The Butcher of Malmö

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Update: Steen sends this (Google-translated) reference in Muslimska friskolan that reveals the mahoundian name of the “doctor”:

In the photo above from SVT’s Uppdrag Granskning:

The doctor Rafiq Abu-Ramadan confronted by Janne Josefsson.

A Swedish reader has translated this tale of culturally enriched medical care from Malmö. Since this article is from the Swedish media, the doctor is not specifically identified as an Enricher, and of course he is not named. But given that the story is from Malmö, the reader is free to draw his own conclusions.

As the translator says:

Sweden in all its ‘kind’ glory — lax, lenient, and appeasing — or how a mahoundian medic is allowed to go on butchering.

Score: Muslims 1, Kuffar 0.

His translation from Sydsvenskan:

Convicted doctor may continue

The doctor who falsified application documents and was warned for improper circumcision and several other medical errors retains his licence. The health authorities do not think he is unfit to continue practicing medicine.

MALMÖ. The National Board of Health and Well Care [NBHWC] wanted the doctor to be placed under the authority’s supervision for three years, a so-called trial period. But the Health Care Responsibility Board (HSAN) do not find him unsuitable to go on doctoring.

The NBHWC has repeatedly examined the physician’s work and determined that he is at times awkward and a risk to patient safety.

The doctor’s domicile is Malmö, but he has worked at several locations all over Sweden and also in Norway. He has been reported to the HSAN 22 times. Four complaints have led to warnings.

One case concerned a circumcision of a three-week-old boy in Malmö 2003. The boy had to be hospitalized for acute care afterwards, with signs of sepsis. It was found during the examination that the doctor had used not sterilized instruments.

– – – – – – – –

When the NBHWC examined the physician’s work efforts in a hospital in Blekinge it was found that the doctor used to cut off more tissue than other physicians and that there often was a lot of bleeding. For a period he was not allowed to operate without supervision by another physician.

When in 2007 the television program ‘Uppdrag Granskning’ [Mission Scrutiny] studied how warned doctors could continue to work by moving from one hospital to another, this Malmö doctor was a key figure.

The latest incident that caused the NBHWC to call for probation from the Health Care Responsibility Board (HSAN) was the revelation that the doctor had erased critical reviews from previous employers in their duty certificates, when applying for new positions. In court he pled not guilty, but was convicted of fraud in the district court of Mölndal last year.

However, the Health Care Responsibility Board (HSAN) believes that there is no indication that the doctor relied on any false certificates or committed any other crimes since 2005. It is therefore not established that he should be declared unfit to practice medicine.

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7 thoughts on “The Butcher of Malmö

  1. It seems mr. Ramadan indirectly killed a man. According to Sydsvenskan he operated on a 56 year old man. He gave the patient a severe brain damage from which he died 4 weeks later.

    Sydsvenskan den 1/6 -06:


    Kirurgens vårdslösa operation gav den 56-åriga mannen grava hjärnskador. I sitt brev till Socialstyrelsen skriver de anhöriga att de önskar att kirurgen ‘aldrig mer får utföra några operationer’. Nu ser det ut som om de får rätt: överläkaren avskedas. Dessutom har han polisanmälts av de anhöriga.”

    “Den 56-årige mannen dog inte av operationen. Men han skadades svårt och avled sex veckor efter operationen. Utredningen av vad som egentligen hände under operationen har pågått i stort sett under hela våren.”

    Apart from that he has faked collegues prescribtions and written out narcotic pills in great numbers:

    A pice of advice: dont fall ill in Sweden when he is around.

  2. Uppdrag Granskning scrutinized this enricher several years ago. Seems like after this update on the situation, not much has happened since then. I can only imagine that if the doctor had been this incompetent but ethnical swede, he would have lost his license years ago. But now he is not a swede but an enricher, a glorious mahoundian even which makes him untouchable.

  3. The problem here is that refugee Doctors are allowed to practice very quickly because of the lack of doctors here.

    To get into Medical school here you must be of Astronaut intelligence or you are not admitted.

    Kind of a contradiction really. Accept perhaps sub-standard doctors from a country that you have no idea of their educational practices, but make it more difficult for the local population to study this.

    An ongoing issue that will never be solved

  4. It was found during the examination that the doctor had used not sterilized instruments.

    Of course he didn’t. As I recall, the Quran lays down the proper procedure for cleaning things to prevent disease, and the Western means of sterilization isn’t it.

  5. Scary thought surgery table jihad in the health care system, this is something I was aware of years before those who had supposedly taken the oath to save life attempted to take it at Glasgow Airport.

    If the Surgeon’s belief system makes him see me as no more than a dog then maybe the local christian vet would be a safer bet.

  6. “To get into Medical school here you must be of Astronaut intelligence or you are not admitted.”

    In my country we have actually nicknamed these enrichers rocket scientists. Perhaps the medical schools take it a bit to literally?

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