Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Our occasional guest-essayist Paul Weston is back, once again taking aim at the BBC.

Nothing To See Here, Move Along
by Paul Weston

If an organisation or media outlet is to be taken seriously, it must adhere to the basic rule of impartiality.

If a media outlet is paid for from a compulsory public purse, such an attribute becomes even more important.

BBC shahadaWhich is why the BBC is no longer just a joke, it has become a sick joke when compared with its honourable past.

Certain stories appeal to the BBC. The murder of Stephen Lawrence for example. What a field day the BBC and the rest of the left-leaning media had with that!

Firstly, it happened in London. This is very important to the BBC, who though vaguely aware there is more to Great Britain than just Islington, never actually come across such gritty and diverse areas what with Tuscany and St Tropez being so much more accessible via a West London airport.

Secondly, the poor young man so casually murdered as he awaited a London bus was black, and as such found that liberals elevated the colour of his skin to such heights he became a martyr.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the killers were white. (Because they have never been found guilty one is supposed to use the word “allegedly” before killers, but I would welcome their law-suits if they so choose.)

Such was the importance of this racist murder that new laws were written to protect minorities from the predatory instincts of racialist human beings, leading to the name Stephen Lawrence being forever written into the social and legal fabric of Great Britain.

But, as Orwell so presciently noted, some animals, or in this case some races, are more equal than others.

When a murder ensues, and a murder that is even better in the warped view of the BBC, what then is their reaction?
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When I say better, I look at it from a liberal point of view. A murder that takes place in London is newsworthy. Better still the murder of a pensioner. Better yet the murder of a Muslim. Better again, a Muslim leaving a mosque, better yet again it happened in front of his three year old grand-daughter and better yet and yet again, it was carried out not by hardened criminals but by children.

What a delicious moment for those news-hounds who dispatched convoys of fresh-faced adolescent reporters, quivering with righteous indignation to Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury, in May 2008, having been alerted to the death of a Muslim, Amar Aslam at the hands of a white gang.

But alas, in the baby steps of puppy reporters toward the redundancy that awaits their eventual collision with reality, it transpired that Mr Aslam had been killed by fellow Muslims, so the convoy about-turned and returned in an abject and disillusioned fashioned to liberal HQ, where they could gaze in awe at the varied illustrious vanguards of hope and aspiration such as Russell Brand.

In the case of Ekram Haque, a 67 year old Muslim beaten to death after prayers at a Tooting mosque last week, the liberal reporters were nowhere to be seen. The racist murder of a grand-father in front of his three year old niece was deemed un-newsworthy because his four attackers, aged 12, 14, 14, and 15 were members of a protected species. They were black.

Had they been white, the BBC would have been most grateful. In a week dominated by the guilty verdicts against Muslim airplane exploders, the BBC would have pulled its back teeth for a story to offset such uncomfortable news.

But they were not white.

The BBC report, entitled Pensioner attacked in street dies is a master class of née Soviet disinformation. Before poor Mr Haque died (he was beaten into a coma on the 31st August in — of the bitterest of ironies for a Muslim — Church Lane) the BBC chose not to mention it at all. Having been forced to accept that it actually happened, and that Mr Haque had subsequently died of his injuries, the BBC chose not to mention the very pertinent fact that Mr Haque was a Muslim and his assailants black.

They also angled the story in such a way as to suggest this was some sort of arbitrary and random act of violence, neglecting to tell their ill informed audience that several elderly Muslims from the Tooting based Idara E Jaaferiya mosque had been attacked by gangs of young black males in recent weeks.

Most importantly, they neglected to mention the fact that the London Metropolitan Police was treating the murder as a racially aggravated incident.

Can you imagine the BBC not mentioning the racial aspect if the murderers were white?

A stupid question, I know, because the BBC is not just biased, it is the living breathing enemy of all that is traditional, all that is good, all that is decent and all that is moral in the rotting carcass of a Great Britain our forefathers fought and died for.

May Mr Haque rest in peace, or should the tales of Mohammed be correct, may he couple with non-payable, dusky and voluptuous Houries in perpetuity.

And may the embodiment of evil that is the BBC Rot In Hell.

6 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here, Move Along

  1. State TV = State propaganda

    It’s the same here in NL, and it’s not only the NOS, but most, if not all, of the MSM.

    If there’s been a robbery or other types of violence, and the descent of the perp is not mentioned, you can almost bet the bank that it concerns ‘light-colored’ offenders. But if the offenders where white, that’s amplified.

    The fact the act is still being reported, but using such techniques, eliminates the object, of course. As it’s so obvious, they might just as well, or probably less damaging, mention that descent in all cases.

  2. Ah, you’r on to our perpetual gripe over here.

    It was noted, even by the Russians, that when Arafat died, the audible emotion in the voices of the commentators went on for days and days and days.

    Hharon’s passing was … mentioned. That’s all.

    The Beeb makes a lot about it’s impartiality but those two incidents will always stand out for us.

  3. The B.B.C. in a way is a representation of the sum of its parts and the society it operates in, that is a society that has been usurped by the indoctrinated university educated – aspiring middle class, a professional and spoilt class that has grabbed all the organs of power and seized up any social movement and opportunity in the U.K. for the last 50 years.

    To end this moonmadness this professional class will have to be deposed and that will only be done by the class stratum above and below, united in a movement on the right of the political spectrum.

  4. James, if you ar referring to Ariel Sharon, then he hasn’t actually passed away. He is still in a coma after what, 2½ years or something.

    Anyway, our stately SVT is equally as rotten as the Beeb. So the same stately control over media goes on over several eurpean countries. Thank god it is easy to read between the lines though. If the perps identities and ethnics is hidden, then they are all enrichers, simple as that.

  5. So blacks outrank Muslims who outrank whites in the BBC scheme of things.

    Guilt and reportage is cranked according to the duskiness of the skin.

    Black perpetrator of no interest to BBC (Black Butt Covered) whether victim is black, white or Muslim.

    Muslim perp of no interest whether victim is black, white or Muslim

    White on white crime probably gets reported in such as way as to blame capitalism.

    White on Muslim crime or
    white on black = jackpot!!

    The BBC are religious in their belief that whites alone sin and must atone for the sins of their ancestors for all time. Conversely, all non-whites are forever absolved of responsibility for their actions. Anything that can’t be shoehorned into this “gospel” is not reported by the BBC.

    Time to privatize this cauldron of leftist propaganda instead of forcing all Brits to pay for their own brainwashing.

  6. laine: it’s much the same in the US. Consider how our “media” is completely uninterested in the vicious Latino racist assaults on black Americans in Lost Angeles. Of course if they were white it would be a whole different story. . .

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