Intellectual Honesty

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Dr. Andrew Bostom, the author of the well-researched books The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, has reviewed Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia, which is now available in a cheaper printed version:

Defeating Eurabia“Fjordman’s collection of short works, ‘Defeating Eurabia’ marks his emergence as a uniquely informed European essayist. Remarkably curious and erudite, the author’s lucid essays are ultimately a testament to that rarest and most desperately needed attribute in our era—intellectual honesty. An unapologetic defender of the Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian values of Western civilization, and their apotheosis in Western Europe, Fjordman expresses alarm at Europe’s supine Islamization, and condemns the demonization of ordinary non-Muslim indigenous Europeans who have the ‘temerity’ to voice their objection to this ongoing cultural jihad. ‘Defeating Eurabia’ is a brilliantly argued, passionate critique of Western Europe’s contemporary utopian ‘multiculturalist’ governing elites—avatars of the latest fanatical European politico-religious creed—a bizarre, toxic brew of statism and unreformed, Shari’a-compliant Islam.”

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2 thoughts on “Intellectual Honesty

  1. When I began reading Fjordman’s posts on his old blog, I always pictured him as a man in his mid 50s, but then I read that he will probably witness the way the Islamic problem will unravel I realized that he is closer to my age, which makes his comprehension of these things quite impressive. I just hope that our number grows fast enough to actually solve this issue.

    I don’t want to imagine the type of threats that Fjordman probably got for writing what he does. I didn’t write much about Islam, but I was told that there can’t be many Romanian nineteen years old girls in my country that are studying to get a business degree… I really felt like asking if he’ll send his buddies to gang rape me or something, but I abstained myself. lol

  2. I completely agree with Dr. Bostom’s assesment of Fjordman’s writings. He has an ability to clearly express his ideas without hyperbole I find very refreshing. His essays are easy to read and never fail to educate and inform. He has increased my knowledge of European Civilization, and my respect and appreciation of what it’s contributed to the World. With so many Leftist useful idiots always putting it down and harping on it’s flaws, it’s refreshing to see such an un-apologetic and factual defense of it’s acomplishments.

    Needless to say, I also respect Fjordman’s courage in daring to write what he’s written. In this age of PC tyrants, it’s not easy. The defense of Western Civilization needs more like him.

    I plan to purchase Defeating Eurabia as soon as I can.

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