The Teachable Moment: Readiness Is All

Phyllis Chesler reminds us again of the old equation:

Not all Muslims are Suicide Killers, but all Suicide Killers are Muslims.

And why is this so? Because their sacred texts tell them it is a good and holy thing to kill as many infidels as possible. Convert or die is the rule for the rest of us. May it be a choice you are never required to make.

In no other major organized religion is homicidal martyrdom encouraged as a worthy goal. Sure, there are lots of “turn the other cheek” aphorisms in other religions, but not the murderous hadiths that the front men will tell you aren’t operative anymore: “are you going to believe us or your lying eyes?” seems to be the basic challenge of the learnéd Muslim Brotherhood imams as we watch the blood pour or the bombs explode. Wherever Muslims gather in sufficient numbers and there are other belief systems in place, they’re required to

Challenge by word or scimitar.
The blood flows, the body parts fly.
Ask the poor souls of Mumbai…

So do we look at the evidence or at the propaganda? A lot, a whole lot, of leftist lemmings are prepared to deny what they see in favor of the pretty words which move them to feelings of peace, love, and understanding, etc., etc., ad nauseam, and away from feelings of fear. Better to believe that the vicious right wing extremists are spreading lies about the Religion of Peace than to ponder the safety of your next plane flight.

But maybe the tide is turning? Ms. Chesler says:

Earlier today, I was lying on my gynecologist’s table in a highly exposed position when suddenly she said: “You’re probably going to think this is very politically incorrect but isn’t it crazy not to profile? I mean, isn’t it clear who’s doing what?”

I immediately shot straight up and engaged this worthy liberal in a very politically incorrect conversation. (No, she had absolutely no idea what I’ve been writing about).

So: Some things are becoming clear and can no longer be denied. Not even by some liberals.

Jihadic terrorists tend to be Muslims. Atheists are not blowing themselves up nor are Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Ba’haii or Zoroastrians.

Not all Muslims are terrorists; but these days, all terrorists seem to be Muslims.

Terrorists and their handlers are not all motivated by poverty and suffering. Many are often wealthy and educated men.

Well, that liberal lie about poverty-stricken jihad has been floating around so long we’re not going to be able to retire it any time soon. Sure, there are many poor Muslims enduring horrible circumstances while their corrupt oligarchs live high on the hog camel.
– – – – – – – –
When your basic raison d’être is “Submission” then Islam and democracy may not mix well, despite our naïve wishes and hopes. Especially the cloud castles of our naïve and cynical State Department ‘crats.

What is especially galling is that the Left knows well that the perpetrators of September 11th were educated men. They weren’t poor. However, this truth is glossed over in favor of paranoid fantasies of “Bush did it”. Or “9/11 was an inside job”. Or, a particular paranoiac hatred that keeps floating up out of the cesspool, “it was the Jews”. Man if the Jews did even one percent of the fairy tales told about them, they’d rule the entire world…oops, I forgot: they do already. Never play paranoia with a paranoid; they’ll beat you to the loony bin every time and you’ll be the only one without a tinfoil hat for protection.

Ms. Chesler reminds us of just two educated Jihadi physicians lately in the news:

… Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, the Jordanian double agent who recently blew himself up along with seven American CIA operatives in Afghanistan, was a 32 year-old physician. A physician-not a madrassa trained slum dweller.


Our own homegrown jihadic terrorist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, (a Palestinian-American), is also a physician, a psychiatrist in fact. He had money, independence, prestige. His massacre at Fort Hood was not motivated by illiteracy, poverty, or war-related trauma.

No, poverty is not the motivation for Jihad. Nor will a solid grounding in science and healing prevent you from jumping onto a table at an Army base and yelling “Allahu Akhbar!” as you murder your fellow soldiers in cold blood.

An arrogant sense of entitlement and superiority are certainly part of the characterological make-up of pathological haters like Drs. al-Balawi and Hasan, as is an exquisitely thin-skinned resentmant. But how can the Left know that when it has its hands firmly over its ears…

…or did have. Maybe Ms. Chesler’s gynecologist is a harbinger of things to come? Maybe you, too, will run into a situation that constitutes a teachable moment?

For those of you to whom this applies, better study up on the rule of abrogation in the Koran. You may need the information the next time your feet are in those stirrups for the hated Pap smear. Ugh.

However, if you get one liberal doc to actually consider the reality of political Islam, won’t that cold speculum have been worth it?

9 thoughts on “The Teachable Moment: Readiness Is All

  1. Dymphna. Have I missed it or forgotten it. I mean has anyone put together a version of the Koran which excludes those parts which actually have been abrogated? the terrorists clearly have such a manual.

  2. bewick —

    I’ll horn in here. Yes, for practical purposes, there is a book which collects the non-abrogated verses of the Koran together with the authoritative hadith. It is called ‘Umdat al-Salik (Reliance of the Traveller) by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, and was written in the 14th century. The English translation by Nuh Ha Mim Keller is certified by the Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, and Saudi governments, plus al-Azhar University, as being authoritative — that is, the pious Muslim who reads and follows it is just as correct as if he read the Arabic version.

    It is a compendium of Islamic law on which ijtihad, or interpretation, has been closed. It is organized by topic in a very systematized fashion, so it is quite useful. It quotes the Koran and hadith to back up its findings.

    The book represents only one of the four major schools of Islamic law — the Shafiite — but all four schools agree broadly on the points we are most interested in, namely jihad, apostasy, slavery, blasphemy, slander, and the subjugation of women.

  3. May it be a choice you are never required to make.

    Assuming a more preemptive stance, permit me to say, “May it be a choice you refuse to let happen.”.

    So do we look at the evidence or at the propaganda?.

    Both, and they−once you decipher Islam’s code−are equally damning. Get past the weasel words, shaded truths or endless qualifications and even Islam’s own propaganda is stark in its eternal hatred and enmity for all other cultures.

    [per Chesler] Terrorists and their handlers are not all motivated by poverty and suffering. Many are often wealthy and educated men.

    Far more disturbing are the large numbers of recent terrorists that come from the medical profession. That even the oath “to do no harm” can be overridden by Islam’s dictates reveals a degree of fanaticism that is both morbid and lethal at the same time.

    However, this truth is glossed over in favor of paranoid fantasies of “Bush did it”. Or “9/11 was an inside job”.

    While on my way out of the Manila airport after Christmas, I encountered an Aussie that made reference to “how the towers collapsed like a demolition job”.

    I asked him, “Would you have preferred that the Twin Towers toppled over into the surrounding skyline killing tens of thousands more? Do you even understand that such gigantic buildings are specifically engineered to manageably implode during catastrophic structural failure for the exact reason of minimizing any additional loss of human life?”

    His answer was a muted negative and the very dimmest of bulbs began to light above his noggin. I finished with my own riposte of much as I might dislike George Bush, the notion that he, or any other American−for whatever purpose−could authorize such death and destruction on American soil as that brought about by the 9-11 Atrocity goes beyond morally repugnant and represents an insult to all thinking people.

    I encountered similar idiocy while laying over in Taiwan. We were in a gigantic line to have all baggage and footwear hand-inspected prior to boarding. After informing a fellow traveler that even though the Christmas Day terrorist attack was a failure it, nonetheless, was successful in adding millions of dollars worth of expensive extra security worldwide and managed to consume even more billions of dollars worth of passenger waiting time around the globe, another Chinese man turned to me and said, “All cultures have something to offer.”

    I pointedly asked him if, by that, he meant that all cultures are equal. He replied affirmatively and mentioned what was happening in Iraq. (Presumably as some sort of barb to me, an obvious American.) I then asked him if an Iraqi culture that chops off heads and hands, stones people to death and has made little progress over the last thousand years is equal to Chinese culture and this chap replied that it was.

    I retorted that Chinese culture was far superior to that in Iraq and that he was dismissing a staggering legacy of several millennia for the sake of cultural relativism while simultaneously doing his ancestors the very worst sort of disfavor imaginable.

    I’ll let the reader imagine what sort of silence ensued. Most alarming of all was the total lack of rejoinder or comment by any surrounding travelers, most of whom were Chinese.

    An arrogant sense of entitlement and superiority are certainly part of the characterological make-up of pathological haters like Drs. al-Balawi and Hasan, as is an exquisitely thin-skinned resentmant.

    As I have always said:

    Muslims are skinless people living in a sandpaper world.

    I’ll close on the same note, in that all of us must please do our level best to keep changing one mind at a time. As Ghandi noted:

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world“.

    PS: For a larf, the verification word on this comment was “mudistan”!

  4. Progressives all seem to think that any problem can be solved by throwing money at it. They see poverty as the source of most problems in the world, so they must out of necessity blame jihad on poverty and not on religion. Its makes the solution easy—pour more dollars into those regions of the world. They turn a blind eye toward the well-to-do jihadist, he doesn’t fit their mold!

  5. I think the reason why so many Muslims in high-status professions (like doctors) become jihadis is because they crave even higher status. And in Islamic culture, the highest status goes to the jihadi.

    Look at Osama bin Ladin. He could have been an obscure civil engineer working for his father’s construction firm. Now he’s famous! He’s a rock star in the Islamic world.

    This suggests a weapon that could be used against jihadis: laughter, ridicule, and mockery. I think the Islamists recognize this, which is why things like the Mohammad cartoons provoked such a large response.

  6. “Not all Muslims are Suicide Killers, but all Suicide Killers are Muslims.”

    Strictly speaking, that’s not accurate. For example, there are also (or were until recently) the Tamil Tigers.

    Only about 99.9 percent of suicide killers are Muslim.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  7. That Islam encourages its relatively few doctors and other professionals to blow themselves up to kill a few infidels rather than use their education for a lifetime of good works, (even selfishly limited to other Muslims) tells us everything we need to know about this pernicious belief system.

    As some Muslims have spelled out in so many words, they DO love death as we love life. Muslims on their own create such hell holes on this earth that their only hope is a better life in heaven. For us this is still a puzzling choice since Muslim heaven appears to be a bordello for men, the same kind of judgmental men who insist infidels deserve killing because they are a lewd and sex-crazed society. So Muslims hate and kill kuffar for a sinful activity that is then the heavenly reward for the Muslim killer! Muslims certainly wouldn’t pass a course in logic but then they have that in common with their useful idiot liberal enablers.

    Muslim heaven for women is very hazy, if it even exists for such inferior beings. Perhaps heaven for them is just freedom from their husband’s demands, who is busy brutalizing 72 unlucky virgins.

    For doctors who can afford bordello type luxuries here on earth, self-immolation is a completely illogical choice and therefore proof that Islamic ideology induces a kind of mental disorder, a mass hysteria like the Jonestown massacre, except the Koranic Koolaid activates randomly around the world, an international death cult.

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