Bringing it All Back Home

Tea Party C-Span

I recommend tuning in to C-SPAN and watching the live coverage of the “un-American right-wing extremists” who have converged in front of the Capitol today to protest the bloated overreach of the federal government.

One crowd estimate placed the attendance at 1.5 million, but I find that hard to credit. All the news reports, however, agree that there are tens of thousands of people gathered on the Mall.

Some “astroturf”!

If you can’t see the C-SPAN feed (the connection goes in and out for me), check out this news video in which a CNN reporter is shouted down by the crowd:
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Notice that Joe Wilson has plenty of fans in D.C. today, even if his fellow Republicans in Congress are having the fruity vapors over his call-out to Obama during the president’s speech the other night.

Our march to Full Socialism may be unstoppable, but we’ll get a few good days along the way, and this is one of them. I wish I could have been there.

“It’s the Constitution, stupid!”

5 thoughts on “Bringing it All Back Home

  1. Subsequent apology by Wilson or not, its about time that Obama encountered direct and unequivocal opposition to his program of destruction for America. I applaud Wislon’s courage to deliver that pushback in the middle of BHO’s staged public circus to foist his Socialist agenda upon us and encourage whatever few remaining lawmakers who retain a sense of honor to do the same.

  2. Did Joe Wilson owe an apology or was he owed one?The rules of hospitality are important to me. They are reciprocal between a guest and a host. Barack Obama was present in the House of Representatives last Wednesday as an invited guest. the presiding officer of the House, who may be loyal only to the Constitution and to the House, admitted him and vouched to her members for his good conduct. While present as her guest and the guest of the House as a whole Obama violated the rules of courtesy by engaging in personal attacks on Mrs. Palin and on some members of Congress. To be clear about it he fairly unambiguously called them liars for saying things about his favored plan, which he had deceitfully failed to acknowledge as his own until that moment, and he then proceeded to tell a series of falsehoods so outrageous that even the AP ran an article pointing that out. What Mr Wilson should have done, according to Rpbert’s Rules of Order is raise a Point of Personal Privilege as any member may rise to defend the decorum of the House.

    Mrs Pelosi owes Mr Wilson an apology for bringing a person of such low character into the House.

  3. In my opinion, the day was not only good, but glorious. I think it’s been the biggest protest against a corrupted, socialist government in decades. I’ve followed some pictures and reports on a few blogs, and the images are awesome. I’ve never seen such a huge march of decent citizens, such numberless intelligent signs (all of them obviously home-made and designed, which contradicts Pelosi’s idiocy about “astroturf”), such a public display of peaceful, spontaneous revolt, civic consciousness and… wit.

    At least for one day we remembered what the real power of the people is about. It’s the potential of power inside the quiet, law-abiding majority that the Western elite fears the most.One day, in the more and more difficult and bleak future, this potential of power will arise. Thanks, America, for reminding us this basic fact.

  4. Our march to Full Socialism may be unstoppable, but we’ll get a few good days along the way, and this is one of them.

    I remember a woman in the crowd who carried the sign: “At least my children will know that I’ve tried”. On the moral level, this sign alone shames the whole Obamanation. I wonder if “astroturf” and “right-wing extremists” Pelosi saw that picture and if she still can live with herself. Probably she can.

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