Plots Against Kurt Westergaard and Flemming Rose Foiled

One Canadian national and a U.S. national were arrested in October on charges of preparing an attack on the MoToon newspaper, Jyllands Posten, and the planned assassinations of Kurt Westergaard and Flemming Rose.

Both men are of Pakistani origin. Daood Gilani, the forty nine year-old American, changed his name to David Coleman Headley. Tahawwur Hussain Rana, aged forty eight, owned a meat processing plant in Canada. Headley was arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on October 3rd. Rana was taken at his home on October 18th.

Headley (Gilani) is facing two charges: one count of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts involving murder and maiming outside the United States, and another of conspiracy to provide material support to the conspiracy.

The Canadian, Rana, is charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign conspiracy, one involving Headley and three other individuals.

Both men are being held in Chicago.

The reports do not list the whereabouts of the three other people. The FBI affidavits can be found here.

The conspirators named their plot “The Mouse Project” …
– – – – – – – –
…and began an “intense correspondence” about their intentions in early 2008. The Department of Justice says that they were planning at least one attack on the Jyllands-Posten buildings and employees.

The Danish Intelligence and Security Service were informed and cooperated with the Americans:

“The Service sees this case as being very serious. One of those arrested has an extensive network among leading militant extremists in Pakistan who not only want to attack Denmark but have also shown previously that they are capable of ruthless terrorist attacks,” PET Chief Jakob Scharf says in a news release.

According to PET, one of those arrested has been to Denmark twice this year to reconnoitre and select targets. In July this year, he was in Copenhagen taking video footage in the capital.

The FBI affidavit names some very heavy duty terrorist organizations who were overseeing Mickey Mouse. Headley reported to Ilyas Kashmiri, who was an operational chief of Harakat-ul-Jihad Islami, based in Pakistan (Kashmiri was later killed in a drone attack). HuJL is known to have links to al-Qeda.

PET says the conspirators were in close contact with Lashkar-e-Taiba. Headley (Gilani) purportedly has admitted to receiving training from this last group.

Nothing further has been mentioned about the three other suspects so one presumes they are still at large, or were in Pakistan all along.

The following websites were used for this post:

Times Online
Chicago Tribune
BBC News

The Times had the most interesting details, to wit:.

Mr Headley…allegedly conducted surveillance at a synagogue because of a mistaken belief that Mr Rose was Jewish.

When he was arrested, Mr Headley allegedly had a ticket to fly from the US to Denmark on October 29.


While in Denmark he allegedly posed as a potential advertiser on behalf of a Chicago business, First World Immigration Services, run by Tahawwur Hussain Rana. Court papers indicate that Mr Headley and Mr Rana… who is reported to be a former Pakistani army captain, went to the same military school in Hasan Abdal, Pakistan.

How nice; the allegedly former school chums got together again for old times’ sake.

6 thoughts on “Plots Against Kurt Westergaard and Flemming Rose Foiled

  1. All roads lead to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia! (or mainly so).
    Neither North American, nor EU, nor Australasian security services can possibly have uncovered all plots. So we must expect atrocities from these deranged killers at some point.
    When I was at school then if something bad happened and was clearly carried out by a pupil then the whole class was told that unless the perpetrator(s) owned up then the whole class would be punished.
    Conscience, and sometimes peer pressure, meant that the whole class was rarely punished. Unless that is the whole class supported the perpetrators’ actions.
    I think we are now at such a point.We now need to consider expelling all immigrants from the countries mentioned – no matter how long they have lived in the host country. Pity really and I have no doubt that someone will point out that the Nazis destroyed whole villages in similar circumstances and hence call me a Nazi.
    Difference is that the Nazis massacred the villagers. I’m not proposing that.If the majority of the Muslim (and it is always Muslim) immigrants will not weed out and expose their troublemakers then we have no way at all of knowing who is to be trusted. Remember that the whole barrel of apples must be dumped if a few have already rotted. I sadly see no other way.

  2. I am tired of these criminals, who have been allowed to come to Canada with no intention of being a productive citizen, being called Canadian. Call them ungrateful bastards. Then send them back to their Islamic paradises.

  3. If every Muslim in the West were forced to leave tomorrow, it would be a net gain for the West.

    We’d lose jihadi plotters.

    We’d lose a financial support system for the jihadis as Muslims channel monies to false Muslim charities that actually support jihad and get a tax break from the victims.

    We’d lose frivolous yet expensive claims gumming up our human rights machinery.

    We’d lose a large burden on our Welfare services including polygamous families of four wives and umpteen children.

    We’d lose a disproportionate contribution to crime, especially rape.

    We’d lose the ludicrous accommodation which foists Muslim religious practices onto non-Muslims e.g. not allowed to satirize or portray in any way we like what we consider to be a contemptible barbarian, not prophet.

    We’d lose a large population who sit in their mosques with their young children listening to their Saudi imams spewing hate at Westerners lighting who knows how many powder kegs?

    We’d lose a large population who may look assimilated but can turn on a dime because of early indoctrination that can kick in at any time.

    The few honestly good eggs can be replaced by other ethnicities and faiths with a much better record. We may feel sorry for them but if they really are good eggs, they would have been doing their utmost to take out their trash before we have to do a general cleaning.

    The fact is, the majority of Muslim immigrants provide the West with nothing irreplaceable and are too expensive and dangerous taking all the above into consideration.

    Net result: we’re better off without them. They benefit from being here. We do not. In fact, we suffer for their being here.

  4. Berwicks suggestion would have other benefits as well. With some cities so populated by Muslims, their vacancy should shatter property prices, thus making them more attractive to home-grown industry leading to a possible rebirth of English industry.

  5. @wheatington–

    THese criminals were quite productive. The Canadian owned a number of businesses.

    @laine and cyrus–

    Those things aren’t going to happen. What can you personally do to bring about change, just a very small change in the area where you live?

    Mass deportation will never, ever happen. It is against the rule of law and to espouse such ideas in our comment thread makes it seem GoV condones such actions. We don’t.

    In the final analysis, your suggestions are as pie-in-the-sky as the Islamists’ utopian fantasies that they’re going to take over the world.

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