Don’t Frighten the Dhimmis

This is an email response from our European correspondent Lexington to yesterday’s video of the panel with Filip Dewinter:

“Let us face reality…” Indeed.

Karim Hassoun’s taqiyya and kitman are puerile.

Dragging out Averroes, under his Arabic or Latin name, is part of the standard “contribution to Western civilization” line. Averroes was a Malik jurist, amongst his other talents, and wrote the following, a typical Malik legal opinion (which is shared by all the other major schools of Islamic jurisprudence) on the punishment for apostasy:

“An apostate is to be executed in agreement in the case of a man, because of the words of the Prophet (Muhammad): ‘Slay those who change their din(or deen, Islamic faith).’ Asking the apostate to repent was stipulated as a condition prior to his execution.” Vol 2, p 552

Just so that no Moslem comes in claiming this is all ancient history and just one man’s “interpretation”, here’s Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy referring to the ‘Umdat al-Salik, a manual of Islamic law, p 595-6:

“Leaving Islam is the ugliest form of unbelief (kufr)…When a person who has reached puberty and is sane, voluntarily apostatizes, he deserves to be killed. In such a case, it is obligatory to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed.”

– – – – – – – –

This mandate to kill an apostate does not depend upon any Islamic court’s ruling or any official’s order, and any Moslem carrying out such a death sentence will not be judged in Islamic law to have committed a crime since the mandate for death for apostasy is in both the Koran (4:89) and the ahadithof Bukhari and Abu-Dawud.

Hardly a contribution to “peace” in a Western society premised on “celebrating diversity” or “freedom of speech and conscience”.

Also, when Hassoun speaks of “peace” and says “the various communities are left to their dignity”, he is actually referring to the state of dhimmitude under which non-Moslems are allowed to practice their faiths, in highly restricted manners and upon payment of Jizya to the dominant Moslem “community.” That’s also why he wants “no debate” about Islam. Mustn’t frighten the dhimmis into realizing what’s coming.

— Lexington

3 thoughts on “Don’t Frighten the Dhimmis

  1. Karim Hassoun’s taqiyya and kitman are puerile.

    I’m glad to see that this was the general concensus reached by those who had to endure Hassoun’s Islamic tripe volcano. It is nauseating to hear such utter garbage being trotted out as factual information.

    Islam has so little to offer and takes away so much from our world in the way of wealth, peace and justice. It is a scourge that must be eliminated in order for humanity to make further progress.

  2. Inalienable Rights: Actually, one Muslim is not allowed to declare another Muslim an apostate, according to the Amman Message.

    Tell that to all of the dead Muslims who, as victims of ISLAMIC terrorist attacks, continue to pile up like so much cord wood in all of the Islamic countries. Or, perhaps, you can also give your noble message to all of the dead unbelievers who have no part in Muslim apostasy but nonetheless continue to pay the ultimate price at Islam’s hands.

    Besides, since when has any compact, agreement, treaty, agreement or other form of diplomatic contract meant anything more to Muslims than an alternate form of toilet paper (which they don’t use anyway)?

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