Defying the Mujahideen

Our Danish correspondent TB reports:

The Mo-BombOn the front page of the liberal internet newspaper (it has no print edition) the Turban Bomb cartoon is now posted (on the right) with the text:

Jo mere I angriber Kurt Westergaard, jo mere viser vi tegningen

“The more you attack Kurt Westergaard, the more we will print the cartoon”

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5 thoughts on “Defying the Mujahideen

  1. Henrik —

    Exception noted.

    Alas, there was a time when both words essentially meant the same thing!

    I’ll defer to TB for any actual change in his text.

  2. What a great move to put that Turban Bomb up again and again. These attackers however will not give up, because god tells them to right what they see as a wrong, actually what that rag, the Koran, tells them is wrong.

  3. When Geert produced Fitna, it initially opened with Kurt’s drawing of Bomb Head Mo. Then copyright infringement was claimed and Fitna was re-released with a different image.

    Is Kurt no longer enforcing his copyright?

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