8 thoughts on “Wake Up, America

  1. Before I view this vid, I feel uneasy thinking that mr. condell would have much credit. I previously viewed a vid of him saying that if Mary had aborted, this world would be better off. Disgusting.

  2. I continue to maintain that Pat Condell is Britain’s modern day Churchill. Despite alientating those around them, both clearly articulated a looming threat that would soon engulf the entire world in conflict.

    In this age of nuclear weapons, failure to heed warnings about such a clear and present danger is tantamount to criminal negligence.

  3. If everyone in the free world knew the truth about Islam, as Condell states toward the end, it would be impotent.

    Instead, roughly one third retain commonsense and recognize the truth (i.e. conservatives need I spell out?) one third are the mushy middle who can’t be bothered to do their homework and swing back and forth like weathervanes but who might become focused after a worse sequel to 9/11 and one third (the committed leftists) are strangers to the truth because they are evil (the ringleaders) or stupid and hypnotized sheep.

    That’s what we have to work with. There’s a huge fifth column of leftists and their current Muslim clients in the West who in addition to being poisonous are unfortunately as Yeats described: “the worst are full of passionate intensity” while the majority still lack enough “conviction” to counter them meaningfully.

    Condell’s blind spot is putting Christianity in the same basket as Islam. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Christianity is part of the foundation of every successful civilized humane country whereas the myriad failed and inhumane nations are atheist or Muslim. This distribution is not an accident.

    Christianity beat back Islam once before as the title of this very blog attests. It is no longer capable of doing so because its truths have been sapped and marginalized by the Left just as they have changed capitalism to an unworkable socialist hybrid, then blame Christianity and capitalism for the outcome of the Left’s evil work.

    The only blame attached is people with the proven winning formula caving to the people with the 100% failed formula.

  4. Interesting idea that Obama was given the peace prize as a means of controlling America.

    You didn’t notice that before? From my (Danish) perspective, that’s quite obvious.

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