“Demography is Unavoidable”

This video is part of an interview with Oskar Freysinger, the man behind the Swiss minaret referendum. Here he discusses Muslim demography as well as his appearance on Al Jazeera TV:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for Youtubing this.

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3 thoughts on ““Demography is Unavoidable”

  1. One doesn’t like that much to face [the] truth, because the unpleasant side effect of truth is that, once you ‘know’ you have a moral duty [to act] upon what you know as much as for a[ny] politician, and once I have this responsibility, I must take action because I cannot act like if I didn’t know.

    Words clearly spoken which echo the charter of this web site all too well. Once the vile nature of Islam has been entirely revealed to the thinking mind, there is little chance of turning back nor any easy conciliation with such a retrograde force.

  2. I’m really fed up with people not realizing that we need to reverse their immigration, not to change their ways. The former is probably easier. Europeans need to realize that getting colonized isn’t a way to replace the native population having children. What’s the point in preserving your culture anyway then? The purpose of a culture is to link people together. Unless they can move here and increase the carrying capacity of the country they move to, immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in.

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