of “stealth” Muslim.

    With the degree of appeasement which BHO demonstrates towards Islam, he is a de facto Muslim. While the distinction is minute at best, his masters remain the same.

    Bush’s oil wealth gave him a reason, however venal, for osculating Saudi arse. BHO has no such financial ties, save some financing of his early academic tuition. Yet, there seems to be no limit regarding the deference he is more than willing to show Islam.

  5. Seeing this, it seems that Obama’s bow in front of Saudi Arabia’s king was not an act of dhimmitude.

    Obama may just think this is a classy way for a world leader to greet people. Which it certainly is. However, since it’s such a personal habit, and not linked to any of his country’s customs, it can certainly be disturbing to his fellow citizens, and lead to all sorts of political misunderstandings.

    Does he always do that ? With everybody ?

  6. While I am not exactly fond of President Bush’s penchant for holding hands with Saudi princes there is nothing exactly strange about it. In the Middle East Arab men commonly hold hands. It is much the same as the kissing of cheeks when two men or two women meet. It is a normal cultural practice.

    As to why President Obama feels compelled to bow down to all and sundry I cannot attempt to explain.

    Nonetheless, neither behavior seems completely fitting for the president of the United States. And I say that as someone who has kissed cheeks and held hands with a number of Arab friends myself.


  7. @Robert Marchenoir – no, he doesn’t. He didn’t bow to our Queen (though, to be fair, she’s made it policy not to accept bows from Americans anyway) but neither did he bow to the Prime Minister, and the way he treated HRH in other respects was beyond the pale no matter which world leader you might think of. He didn’t bow to the President of France when they met either. His bows seem to be reserved for fellow travellers and people traditionally perceived as “enemies”, while he snubs or treats with contempt those perceived as allies.

  8. Graham, you’re getting closer to what I’m thinking.

    Bowing to a monarch? I can dig that, though some consistency would do him credit (you know where I stand on that issue).

    Bowing to a city’s mayor?


    The most powerful president on the planet, bowing to a city mayor?

    George Washington would be rolling in his grave. He felt shaking hands was beneath him!

    Maybe his core muscles are weak. Too much pilates?

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