Protest Returns to Birmingham

The English Defence League mounted another protest in Birmingham today. This one was better organized than the earlier demonstration in July.

See Lionheart’s report for more. The The Daily Mail has numerous photographs, and here’s a video from ITN:

Notice the overall tenor of the interviews that ITN deigned to include in the latter half of the report.

Here’s the story from the BBC:

UK: Rival Protesters Clash on Streets

Right-wing protestors and anti-fascist campaigners have clashed in Birmingham, leading to a large police presence.

A group calling itself the English Defence League which met to demonstrate against Islamic extremism was met with a counter protest near the city centre.

Police said more than 20 men have been arrested on a bus in Digbeth.

Several people were arrested last month when English Defence League protesters clashed with members of United Against Fascism.

Missiles thrown

– – – – – – – –

Community leaders have been on the streets to try to ensure the situation remains calm.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said the arrests for violent disorder were made shortly after 1530 BST.

A 41-year-old man was also arrested for violent disorder in Waterloo Street.

Officers said further sporadic outbreaks of disorder took place in Bennetts Hill and New Street, with missiles being thrown.

A police spokeswoman said trouble causers would be dealt with “robustly”.

Shopping route

They were also granted permission to impose conditions on the protesters, restricting them to certain locations and a limit of 250 people.

Orders were also passed restricting the demonstrations to two locations.

But after meeting on Broad Street in the city’s entertainment district, demonstrators went to New Street, about half a mile away, and trouble broke out.

The street, which houses a large number of banks, cafes and chain stores, is a major pedestrian shopping route.

The nearby Bullring shopping centre and other shops remained open.

On its website, the English Defence League had urged its supporters to avoid violent clashes.

It added anyone causing trouble would be arrested or removed and could destroy the hard work put in by the league and police and “would ruin the day for everyone”.

It also stressed it was not a fascist organisation.

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6 thoughts on “Protest Returns to Birmingham

  1. Some rather telling pics on the mail story – as usual. Not surprisingly however, they seem to have disabled comments (although it is early in the morning over there). Should check it out later in the day.

  2. The enrichers and their quislings wave placards with the slogan “Show Racism the Red Card”.

    This is reference to a “anti-racism” propaganda campaign related to football/soccer, the red card being displayed to exclude a player from the field of play.

    Are the quislings not aware that the Islamists only play football as a form of jihad and that under sharia law football/soccer would be banned.

  3. 4Symbols wonders: “Are the quislings not aware that the Islamists only play football as a form of jihad and that under sharia law football/soccer would be banned.”

    The same logic can be applied to almost any aspect of quisling ‘thinking’; it’s full of holes but the quislings don’t seem to pick up on the contradictions.

    Consider the animal rights folks, the ones that make all the noise about man’s responsibility to animals ( a principle with which I concur). Why are they so outraged over laboratory experiments on animals yet silent when it comes to ritual slaughter? Or the environmentalists who say nothing about the immigration-led overcrowding of the West yet shout about the West’s increasing use of energy? Or the women’s libbers who accept Islam’s misogyny without comment? There are many other examples of the inconsistency of quislings – I’m sure your readers will have their own favourites.

    The thing is, what do the quislings really think? Are they aware of their inconsistencies and cope by pushing them to the back of their minds, or do they exist in blissful ignorance? I wonder if their thought processes have been short circuited in a way that allows them to arrive at conclusions that contradict readily observable reality.

    Is that the power of wishful thinking alone, or is there something else to it?

  4. As a post script to my previous comment; would it not be possible to compile a list of quisling contradictions, I don’t know, maybe as a route to understanding their condition?

  5. You make an interesting comment with respect to a certain mode of degenerate ‘thinking’ which has become the officially sanctioned one here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe thll. Broadly speaking, I think that it can be labelled as (depending upon the scale of the unit of analysis): cultural, national or ethnic masochism. The exponents of these various masochisms love Islam so much because the latter is in essence a faith based upon sadism.

  6. These quislings are, by and large,commies. Anything that denigrates Christianity,family values or patriotism/nationalism is OK by them. They just use a little doublethink to get over their problem.

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