Kurt Westergaard Under Siege

Kurt WestergaardThis is breaking news. I don’t have any translations yet, just the Danish-language articles, so details are sketchy. Steen and TB have been keeping me informed.

Here’s an outline of what happened:

Shots were fired tonight outside the home of Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who drew the “Turban Bomb”, the most famous of the Motoons. The artist was at home at the time, and pushed his alarm as three men tried to force their way into his house. Policemen fired, and one of the intruders was shot in the arm and the leg.

The bomb squad is at the residence now, searching for bombs.

News stories (in Danish):

Photo ©Snaphanen

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5 thoughts on “Kurt Westergaard Under Siege

  1. I´m danish, so here is a translation of what happened.
    A somalian male broke into Kurt Westergaard’s house to night. He had an axe in his hand, Kurt Westergaard mannaged to escape to a secured room in his house, where the intruder was unable to get into. The police arrived after 2 min. (Westergaard have an alarm in his house connedted to the police)
    Outside the house, the somalian man attacked the police. Two shots were fired by the police, and the somalian man was wounded in his hand and knee.
    Right now the police are waiting for the bombsquad, in order to examine a bag, that was left outside the house.
    The somalian man is now on the hospital with the police. The charge will be, attempted murder.

  2. It was an axe. He threw it after a policeman. Thats why he has 2 cases of attempted murder.

    Danish Seceret Police says the guy is connected to Somali Al Shabab-terror movement.

  3. Just checked the BBC’s written report on the matter – “Danish police have shot and wounded a man at the home of Kurt Westergaard, whose cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad sparked an international row.”

    Exactly the same as this morning’s tv report that I referred to in another comment on this matter, not “…the Muslim prophet Mohammed” but “…the prophet Mohammed.” Is the BBC trying to tell us something?

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