Outrage in Norway Over Mohammed the Pig

Esther at Islam in Europe just sent us a brief note about a recent incident in Norway involving taxi drivers who are outraged about a cartoon of Mohammed as a pig. I heard about the affair several days ago, but there was very little news of it in English.

Esther says:

This story has been gathering steam over the past few days.

Last week Dagbladet published a story about a link from the PST (Norwegian Security Service) Facebook page to a cartoon of Mohammed, which portrayed Mohammed as a pig writing in the Koran. There were concerns that this link could cause riots in both Norway and Pakistan. The story was illustrated with a screenshot. While the PST story was ignored, and various people are now claiming it was a non-issue all along, Muslim taxi drivers in Oslo went on strike twice to protest the Dagbladet story. Several protests are planned for tomorrow.

Norway: Demonstrations planned for Friday, calls for calm among Muslims

To protect the equipoise of readers who might be offended by the Mo-Pig (and to pique the curiosity of the rest), I’ve placed the offending illustration below the jump.
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Mohammed Pig

There! Now you know the worst.

Time to burn some Norwegian flags, yes?

More details at Esther’s place.

17 thoughts on “Outrage in Norway Over Mohammed the Pig

  1. I think its a bit dumb to make stupid calculated insults when the Wilders’ trial is making the case against Islam and succeeding. As much as I am against the Islamisation of Europe, this sort of thing trivialises the issue and will result in an own goal.

    We have a long hard fight on our hands to reverse the current situation in Europe, this crass stupidity will only serve to weaken Wilders’ case and cause

  2. It might be imprudent, perhaps distasteful, provocative, and unnecessary to plug this cartoon. Unfortunately, for those who have had the right of expression suffocated for so long, as the Europeans have, this type of jibe is inevitable.
    It has become the only way of reacting against extraordinary constraints.
    Unfortunately, also, is that much more of this will occur as the racial divide widens, and each side becomes more combative. This is a premonition of the escalation of conflict to come. The blame must lie squarely with the politicians who have gagged and manacled their population beyond the point of tolerance, for far too long.

  3. I think its a bit dumb to make stupid calculated insults.

    What is your yardstick for ‘stupid’ in context – like, did you IQ test the cartoonist or something? IQ testing the drawing itself is pointless, it can’t respond.

    As for ‘calculated’, what is the evidence for that?

    Personally, I think ridiculing silly superstition is good to do, any day of the year.

  4. The blame must lie squarely with the politicians who have gagged and manacled their population beyond the point of tolerance, for far too long.

    What about the people who voted all these politicians in the first place, year by year, decade by decade, knowing already well enough what these parties/politicians are thinking about the subject????

    No, no you cannot acquit the people on the streets! In democracy the people on the streets are the sovereign, they’re king.

  5. Dreadnaught: I think its a bit dumb to make stupid calculated insults when the Wilders’ trial is making the case against Islam and succeeding.

    And having Muslims show their usual intolerance and frequent violence regarding even the most trivial instances of people using their freedom of expression damages Wilders’ case exactly how?

    Henrik R Clausen: Personally, I think ridiculing silly superstition is good to do, any day of the year.

    Although it’s a rather easy out, I’ll go with Henrick on this one. Islam needs to be laughed out of the world’s court of opinion. The almost profound humorlessness of Muslims in general is riduculous and they need to be scorned for the rapaciously puritanical busybodies that they are.

    A pestilential entity like Islam will not heed anything but the most severe forms of criticism. Be it ridicule or crushing military defeat, one or both will likely prove necessary before Muslims finally purchase a clue.

    To close, is anyone able to decipher what Mohammed … er, the pig, is scrawling in that Qur’an? Let’s all hope that it’s more related to a process that takes place near his curly little tail.

  6. This has nothing to do with Islam. This is an advertisement pushing for more education on ham products:

    Mo’ Ham Ed’

    Seriously though, Muslims would have been just as upset if this were a drawing of a human Mohammed writing into the Quran for three reasons:
    1) Infidels should not be drawing Mohammed.
    2) It was Allah who wrote it, not Mohammed.
    3) It is insulting to show that Mohammed knows how to write, since everyone knows he was illiterate.

  7. Dreadnaught, first of all, I don’t see how this will result in an own goal. Each time the Muslims will cause havoc, they will alienate more and more people that otherwise wouldn’t mind them here or mind Islam because they view it as a non-threat. Yes, the cartoon isn’t that smart, but it’s actually the essence of Islam – a paedophilic, rapist, slave trading, war mongering pig posing as a prophet, when he was a profit in order to further his imperial project.

    Also, I don’t see why any European should limit their freedom of speech. After all, why should we care about anyone’s feelings in our home countries? We shouldn’t.

    And no, the blame lies completely on the politicians on this one because they LIED their population and nobody really voted to move Africa, the Middle East and South Asia here. Obviously, the population is to blame for falling for the anti-racism stupidity and accepting the non-discrimination principle. From that moment, things started. The bankruptcy of most of European states and of the US, which are inevitable will hopefully wake people up.

  8. Swedish Burundian minister of integration: Nyamko Sabuni (FP=liberal) has today appeared in Swedish State Television’s diverse newstransmissions declaring that she is turning to the Swedish Police of Security (Säpo) to get a report and a survey of any/the radical nuslim groups in Sweden. Most probabely the survey will remain secret for the Swedish voters. Maybe/probabely this is only a pre-election strategic and pretended competition with the nonoikofobic SwedenDemocrats she is carrying through to show voters that the subject is of interest also to the politically correct “power maffia”? The 7 oicofobic, red, green and light blue parties will probabely try to steal superficially or light immigration restrictive arguments from the SwedenDemocrats just to keep their voters in the nest untill it is election-time in September.

  9. This is the story behind the actual drawing of the illustration used in the Dagbladet:

    from israelinews.org

    “Tatiana Soskin was a resident of Hebron, the Jewish city divided UN-equally between Jews and Arabs. The Jewish community in Hebron consists of 500 Jews of which 350 are children while the Arab population is 80,000. In other words, the Arabs out-number the Jews 160 to one! So much for the myth of Jewish “settlers” taking over Hebron!

    Tatiana was a young woman who decided to express some of her frustration and anger at the war of terrorism the Palestinians were waging against her fellow Jews. In June of 1997, she drew several pictures of a pig she called “Mohamed.” She attempted to post these drawings on Arab-owned stores in Hebron… not unlike some of the distasteful pictures Arabs posted on Jewish stores and buildings all the time. Unfortunately, Tatiana’s budding art career was cut short for she was apprehended by the Israeli authorities and brought to the Jerusalem Police station. Tatiana was arrested and later put on trial. Judge Zvi Seagal presided over this case. The judge compared her drawing to the atrocities committed by the Nazis, and said she had no respect for humanity and human rights.

    In the judge’s view she was guilty of incitement, racism and perhaps even endangering world peace! He even went so far as to compare her childish “pig poster” to the most evil anti-Semitic forgery ever conceived — the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion!” And on January 8, 1998, twenty-six year-old Tatiana Soskin was sentenced by the Jerusalem District Court to two years in prison plus a one-year suspended sentence for ATTEMPTING to post drawings of a pig named “Mohamed.” She was convicted of committing a racist act, supporting a terrorist organization, attempting to give religious offense and attempted vandalism. Tatiana’s appeal to the High Court was heard on March 30, 1998. A verdict from the High Court was given on July 8, 1998, totally rejecting the arguments. Tatiana served more than 16 months in prison FOR DRAWING A CARICATURE. This happened in “the only democracy in the Middle East.” Sadly, Arab-Israeli citizens are cut a lot more slack on matters of freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom of expression AND the freedom to draw insulting pictures! The prosecutors decided to be tougher on her than they were on some Arab terrorists. No “revolving door” justice for this gutsy Jewish chick!

    Now flash forward to today. The prestigious Israel Prize for sculpture has been awarded to Yigal Tumarkin has fashioned a pig wearing phylacteries, and on November 4, 1988 told Tel Aviv Magazine that when seeing haredi Jews he can understand the Nazis. He once said he wished he had gunned down Raphael Eitan and Rehavam Ze’evi. He branded then Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat “Papa Doc” for proposing to relocate Tumarkin’s upside-down glass pyramid Holocaust memorial from outside city hall. He published a “retraction” in an op-ed in Hadashot 10 days later, writing that, “The outward strangeness of the Jew and the pretentiousness of the notion that God chose us… caused violent surrounding cultures to clash… with this arrogant minority… The image of the cunning, ambitious scoundrel, lending money at exorbitant interest, turned the bent, hook-nosed bearded Jew into the enemy of civilization… which didn’t help belatedly enlightened Jews.”

    Where is Ambassador Zvi Mazel when we need him?”

    If the Dagbladet had published the story of the illustration, it would have been quite relevant and revealing in light of what is now happening in Europe. That is the story. Not whether this illustration offends Muslims. Muslims are offended by everything, that much we get. It’s how far we go to try to keep from offending them that is the issue.

  10. As a complement to my comment 2/11/2010 6:58

    “[…] there is only one opinion that is allowed in Sweden. The “7-party” (nickname for the seven different parties in the parliament), are all holding the same opinion on immigration [and] the MPs have full support from the Swedish media.”
    The crisis in Swedish media

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