Diana West on Free Speech and Sharia

On the second day of the International Legal Conference on Freedom of Speech and Religion, James Cohen of the Canadian chapter of IFPS interviewed Diana West at the Capitol in Washington D.C. Included in this video are some excerpts from the interview in which Ms. West discusses Kurt Westergaard’s visit to Yale University, sharia, and the assault on free speech that is underway on America’s college campuses:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for help with the video production.

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5 thoughts on “Diana West on Free Speech and Sharia

  1. Deep and abiding thanks to Vlad Tepes blog for such vital contributions to the fight against Islamic jihad. There is no way that decent human beings can possibly thank you enough.

    With Much Gratitude,


  2. This unthinking is so prevalent that it must have its origins in the early stages of education one answer could be that modern communication is more visually orientated, making the comprehension or perception of the spoken and written word difficult. Think Coca-Cola and the product enters the mind not the meaning of those words, sharia law likewise becomes nothing more than a brand name, language as association rather than meaning.

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