Polygamy in Paradise

The popular tradition among Muslims — could it be called an urban legend? — is that a shahid (martyr) who dies waging jihad is granted seventy-two virgins in Paradise. Not only may he have his way with the young heavenly beauties, but every day Allah magically restores their virginity so that he can start all over again. There’s no need to respect them in the morning.

However, this deal is for men only. The tradition does not promise that a woman who dies in the way of Allah will be granted even one gorgeous hunk of her very own when she attains Paradise.

So what’s in it for Muslim women? What reward in paradise awaits the devoted Muslima if she dies for her faith?

That very question was posed in the “Ask the Scholar” feature at Islam Online. In the chapter “What Is for Women?”, a Muslim woman asks:

My question is, how is it possible that Allah Almighty will grant the fulfillment of the desires of the male but not of the female — that is, to not share her husband with multiple women?


Instead of her desire/wish being fulfilled, she will be brainwashed, but on the other hand men won’t have to give up anything.


A male martyr will receive 70 wives, but if a female servant of Allah dies for Jihad, she will still be required to share her husband with other wives.


I personally feel like crying …

Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, professor of Fiqh at the Islamic University in Malaysia, was forced to disappoint the unfortunate woman in his reply:
– – – – – – – –

… [T]he issue of polygamy, be it in this life or the hereafter, it should not be classified as a privilege but rather a solution [to avoid the haram] as you correctly mentioned in your arguments.

In other words, Islam does not open the door of polygamy for all men as it does not open it to women at all. As you may know well that each ruling or law has an exception and the exception is not the principle, therefore, we can not judge a law through its exceptions.

In this regard, I shall remind you that rewarding a mujahid with many wives doesn’t mean betraying the female mujahid.


This means that those women who don’t want their husbands to have more [wives] could be granted this wish and desire. At the same time if the husbands of those women want to have more than them Allah is great and can satisfy each of them in the way He, the Almighty, wants.


Therefore, a woman should not be frustrated for a privilege of polygamy offered to men. This is not, for sure, at the expense of woman. Heaven is meant for both men and women, both of them are equally entitled to get what they wish for.

But to prevent the Muslim woman from becoming an apostate on the spot instead of a useful mujahid, Prof. Moustapha continues:

Having said that, I shall inform you that the existing setup of humans in terms of desire, would be changed on the Day of Judgment.

In other words: there is nothing in it for women in the Islamic paradise (Jannah).

Hat tip: VH, who also supplied some of the commentary.

6 thoughts on “Polygamy in Paradise

  1. Well isn’t this a cunning twist:

    Having said that, I shall inform you that the existing setup of humans in terms of desire, would be changed on the Day of Judgment

    One wants to ask exactly how desire will be “changed”? Somehow I think there’s a buyer’s remorse clause hidden in that statement.

    Like maybe the good ol’ faithful wife will no longer feel any desire at all, thus freeing all the Muslim boys to indulge in as many renewable plastic virgins as his heart (and his nether parts) might wish.

    Or maybe Paradise will be segregated, too, with the women (not the virgin girls, of course) in some second rate oasis, while the men and virgins and camels and goats cavort on an endless green sward, dotted here and there with date palm groves…

    Just think: a Paradis without any mothers-in-law at all.

  2. A female shahid is simply magically transformed by Allah into one of those 72 virgins for male shahid to sport with for eternity. Why change a good thing for the males? As on earth so in paradise- do with women as thou wilt.

  3. I think one way Mohammed could have got around this is by stating the Biblical story that allah created man, and then a woman from the man, so that procreation could take place. If a woman died a shahid, she would then revert to her original self in heaven, i.e., the male form she was created from. Thus in heaven, she/he would have the sexual pleasure of a man.

    Of course there is the possibility that men would complain of unfairness, as women were getting the pleasure of female sexuality on earth, and male sexuality when in heaven – a 2 for 1.

  4. On Earth, as in Heaven, Muslim women are screwed.

    They’re just too stupid to see it.

    Having lived among nothing but irrational idiots all their lives and learned nothing but irrational idiocy.

    You’re screwed, sister.

    Get used to it.

    Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate thinks you are worthless jackasses.

    So screw you.

    That is the essential message of the Koran.

    And Mohammad.

  5. “…a Muslim woman asks: My question is, how is it possible that Allah Almighty will grant the fulfillment
    of the desires of the male but not of the female-that is, to not share her husband with multiple women?”

    The desire of the female to not share her husband with multiple women?? Well, that is not setting the bar very high. She appears to be okay with being forced to wear a potato sack over her head and being beaten on a regular basis, she just wants to be the sole focus of her (greasy, dull-witted, violent) husband’s attention.

    Note that in Western Civilization
    monogamous marriage was the ideal until recently, when the rabid, bitter, angry, man-hating feminists with hairy legs and armpits destroyed it.

    Ironically enough, the Muslima will never get her wish, whereas the feminists have now gotten their wish, and so will eventually wind up in the same situation as the Muslima.

    How is it possible that Allah will grant the fulfillment of the desires of the male but not of the female? Because “Allah” doesn’t exist; Islam was created out of thin air by the self-serving, sex-crazed psychopathic, ultra-violent THUG, Mahomet.

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