Final Status Report…she said hopefully

The Baron is gone till tomorrow, taking the fB back to his lodgings and his life. The latter seems recovered enough, and not contagious, so he even made it to choir practice in time this evening. Recovering from swine flu and pneumonia, they may put him in the baritone section till his real voice comes back.

And tomorrow he jumps back into the daily routine: a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles to change his voter registration and his permanent address on his driver’s license. Then an appointment to an organization that can fix him up with food, help with prescriptions, and perhaps a referral to a free clinic.

The next day (after a hair cut) on to the world of employment, the one so rudely interrupted with this onslaught of pestilence. He’s been ill for over a month, so who knows if his job is still available? Couldn’t blame them if it wasn’t.
– – – – – – – –
Meanwhile, we pick up the pieces here. I now have pneumonia and am on steroids since the antibiotic was ineffective. I hate steroids. Especially the 3rd day when “steroid psychosis” begins. Thank heavens this doesn’t last much more than a week.

The house is unnaturally quiet once more. I am glad, mostly. It was definitely time to go. And I can quit being on guard duty, waiting for coughing spasms. Now I can hear the cat snoring again.

The Baron will return tomorrow. He did the news feed before he chugged out of here, loaded down with medications and all the other belongings one boy-man accumulates in a month. Like I noticed the fB made off with a pair of his father’s pajama bottoms, but I didn’t say anything since they don’t fit his dad anyway.

The biggest adjustment is always (besides the stillness) remembering to cook for two again instead of four…when you’re cooking for a young man in his twenties who needs to gain weight, that’s like setting two extra places.

Buona salute a tutti!!

2 thoughts on “Final Status Report…she said hopefully

  1. Dymphna:
    Take care of your self and please do not over do it! Sorry to hear you are on the ‘roids but that
    often times does the trick. Hopefully, life can return to
    some semblence of nomalcy for you and the Baron. Got ya covered in

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