You Tube took down the video. However, Bob at Black and Right had a copy so I took his version and replaced the dead one.

By the way, Bob is a good example of why black America is not a monolith. I hope to post on that subject later very soon since a shift is becoming more obvious. A recent essay brought more to light.


I hesitated about posting this video for several reasons. For one thing, it’s an “easy outrage” vid, as you can see in the comments that follow the main story. Most of the commenters have plenty of blame to pass around and some of it is frankly racist and repulsive. The moderator has his hands full deleting the most offensive remarks (and last time I checked, the comments under the video on You Tube are repulsive).

But many who took the time to write about the story are worried sick because their children are caught in that school system. One mother, whose son attends West Belleville, reported that before they knew about this latest incident her child told her the racial tensions are higher this year than ever. There are over eight hundred other commenters on that thread, so I’m not going to attempt to find her exact quote.

The second reason I hesitated is because bullying is complex. If you look at the video and don’t read the story, you don’t find out that the victim is someone “nobody knows” even though he rides the bus every day. That one bit of information ought to alarm both the parents of the child who was beaten and the parents of the children who participated in his pummeling. How many times have you heard that said later about kids who’ve gone on rampages: “but nobody even knew him”.

Being ignored, shunned, and bullied is a painful experience – one that I lived here on Gates of Vienna for several months at the end of 2007. Those commenters on LGF who called me names, not to mention the sneering accusations by Johnson himself, were damaging. It is cruel when people attack while others simply stand around and watch and pretend nothing is happening. But those people weren’t evil either, just fearful. They taught us an important lesson: for all the ballyhoo about the “new media” it is just as poltically correct and fearful as the old media. PJM’s behavior in this was a good example of my point.

That boy has learned what we did: people will attack you not because they’re inherently evil but because they’re safe in the midst of a mob and you’re a convenient target for their aggressions. And maybe they’re bored.

At least the boy didn’t just take that treatment. First, he sat down without “permission”. Then, when it was safe to do so, he had someone use his cell phone camera to get pictures of his face. Smart move.

First the video, and then the “stories” of the adults involved. Those evolving “myths” about what happened are even more instructive than the video itself.

Here’s the original story that accompanied the video, along with my comments:
– – – – – – – –

A Belleville West High School student was beaten aboard a bus on the way to school Monday, and a police spokesman said the beating could be racially motivated.

Belleville is in Ohio, a state that is unfortunately known to be racially polarized. When blacks moved North from the Delta back in the 1920s and 30s, they encountered intense privation. Not all God’s problems originate in the South.

I’m not excusing the video, just giving some context. Nowdays, the Grievance Mongers (e.g., President Obama) give these kids a free ride for their hatreds. The Justice Department’s shocking decision not to pursue the threatening racism of the New Black Panthers is just one example of this covert “permission” by a purportedly post-racial President.

The 17-year-old victim was white and the teen assailants were black. Police released a video of the beating, which shows the victim being punched repeatedly while other students on the bus gather to watch, some cheering. It doesn’t appear that the victim did anything to provoke an attack and tried only to defend himself. Police said it all unfolded in a five-minute span.

The victim was trying to find a seat and was told by two students he could not sit next to them, police said.

As he walked to the seat, someone shouted, “Beat his ass.”

When he did sit down, one teen tried to push him out of his seat then began grabbing the victim’s neck and punching him in the face.

With each punch, some in the crowd chanted, “Boom, boom, boom.”

The victim eventually returned to his seat, but another student began taunting him a few minutes later. The victim was then struck in the face.

That part was hard to watch. I think the student was wise, since he was outnumbered, to stay passive. However, I also know kids who would’ve given it their kamikaze best and gone down resisting. Of course, they would later be jailed, along with their assailants, in Juvenile Detention.

One father in the comments told of his experience when he approached school administration about a similar incident. They threatened him not to permit his son to fight back or his son might be in jail, too, along with the kids who beat him up . How’s that for learned helplessness?

Yes, I loathe government schools. They are too big, too impersonal, and too strung out on their multicultural “no-problems-here” drug to be of any real help to the children who need them. Small local schools where the parents mostly know one another work best. But they aren’t “efficient”. Current schools are inhumanely scaled: too big, too impersonal, and with a population drawn from too large an area.

Students intervened to help the victim both times.

This is an important point. It shows that not all kids are wolves, and not all of them are sheep, either. I hope the interveners are identified and that they are trained by school officials on how to do this more effectively. I won’t hold my breath, though.

“In my estimation, it’s racially motivated,” said Capt. Don Sax of the Belleville Police Department. He said one reason he had formed this opinion was that many of the students, most of whom were black, yelled their support for the beating.

“There was absolutely no justification for the beating either time,” Sax said.

That’s his initial response to watching the video several times. But wait. In the update, he’ll make tracks in the other direction real quick.

Two teens were taken into custody; authorities will apply for charges today. Both students have been suspended, said Superintendent Greg Moats.

He also said there had been no racial problems at the school and said that he wanted to talk further with police to determine why they believe race could have been a motivator in the fight. He also said the school will do everything possible to make sure students are safe, but he wouldn’t elaborate.

Either this guy is totally out to lunch or he’s playing cover-your-gluteus-maximus-school-politics. It’s probably an unwritten law that no one at any time is permitted to admit there might be problems.

This kind of patent obfuscation is the perfect petri dish for the lone kid who shows up at school and starts shooting people. Their “zero tolerance” mantra includes zero tolerance for reality, common sense, or learning from others’ mistakes.

Then, there is the story change: the policeman has probably had the riot act read to him by his supervisors so he recants. New day, new story:

A Belleville police spokesman now says an incident where a white student was beaten by teen black assailants on a bus “may not be racially motivated.”

“It was premature on my part,” said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax. “It was my personal and emotional comment after only seeing the video briefly.”


“After having reviewed the video, it doesn’t strike me nearly as racially motivated,” Sax said.

The about-face came this morning as the story made national headlines. Although, Sax said it was purely his review of the video that changed his mind.

Sure it was. “Purely” is a good adjective for this muddy mess the officer finds himself in up to his knees. And he’s swimming as fast as he can through the muck to a safer shore, one where his job is still waiting for him.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Then there is the next update, which contains a chilling interview with one of the black students who was on the bus:

D’Vante Lott, 16, said he was on the bus and witnessed the attack by the two black students.

The victim walked onto the bus, looking for an open seat, but students kept turning him down, as D’Vante said happened often with this student.

But Monday, the victim apparently tired of asking for a seat, D’Vante said, moved one student’s book-bag off a seat, and just sat down.

The student next to him then started hitting the victim for moving his bag, D’Vante said.

But the second assailant was just trying to act tough, D’Vante said. “The second guy hit him because he wanted to hit him,” he said.

D’Vante didn’t think the attacks were racially motivated.

“Nobody even knows the kid,” D’Vante said. “He’s a quiet dude.”

“They usually let him sit down,” he continued.

So the white student endures this nearly every day. Casual cruelty: “will we let you sit down or not? Maybe, maybe not. Sit there, not here. No, sit over there.” And no one even knows him; he’s an object to be pushed around, a football, something to play with on the way to school.

The reporter doesn’t say if he asks D’Vante how he knows this wasn’t racially motivated. That is the real question in this part of the story and it’s never addressed.

It’ll be interesting to see if the tensions the mother in the comments described get worse. You can tell they are not going to be addressed in any meaningful way by the school. They just want this to go away.

You know what ought to be a required class for all school administrators? They ought to be put in charge of a pressure cooker which has been turned on HIGH and without any directions, they ought to have to figure out how to operate the thing before it blows. Talking nice doesn’t do it. Zero tolerance for pressure and gravity won’t cut it, either.

One commenter on the thread of this story mentioned that some kids are sent home in cabs after school because it’s too dangerous to ride the bus. There weren’t any details as to whether it was the bullies who got the ride or the victims.

This story is an iceberg. There is a lot more under the surface than we’ll ever be permitted to see.

38 thoughts on “ONLY WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACISTS # 2,340,962

  1. In a related story, Pajamasmedia (I Know) has a story on the US Civil Rights Division. With Holder in charge of the DOJ, the Civil Rights Division defines Civil Rights Violations as ONLY Whites violating the rights of Blacks.

    NOTHING else is deemed a civil rights violation: not Hispanics say violating the rights of Blacks, or Asians of say, Nigerians, and certainly not of Blacks violating the Civil Rights of Whites.

    Needless to say, from a purely political standpoint, this situation is unsustainable. A system that protects ONLY 12.5% of the population but enables attacks on the majority (65-70%) is one that will quickly lose legitimacy and result in the sort of thing seen in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam against Disapora Chinese. It is not pretty.

    As for the beating itself it both is and is not racially motivated. The key of course are the girls in the foreground. The Black boys wish to impress the girls, so beat the White loner without a posse to watch his back. The driver does nothing because well, he is afraid, and with good reason. PC/Multiculti rules enable young Black men to compete for girls by beating Whites/Latinos/Asians, and it must be said, non-Group loner Black boys, and demonstrate macho toughness. The girls first put their hands over their mouths in disbelief, but later laugh at the audacity and power of the beating administered. The young men administering the beating are well, “desirable” to them.

    What this will, as it inevitably plays out among other schools nationwide, is force White students in schools where they are not the OVERWHELMING and intimidating majority, into “packs” of their own for self-protection.

    High Schools are hell. Mostly because competition for girls centers on basically, beat-downs of those without a group to back them over girls. It is no accident that single-sex academies have far better records, there being simply no point to beating another guy (you’ll just hurt your hands) to impress girls.

    The racial dimension is self-evident: lone Whites are deemed “easy/soft” targets. Which in turn will make all White kids in schools like I said where they do not comprise say 95% of the student body band together for protection.

  2. I have never believed in hate crime legislation. By tacking on a few extra years because of someone does not like somebody else’s race or sexuality is one of the most ridiculous ideas that was ever floated. The reasons for the crime are irrelevant, only the crime itself matters and if the punishment fits the crime then the matter is sorted. Delving into the mindset of the criminal may appeal to social engineers, but it is a waste of time and court resources. What these kids did was wilding pure and simple and that is the real problem irrespective of race.

  3. How come only white people can be described, fairly or unfairly, as racists? How about inbred bedouin savage (mahoundian A-rab in politically-correct talk) racism especially against black people? Why can’t this be discussed? Is it because it throws a spanner in the works of the anti-Western narrative of multiculturalism and political correctness, by showing the greater ugliness of racism among those tapeworms that are to be regarded as perennial victims of “Western Judeo-Christian capitalist ‘oppression'”? Just as discussing mahoundian enslavement of blacks does?

  4. This kind of patent obfuscation is the perfect petri dish for the lone kid who shows up at school and starts shooting people. Their “zero tolerance” mantra includes zero tolerance for reality, common sense, or learning from others’ mistakes.

    School bullies, and bullies in general for that matter, are pond scum. The damage they do to victims can last a lifetime and their disruption of the educational process has far-reaching implications.

    I also have to agree with Whiskey. One of the things on the tape that struck me right away was the entire lack of disapproval or concern by the young girls riding near the front. I wonder just how much they will continue to admire such violence later on when their thug-hero boyfriends start beating the snot out of them.

    Just thinking about how the court system will probably treat the perpetrator as some sort of victim of lingering white racism himself is enough to make me puke. The local police department should be forced to have an officer ride along on that bus.

  5. I wonder just how much they will continue to admire such violence later on when their thug-hero boyfriends start beating the snot out of them.

    Those girls will probably still admire their thug boyfriends quite a bit. After all they did choose such boyfriends in the first place.

  6. “Being ignored, shunned, and bullied is a painful experience – one that I lived here on Gates of Vienna for several months at the end of 2007. Those commenters on LGF who called me names, not to mention the sneering accusations by Johnson himself, were damaging.”

    You stood up to it and I remember it.



  7. Incidents like this one make me increasingly convinced that the USA will not survive in its present form until 2050. It will probably break down long before that, and Obama is accelerating this trend. I don’t see even the slightest indication that the US is a “post-racial” society. It is a society where whites have unilaterally surrendered. I also don’t see any indications that the USA had “moved beyond” ethnic rivalries. This is impossible. You might as well say that you have “moved beyond” gravity and make this official policy. It has to end in tears, and it will.

    The United States is now based on a lie. I can see a Second American Civil Car in the workings.


    In the U.K. this would not be a “race crime” even if the evidence showed other wise, if it was white on black then it would be considered as such, thought being enough to attach the “race hate” label – the absurdity being that the white youth have an extra attribute of “power” be it perpetrator or victim.

    This case and its aftermath is a perfect example of the neoliberal de-civilising process.

  9. Whiskey has hit a large part of this right on the head. This is almost a carbon copy of an incident that happened to me in high school. Except my assault happened in the street back in the 80s. I was one of four white students in an entirely black and hispanic high school. One day after grabbing some lunch I was literally surrounded (along with my friends) by a group of no less then thirty people. Both male and female. Next thing I know I am down on the ground being stomped on by black and hispanic fists and feet.

    After the smoke cleared and I was hauled off to the hospital I came to find out that some black girl had said she found me attractive. Thus my punishment. She was also present at the assault. But I think this kid would have been beaten even if no girls were around. The mere fact he moved the guys bookbag was ‘Disrespectful” and worthy of retaliation.

  10. YouTube has removed because it depicted violence.

    Me thinks YouTube removed it so as not to offend the sensitive Beaters and their more sensitive parent(s).

    Actually because of threats of violence in the Video’s comment section.

  11. Spackle: Based on the frequency of incidents like this, I’d say it is a fair bet that the USA will be divided into several countries, split roughly along ethnic and racial lines. There is no such thing as a universal nation; people want to live with their own kind. The Multicultural experiment has failed, and whites are paying the price for this on a daily basis. I think the price tag is getting too high by now.

  12. What i don’t understand is why conservatives are all of a sudden up in arms about this particular incident. It has been like this for quite some time, black kids beating up on white kids. That being said I do not think the election of Barry Obama makes a difference with this kind of thing. I went to a high school that was a mix of inner city black kids and middle class, suburban white kids (such as myself) and while there was no black on white violence like this the black kids frequently fought each other and the reaction of the black kids within the area of the fight was similar to the one in this video. It didn’t matter who was beating up who, they were for the most part behaved poorly and just got into trouble naturally.

  13. Fjordman

    I agree. This might well be the outcome after some type of civil war. My question is what exactly IS a racist? My family members and I have been victims of a myriad of crimes from rape, robbery and violent assaults at the hands of blacks. Almost exclusively. My reaction to this I believe has been quite reasonable. I am very distrustful of blacks. Period. They could be as sweet as pie to me but I am very suspicious and feel they have to prove to me that they nor their friends or kin will threaten or try to harm me or my family. Does this make me a racist? Or is this learned behavior? If this does make me a racist then so be it. I am a racist. Just as I am an Islamaphobe. How could I be otherwise?

  14. Spackle–

    My son was the target of a bash-and-dash group of black teenagers when he was walking in a supposedly safe tourist area one night. A doctor friend of his treated him for cracked ribs and the police tried to say it was a one-off incident. Unfotunately, it wasn’t; it was simply the beginning of a series of gang-banger episodes that escalated to more serious assaults.

    The police went undercover at the location and began to pick up the group members who were doing this.

    Interestingly, my son saw these kids as capable of redemption if someone did something now. As a musician, he thought he could organize groups of younger kids into learning music and using their competencies that way. The city wasn’t interested. “Nothing works” was their attitude.

    This was a government-induced class thing: these were all kids from the local projects (council housing to Europeans) and the members of this gang were the illegitimate offspring of single mothers who had no fathers around.

    Thank Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty for this…until we roll back socialism, we’re stuck with the results. The white underclass is no less dysfunctional and lacking in adult skills.

    It was ironic they picked on my son, who has many black musician friends. He and another guitarist have recently been playing gigs at which they feature “Afrolachian” music. They seem to draw an attentive crowd.

    Considering the antecedents of blues music/jazz, and the crossover from the celtic music of the mountains and hollows to rock and roll, this is an intriguing meld of modes. I look forward to watching what happens with this.

  15. @Fjordman

    The United States is now based on a lie. I can see a Second American Civil Car in the workings

    Being here in the thick of things, I don’t see that happening. The coming economic chaos will worsen things, no doubt, but there is a growing number of blacks who don’t base their identity on resentment or race-first philosophies.

    You won’t see them in the media, but they are here on the ground. The MSM is part of the problem: they bait the situation and they love Obama’s black Chicago-machine-politics style because it permits them to ignore the inroads regular black people are making against the status quo.

    At one time, blacks were ALL Republican and conservative. That is, until the GOP shoved thru the Equal Rights Act and the Dems did an about-face, grabbed the issue and ran up a huge bureaucratic machine devoted to “redistribution”, covering themselves in a mantle of self-righteous hypocrisy. Savvy black shysters like Jesse Jackson jumped on and made a ton of money pushing racial politics.

    Black families are still socially conservative. However, they don’t trust their localities not to be racist, so they keep voting for the Dems, which doesn’t improve the situation.

    It’s complicated. There is no easy answer and there will always be tensions between the races and ethnicities in this country. But it won’t end in balkanization. Being a multi-racial country, we accept the consequences of that arrangement.

    IOW, we’ve been living with the tensions since our founding and will continue to do so. The present problem is the cancerous growth of government. Unless we can cut out that tumor, or reduce it to a manageable size, there will be no end of problems.

    However,racial tensions will only be a small part of it all. Because race is the most visible, and because the race grievance mongers are given the microphone,the racial divide gets attention well beyond its actual size or dimension.

    Whiskey’s dysphoric view of the future is based on the rise of feminism and its destructive consequences. I would think that being in the midst of a country where that is lived out on a daily basis, that prism would color your own view. Again, I maintain that government intervention caused this bizarre situation, and only diminishing the size of our bureaucracy will begin to resolve those tensions- which are far more serious, deep-rooted, and malign than any racial problems we have.

  16. Fjordman: “There is no such thing as a universal nation; people want to live with their own kind. “

    An all-important question, however, is whether people have the moral right to want to live with their own kind. Is this desire legitimate and morally justifiable? The current answer is “no.” What we must do then is to help create a paradigm shift, whereby the answer changes to “yes.” After all, there is no compelling reason as to why it should be bad to want to associate with your own kind.

  17. I’m sorry, Dymphna, but for once I disagree with you. The more I read about this subject, the more I wonder whether there is a powerful genetic component to culture. Various European groups were more or less successfully assimilated into the USA because they already had many things in common before they got there. Africans, and indeed often Asians, are different from us genetically, which probably also means that they literally think differently from us. Perhaps no nation can ever absorb large numbers of people with a radically different genetic profile, which means that non-European mass immigration to Western nations will either lead to civil wars and ethnic splits or to the eventual eradication of Western civilization.

    Western civilization is European civilization. When the USA no longer has a European-derived majority you will no longer be a Western nation. The continued survival of European civilization hinges on the continuation of the bloodlines of the European peoples who have historically created this civilization.

  18. Dymphna: “Interestingly, my son saw these kids as capable of redemption if someone did something now. As a musician, he thought he could organize groups of younger kids into learning music and using their competencies that way. The city wasn’t interested. “Nothing works” was their attitude.”

    Your son sounds like an idealistic young person. A good project for him, if he is willing to do it, is to donate some of his time to give free music lessons to middle and lower-middle class white kids, because music lessons are very expensive and many parents cannot afford to buy music lessons to their musically gifted children. I am convinced that we lose a lot of potentially talented musicians because music has become such an elitist pursuit.

    My point is not so much that the children he helps should be exclusively white but that it would do more good to direct one’s charity towards deserving people, those who stand to gain more – children of conscientious, working parents who want to give their kids all the advantages but currently fall through the cracks.

  19. What we see on this video has little to do with mating rituals and everything to do with racial and ethnic dominance and control.
    This stuff goes on every day in drunk tanks, county jails and penitentiaries from Pelican bay to Sing sing.
    What happened to this kid is the result of the “joint mentality” that permeates the ghettos, barrios and apparently school buses across this land.
    The same joint mentality celebrated in popular culture and on CD’s. CD’s that this poor kid may very well own himself.
    Also, the kid who finally steps in to “stop” the beating after 15 or 20 punches is a bit late isn’t he?
    What was he waiting for, arterial bleeding? Unconsciousness?

  20. “Spackle: Based on the frequency of incidents like this, I’d say it is a fair bet that the USA will be divided into several countries, split roughly along ethnic and racial lines. There is no such thing as a universal nation; people want to live with their own kind.”

    Fjordman says it all.
    I just wonder… will there be a white Texas?

  21. “Also, the kid who finally steps in to “stop” the beating after 15 or 20 punches is a bit late isn’t he?”

    Oh, come on Tatosian! You should credit him for his actions.(!!)

    When two men are fighting you have to let them fight untill you see that one has lost the fight. If he stopped the aggressor immediately, he was putting himself on the side of the victim and not acting “neutrally”.
    If you think about it, it sucks but that’s how things are.

  22. We moved to L.I. when my oldest son was entering 8th grade. He was ostricised and demeaned by just about everyone. The most common complaint of his “otherness” was his accent, LOL! That really was rich coming from a New Yorker!!! He started getting beaten up in the halls and on the bus. One day a rather large 8th grader came up to him in the lunch room, threw his lunch on the floor along with the baseball cap he was wearing. My son stood up grabbed his chair and smashed this rather oversized child to the ground…
    There is quite a bit of backstory to this as the school wanted to tell us that our son was “maladjusted” and put him in some “lonley hearts club” during school hours…
    Well, my son was suspended for violence after the lunch room incident and we hired a lawyer. Ha! the school district all of a sudden wanted to talk to us!
    Our attorney told them that if one little hair on our son’s body was displaced we would immediately sue the district for negligence and bring the issue public. This was 1997 and the whole “boys will be boys” attitude was still in place. During the course of our discussions with the school district I was called a liar and profane language was used against myself and my husband, all for the crime of enrolling our son in a school district in NY from one in CA.
    I asked the school district hibobs when they thought they would bring this under control; did 8th graders need to be carted off on stretchers before they stopped their denial?
    Luckily for us, the parents of the large 8th grader immediately asked their son “what did you do?” My son’s guidance counselor told me privately that he thought my son had one set of balls to take on someone almost twice his size…
    Well, he was right. My son is now a LT in the USN and he spends every day defending everyone in the free world from bullies.
    I could actually write a book about our son’s public school experience and how he was able to overcome his situation and succeed.

  23. Afonso Henriques said…
    “When two men are fighting…”

    The kid wasn’t fighting back. He wasn’t defending himself. He was sitting there while another kid stood over him trying to punch his lights out.
    That’s not a fight Henriques that’s an assault.
    No doubt the kid who was getting beat appreciated those individuals who finally stopped it. But those same individuals seemed to be enjoying the beating enormously before they did anything.
    If you were in similar circumstances, would you be comfortable in depending on the kindness of strangers such as those Henriques? While you were still conscious I mean…
    I wouldn’t.

  24. Of course I wouldn’t be confortable.
    And you’re right, it is not a “fight” it is an “assault”. But, from another prespective that assault was the first move to a (potential) fight. It was the “casus beli”.

    Most important is that those who intervene want to minimize the risks of being attacked themselves. And also maximize the “it’s enough, you got him, it’s over” frame.

    I think they did what they could, just that.
    One thing is to be on the side of the victim and support him. That entails certain risks. It was not what I saw on the video.
    In the video I saw an attempt to stop the violence not an attempt to support or to be on the side of the victim.

    … which would be the best thing to do, but we cannot count on people to perform the best, especially when they are “on the line”, that is, in my opinion, demanding too much.

    Also, notice that those who try to stop it appear to be on the side of the aggressor and not on the side of the victim. They go against their own group because the group has gone too far in the wrong doing, not because the group is doing wrong.

  25. Fjordman,
    You are right, the USA faces a bleak future.
    The American society is falling apart.
    Not because of itself, but because the “progressives” are stirring the trouble, as a means to control the discourse and gain power.
    An old communist tactic they learned from their bolshies brothers.
    Since we are retreating for over a hundred years from the “progressive” onslaught, I have no reason to believe that the trend will be reversed or even stopped.

  26. @Afonso–

    Also, notice that those who try to stop it appear to be on the side of the aggressor and not on the side of the victim. They go against their own group because the group has gone too far in the wrong doing, not because the group is doing wrong.

    This is an astute observation. If we knew more about the dynamics of this particular group, I’ll bet we’d find that the one who intervened is one of the alpha males in that particular pack. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared intervene without consequences to himself. Had he intervened earlier, he might’ve been more effective.

    These are mostly boys without fathers, thank you Big Government. They are also mostly left to raise themselves. Studies of day care children, especially boys, show them to be hyper-aggressive and difficult to manage — to put it mildly. We’re seeing the consequences in this video. It’s peer-based morality.

    Whiskey suggested there is less violence in sex-segregated schools, but my brother didn’t find that to be the case. In fact, he thought that boys benefitted from being around girls because it made them more careful to behave.

    OTOH, Whiskey has a point about today’s young girls (also victims of mass day care instead of one-on-one maternal care). The girls in that video didn’t mind the violence at all. They have ceased to be the moral brake on violent behavior.

    As I said, I think the skewed gender relations are far more degraded now than those between races. Someday I’ll have to do a review of a book I edited a few years ago for a doctor in Canada who talked about girls he treated who were becoming sexual predators at age 13 and 14. Scary stuff.

  27. Not to be too contrarian here, but I believe the casus beli to be the fact that this was a friendless white kid in a busload of black kids.
    In a word, racism.
    The attack was racially motivated and proceeded in front of an exultant crowd.
    Further, the aggressor knew the kid wasn’t going to defend himself after the first couple of punches. So what did he do? He intensified his attack.
    You say “we cannot count on people to perform the best, especially when they are “on the line”” and I suppose that’s true enough. But waiting till the damage is done, until you (not you personally but the amorphous, universal “you”)decide it’s safe enough to actually get involved, is small comfort to the victim.
    I’m not a super hero or anything, but if you won’t help when your help is most needed, by whatever means, if you won’t make a stand for what’s right when someone’s suffering a wrong then you’re just a witness to the crime aren’t you?
    And we are all “on the line” at this point because this sort of thing can and does happen anywhere.
    Sorry but the kids who finally stopped the beating should have stepped in immediately.
    There was only one kid administering the beating. He could have been stopped if the will had been there.
    it wasn’t.

  28. Tatoosian,

    Yeah, life is a bitch…

    Dymphna, I liked your last comment. But I still do think this is an evident case of “racism”. That because the boy was targeted not soley, but mainly for his race.

  29. The great secret of modern America is the level of violence perpetrated black on white. Not the other way around.

    The kid in the video did not fight back because we do not let our kids defend themselves any more. That is taught from an early age. We teach those attacked to be passive else they are also persecuted/prosecuted within the confines of the schools and justice system. However, blacks do not have the same filters.

    Fights among kids are mostly harmless unless weapons come into the mix. Fists on faces that still have baby fat under the skin do little harm. Black eyes and such. Fights among adults are much, much different. Kid fights can last a while. Adult fights tend to be over very quickly with the loser hurt badly – ripped skin, broken bones, etc.

    We must go back to allowing the kids to defend themselves in the right ways and remove the sociopaths/psychopaths from the mix permanently.

    D- For you, I would recommend a book called “Odd Girl Out”. It details the absolute cruelty of the modern female on others. It is eye opening. Females are particularly nasty within the confines of their sexual groups.

    The US is in trouble and has s small window to right itself. But that is another blog worth of posts.

  30. I know this is dying but once everybody mentioned feminism and sexual relations..

    “I would recommend a book called “Odd Girl Out”. It details the absolute cruelty of the modern female on others. It is eye opening. Females are particularly nasty within the confines of their sexual groups.”

    Why is it that, when girls form a group, the average girls will develop a love/hate relationship with the prettiest one? What are the dynamics?

    I’d love to understand that.

  31. @Robohoho,

    The level of black on white violence is not a secret at all.
    If you dig into the Dept. Of Justice statistics you find clear data that shows that the level of that violence is 6 or 7 times higher than the violence in reverse.
    And the data doesn’t even brake the whites in whites and hispanics, they just gang them together (hmm, I wonder why that….).
    The statistics are not promoted or even mentioned, but they exist if you know where to look for them.

  32. @Robohobo–

    I am very aware of the “mean girls” phenomenon. In fact, I know a few, up close and personal. They’re narcissistic.

    It’s a complex subject, one that we can’t really separate from the concomitant feminization of men.

    We’re dealing with a subset of the Law of Unintended Consequences, this time in an aspect of Estrogenized Society.

    I’m on my 4th comment here. Guess it’s time to pack it up and move on to another thread!

  33. To be fair, the one black girl in the headband looks utterly horrified at the attack and keeps putting her hands over her eyes so as not to see it. I don’t think she’s “impressed” by the goings-on one bit.

  34. As an American and a fellow Virginian, I have to register my disagreement with Dymphna. I am absolutely convinced this country is headed for Chechnya-style violence on a nationwide scale, probably within 10-20 years.

    Mainly because of the voluntary weakness of whites. They are splintered and divided, pulling in several different directions – white nationalists, right-liberals (“conservatives”), government & law enforcement loyalists, liberal socialists, probably several other types. The divisions between these groups are deep enough that in the event of a serious civil upheaval they are likely to find it difficult to cooperate or reconcile. The civil upheaval will be made possible by ongoing radicalization of everyone by events such as this one and ongoing Islamic propagandizing and ongoing Aztlan pressure. Since the black and Aztec and Arab/Islamic sides are largely united (and far more geographically localized than any white faction – the Southwest, the Black Belt, the inner cities, Dearbornistan), they will exert power out of proportion to their raw numbers. Once enough pressure has been built up, even though things look peaceful, it only takes one spark to ignite a firestorm.

    Then everyone’s shooting at everybody and nobody has the power to stop it. Don’t even mention the Army: they had trouble subduing Iraq, there’s no way they can handle the continental 48.

  35. Alphonso:

    “Why is it that, when girls form a group, the average girls will develop a love/hate relationship with the prettiest one? What are the dynamics?”

    Not necessarily prettiest. And it can change, in a heartbeat. It seems there must be one that is the ‘odd girl out’ at all times. The damage it does to the individual can be devastating. I disagree that it is entirely narcissism as D opines – that may have an effect but I am not sure it is all.

    I am not sure I agree with Rollory as to cause or the final outcomes. I believe he is much more pessimistic than I. But, that being said, I think we are in for a hard ride. The actions of the current regime are beyond belief. They really, really do not have a grasp of the world as it is. I think that world is soon to come knocking at the door. The outcome is going to be devastating. I have heard it said by some from outside the US that the US should lose a war – so that we can understand what it is like. SO that we can relate to the pain, blah, blah…..

    From my point of view, those who think that can get bent. I tend to favor that disquiet in the world – actions to be taken by the bad actors will precipitate events yet TBD. Those events are going to change the international landscape for a long time because the current regime has no experience that is valid in the real world as it exists. The world is going to look to BHO for leadership and he is going to vote ‘present’ or on the wrong side (as he has shown he will do, so far).

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