Hanging Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders has received death threats in the past, as well as implied death threats — back in 2007 a Dutch artist created sixteen Wilders “memorial” sites that could be understood as death threats.

A similar incident occurred yesterday in the Hague: what appears to be an effigy of Geert Wilders was found hanging from a tree in a public space. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a report on the incident from EdeStad.nl.

Arrests for hanging Geert Wilders doll

Wilders dollPolice in The Hague this Tuesday found a doll in the vicinity of the Central Station of the Hague [at the Koeklamplaan] on which a picture of PVV leader Geert Wilders had been stuck with a knife. The doll was hung from a tree with a rope around the neck. The police arrested four persons who confessed their involvement.

That is what the police of the Hague have made public. Around the photo of Wilders, fake blood was smeared. The doll also had a bag over its head. The police, in consultation with the public prosecutor has confiscated the doll. Geert Wilders, according to the police, has indicated that he will file a report of the threat with the police.

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The four arrested suspects, three women and a man, 18 and 19 years old, are from the Hague, Leiden and Nootdorp, and said the doll was an art project as part of an assignment for school. Two of the women have been released; they seemed to have nothing to do with the matter. The other woman’s involvement is being investigated at the moment. The man remains a suspect, a police spokeswoman said.

Photos: of the doll and a close-up.

4 thoughts on “Hanging Geert Wilders

  1. There is only one funny side to this disgusting display of submission to mahound’s imaginary alter-ego allah: those responsible for it don’t even have the ability to come up with something original.

    I guess it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the only thing mahoundians have ever invented, aside from Mein Qurampf, allah (the imaginary) and mahound itself, is the Mecca Mobile from Proton, the Malaysian automaker; a car (another infidel invention) containing a glove box for headscarves and one for Mein Qurampf, and a compass pointing towards al-Makakakaka (the home of the only Rubik’s cube that mahoundian minds could ever solve) for zebibah-carving.

  2. “The police arrested four persons who confessed their involvement.”
    “Two of the women have been released; they seemed to have nothing to do with the matter.”

    These contradictory statements are not a translation error; they were in the original newsfootage.

    That should tell you someting about the quality of the MSM…

    @Jedilson Bonfim
    “those responsible for it don’t even have the ability to come up with something original.”
    That’s why most artists are living off the welfare state…

  3. Sadly enough the era of great painters belongs to the past. We nomore gets any new Rembrandts, Vermeers, Monets and such. Not even any new Picassos anymore. Everything in the arts world seems to revolve around videos and silly installations these days. Not one of these installationists will be remembered in 500 years time. Not one of them. That is how shallow the world has become. And if the mahoundians wins this endgame, not even the old masters will be remembered in hundred years from now.

  4. Robin, your latest comment truly hit the nail on the head. And it reminded me, speaking of the trash that has been passed off as art these days, here is something I thought I could share with my fellow GoV readers. But I’d better warn you all, before you read that Jihadwatch post, that the combination of plain evil and lack of any artistic quality whatsoever featured in it aren’t anything you might want to check out without preparing your nerves or your stomach first. It’s something quite telling about what kind of “art” mahound-worshippers can produce though.

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