15 thoughts on “Subtitled Version of Wilders’ Speech

  1. Thanks for posting Baron… I could only apply subtitles to the first half, because I had no translation of the questions from the parliament and Geerts answers which took up more and more time as he went along. My dutch is VERY rudimentary, so I didn´t want to try translating.

  2. The smug looks on those leftist faces during his speech is enough to make me want to puke. Am I correct in assuming that when he made the “Polar Bear” comment that the woman who nodded in agreement was his intended target?

  3. So was the transcript posted yesterday just the distributed “planned remarks” – didn’t see any sort of question answering on that portion.

    Of course – the first few questions in these two vids seemed to be pretty much ignored – was he saying something about addressing those issues (whatever they were) later on – or just dismissing them?

  4. Hear “The White Tiger” roar! Bravo, Geert!

    If possible, would someone please translate the interjections made by other legislators? It would be very telling to know their reactions and comments.

    Finally, major props to all who helped bring this to our side of the pond.

  5. If VH found it worthwhile he could fill in the questions and answers from the original 7part youtube video.
    I would be happy to subtitle it if I had the translation.

  6. He was bold. They don’t like that at all. Lots of smurking.

    What did the two ladies who stood up to the microphone say?

  7. Thank you very, very much Kitman for translating this speech. I am really interested in anything Wilders says so, thank you again.
    This is what makes GOV great! For an english only speaking audience your translations are a tremendous help.
    Thanks again.

  8. The first lady said she would like to see a tax on hair color chemical (not sure what chemical see said though).

    The second Femke Halsema. Asked about petrol tax that he wanted to reduce with 1 000 000 000 euros. But he told here that he would came at that later one.

    Short answers but this is all they said.

    They were only mocking him.

  9. I think I read in another press release that she was asking about taxing peroxide – because everyone knows he bleaches his hair.

    Which explains why he essentially ignored her.

  10. “I think I read in another press release that she was asking about taxing peroxide – because everyone knows he bleaches his hair.”

    Geert Wilders’ should have retorted that he was denying the Islamists first use.

  11. I pray for Mr. Wilderts’ safety; please do not wander around too much, do it safely inside an armoured car, trust no one, and to take appropriate security measures. We, Spaniards, have already lost our country, torn it apart in pieces by nationalism and allow fascioislamists to infiltrate us. But you, Dutch people, who one faced Nazi and many other, deserve better; please stand up and defend yourselves against this islamic invasion, ramrodded by the petro-oil money and aimed to the very core of our beliefs. Mr. Wilders, remember Pim Fortuyn, and take good care of you. Signed: a catholic, scared, tax-payer, good-old Spaniard.

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