9 thoughts on “The Pilot Fish for British Sharia

  1. @m–

    yeh. I’m not feeling too well so the Baron suggested that Mr. Condell’s humor would make me “feel better”.

    The shine hurts my eyes all right, but I think I’ll go back to lol cats for humor that makes me feel better.

  2. Pat Condell nails it again. M is right, depressing that a once great nation could be in such a situation but brilliant.

    While I think the UK is pretty close to being finished as a free, civilized nation, it’s people like him who give a small hope the situation can be reversed. I’m just surprised the PC Gestapo in England hasn’t gone after him yet, because he speaks clearly and plainly about what’s happening and going to happen if this Leftist/Islamic madness isn’t reeled in.

  3. Andre: Pat Condell is something like the Winston Churchill of the 21st century.

    This is something I have been saying for many years now. Few, if any, can marshall such withering sarcasm with so much eloquence and understatement. Never has the art of plain-spoken, factual denouncement been so badly needed or so sadly lacking as it is in modern Britain. Towards that end, Condell is, indeed, a modern day Churchill.

    Please note that, in an entirely new tack, Condell (at video time point ~5:00), finally trains his sights on Islam’s practice of halal slaughter:

    @ 4:59But if you really want an example of how political correctness has made us less civilized, then look no further than the obscenity of religious slaughter which has crept into our society like a disease. Thanks to Islam and thanks to the Labor Party. where millions of animals are now killed in needless pain and distress in violation of every law on animal cruelty for the sake of human superstition. That’s beyond disgraceful, it’s beyond disgusting, it’s a sin if that word means anything at all.

    Many years ago I brought this up as a potential wedge to drive in between Liberal animal rights activists and their Muslim fellow travelers. At that time (while participating in another web forum), Jewish commenters railed against my idea because, they claimed, it would impose similar restrictions upon kosher meat procesing as well.

    Here is a definition of ritual and halal slaughter.

    While both processes have some similarities, much of the Muslim world tends to rely upon typically outmoded methods which are far more likely to raise the hackles of PETA and their fellow lovers of all things fluffy, cuddly and furry.

    A welcome addition to this current discussion would be some analysis of the critical differences (or commonalities) between halal and kosher processing in order to determine if there are some wrenches that can be thrown into the Islamic gears.

    American readers may be unfamiliar with the significance of Condell’s holding forth on animal cruelty. Britishers go to astonishing lengths regarding all forms of wildlife, including the lowly hedgehog. A good whiff of Islam’s typical barbarity as applied to animals and a surprising number of ordinary British people could be up in arms over this single issue alone.

  4. Zenster,

    “Many years ago I brought this up as a potential wedge to drive in between Liberal animal rights activists and their Muslim fellow travelers.”

    Fringe issues such as animal rights are only amplified by the neolberals when it fits their overall political and social agenda, nuLabours fox hunting ban was not in the best interests of foxes it was deployed as a urban political catalyst against rural conservatives.

    This kind of (misplaced) sentimental politicking seems to work for the left but is not so effective when deployed by the right.

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