I’ve written previously about the upcoming referendum in Switzerland which will decide whether there will be a constitutional ban on the building of minarets. The Swiss People’s Party has now injected a little fun into the debate with an online whack-a-minaret game.

I saw this game yesterday, but there was no information about it in English. Now, thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH, we can tell you about it. Here’s his translation from Politically Incorrect:

Online game with the SVP: Minaret Attack

A new game in the voting campaign for the Minaret initiative: hit the minarets to win. The committee of the anti-minaret referendum ignites the next stage in the voting campaign: It turns to online gaming on its website.

The game starts by showing a peaceful landscape. Then countless minarets spring up like spears over the land. The player has to aim at the “prayer towers” and a hit makes the minaret disappear. If you miss it, the muezzin will climb on the minaret to call to prayer. [You can also try to silence the muezzin.]

Minaret game

“Today we launch the game,” the SVP National Walter Wobmann said. “It is available online and will have its own Internet address.”

– – – – – – – –

The online game was developed by the advertising and public relations firm Goal in Dübendorf, the house agency of the SVP, which also designed the controversial anti-minaret posters.

The game can be played here . When the screen “Get Ready” appears, press the button underneath to start: “Spiel starten”. Once the game is finished, your score will appear and the text: “Switzerland is full of minarets. To prevent that from happening: vote “yes” in November 29 in the Minaret-referendum.”

Actually, the button on my version was in French, and said “Commencer le jeu” or something similar. Presumably there is a third version in Italian, which is also an official language in Switzerland.

Have at it, everybody!

9 thoughts on “Whack-a-Minaret

  1. This initiative must break at least 20 rules in the EU’s voluminous rule book.

    The people behind it will be treated more roughly by the EU mandarins than Muslims who ACTUALLY BLOW UP BUILDINGS, TRANSPORTATION AND PEOPLE.

  2. laine

    The EU has not been able to cajole, threaten, bribe, blackmail, or con Switzerland to join the EU. They keep trying, on the principle that one day the Swiss will be stupid enough to say “Yes”. And that will be the last time the Swiss are asked about anything after that.

  3. Exactly DP. I am sure the EU elite are spitting mad. How dare the Swiss! Don’t they know they are the uneducated slaves who must have everything decided for them. The gall to go against the liberal elites. There will be hell to pay! And heaven forbid the unwashed masses inside the EU begin getting their own ideas. If they had been sucked into the EU years ago, this would never have been possible.

  4. hei!

    muslims are not like what u think!
    they’re actually defending up themselves AFTER being attacked by the crazy Christians!!
    Jesus never tought you guys to live in peace?
    Now why the hell you wanted to destroy the minaret?

    it’s not that minaret is something awful to look at, right?
    for me, minaret is one of the most beautiful building that i ever see other than church.

    why do you hate muslims so much?
    it’s totally ridiculous and it is their right to take back what is theirs.

    Maybe you were influenced by the damned ISLAMOPHOBIA right?
    Islam has nothing to be worried about!
    They’re kind people!
    Ok, if you wanna know how kind they are, you should approach them and be good to them.
    the result is, they will treat you back with 4 times kinder than you treat them!
    trust me!
    I’ve tried it!
    and how dare you to use that layout for your blog!
    you better change it.

    by launching the stupid minaret demolition campaign,
    it won’t resolve anything!
    You’ll only making the condition worser!
    Why don’t you live peacefully,
    without hurting each other, physically or feelings.
    the world will be better right?

    Why can’t christians and Muslims live
    together happily, peacefully and without fights?

    let them be with their minarets, and the muezzin to call to the prayer, coz they AREN’T hurting you right?

    Just think about that.

    you with your church,
    and muslims with their minaret and mosque.

    What is yours is yours.
    What is muslims’ are theirs.
    Don’t take away what other people got.

    Can you imagine someone’s taking away someone or something you love?

    Just put yourself into their shoes and you will know who they are.

  5. This site is obviously zionist.
    Whack a mineret? if you mention the word jew you get called an anti semetic so what about if there was a game call whack a synagogue?
    stop stiring up islamaphobia you are just plain evil. muslims are the most peacefull people.its the wolfs in sheeps clothing you gotta watch out for. You will soon be running to your nearest mosque.
    You’ll see!

  6. Quote:
    Why can’t christians and Muslims live
    together happily, peacefully and without fights?
    end quote.

    You have never read the Quran.
    You have never read any of the hadiths.
    That much is really, really obvious.
    Muslims can be anything.
    But their faith is one– a refuge for evil, filled with imperatives for violence against non-Muslims.
    If you do not know this, then you have lived with your eyes only half open.

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