7 thoughts on “Happy Sheikh Valentine’s Day!

  1. As I watched this, I was actually supressing a chuckle. It was so over the top I can honestly say I thought this was tongue in cheek.

    Ham to ham combat indeed.

    Anyway, St Valentine’s Day is a Christian feast day. If you’re not Christian, it’s not exactly yours to celebrate (since its meaning can be properly understood only within the Christian context). In Japan, Valentine’s Day is an excuse so companies can sell chocolates, but Japan has only a very small Christian community. Thus, it has no meaning there.

    It would be exactly the same with Muslims. We don’t fast during Ramadan (hell, we hardly fast during Lent!), and Christians don’t celebrate Passover and Yom Kippur (just as Jews don’t celebrate Christmas… though I’m sure they appreciate the day off).

    If you don’t believe in it, it’s not yours to practice (and yes, that means no presents for atheists at Christmas! :p).

  2. They sure as hell is trying to make us kuffar fast during ramadan as well. If you’re seen in public eating even a small thing like a bagel or drinking a coke you risk being beat up by muslim rage boy. In any western country.

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