Body Armor for Firemen in Rosengård

Last night we covered the “youth” crisis in Gothenburg, and later on there will be material on the situation in Uppsala. In the meantime, to keep up with the latest cultural enrichment from Sweden, we return to Malmö.

The story below is an excerpt from Aftonbladet, adapted from a translation by Steen.

Firemen in Rosengård are forced to acquire helmets

Rosengård fireman“One has to weigh the risk of a fire spreading to the risks for our personnel”

Rosengård firemen are forced to wear helmets with visors and borrow military bullet-proof vests. “We have reinforced our cars, but they have suffered substantial damage anyway.”

“Every day we have an alarm from Rosengård, and we never know what will happen. We want the police in place beforehand. If there’s no risk of the fire spreading, we often don’t go there at all.”

– – – – – – – –

“Many fires are set just to get us there. Firemen from Jägersro fire station are now equipped with special helmets that protect the face and neck. Last winter, when it was the worst, we were forced to borrow bullet-proof vests from the military.”

One senior colleague has quit the force, as he did not feel he could guarantee his men’s safety. Several others have asked to be transferred to service elsewhere.

11 thoughts on “Body Armor for Firemen in Rosengård

  1. When as is inevitable one or more of the arsonists’ neighbors are killed by a fire that got away from them, the firemen will be blamed for “discrimination”.

    One would say, make up a group of Muslim firemen and let them deal with their co-religionists, but you’ll find that Muslims shirk their share of hard training and risky work keeping their fellow citizens in a western democracy safe. Muslims are all about privileges, never responsibilities.

    Besides, a culture of fatalistic insh’allah, as allah wills it, what will be will be is not conducive to saving people from fires. Then there’s the Muslims who would only save properly burka’d women. Their priorities are different. After all, they’re only women and insh’allah, allah apparently wills their death.

    In fact, if western liberals had actually bothered learning about the cultures they so feverishly recruit and welcome, they would know that Muslims feel NO responsibility toward non-Muslims, only hatred and contempt, including for the left wing tools bowing and scraping to them. Allah is a jealous god and the rule is no friendship or care toward an infidel unless it is takiya to gain temporary advantage.

  2. Why anyone would want that job in that part of Sweden is beyond me. I would be curious to see if the Firemen were made up entirely of Muslims what the reaction would be?

  3. If the firebrigade would consist of only muslims, their priorities would be to save muslims only and not dirty kafirs. They couldn’t care less for the kafirs. As kafirs they’re going to burn in the afterlife anyway. When saving fellow muslims, males would be priority number one. Females would only be saved if they are properly dressed in cloth from top to toe.

    Just imagine how the alarm gets off. The mahoundian firemen gets ready to go to action. Then one of them says “Wait a minute! That’s in a kafir-bloc!” They will quickly get undressed again, sit down to drink coffee and smoke water-pipe.

  4. When I look at this area with Google Earth, I notice that the area consists of large apartment block similar to the “projects” we used to have in many of the eastern cities of the U.S. Or like the ones in France. Are these the housing projects that the Muslims live in?

  5. @ Kurts2100kimo: Yes, thats the place,13.632151&sspn=0.061144,0.181789&ie=UTF8&ll=55.585452,13.044205&spn=0.015984,0.045447&t=h&z=15

    Its called “the million project”. For some reason sweden decided in the beginnig of the sixties to build one million new apartments. They had the money back then.

    I never quite understodd why. Sweden is on of the largest countries in western Europa, with only 9 mio people. In other words – theres room enough for every swede to have 10 houses each. And then put them into 20 stories houses ? Why ?

  6. Kurt —

    Yes, those are tower blocks, set off from the main urban area by green belts. They are what we would call “projects”, although they are much nicer and better-kept than any projects I’ve ever seen in this country.

    By Swedish standards they’re slovenly and trashed, but by ours they’re OK — just kind of low-rent looking.

    But the behavior of the inhabitants is another matter. Stuff goes on there every night that would cause an intense police response here, with many arrests & jail time. But the youths in Rosengård receive hardly any consequences.

  7. It’s a hangover from the industrialisation of the country, when most transport was public and it paid to have most people living in cheap, easy to build blocks close
    to where they worked. High density housing has since become a staple of the left who see it as a way to control how and where people live and a means to both justify and reduce the cost of expensive mass transit systems.

    Natural communities can’t form in apartments like that. Without communities, it’s much easier to mould people into the larger “correct” and artificially generated community of rootless workers.

    Of course suburbia still exists elsewhere. Kalmar is mostly low density suburban housing and it’s much nicer, though there’s a lumpen immigrant community appeared smack in the middle of smedby since the last time I was there. No burkhas that I saw, but maybe it’s changed since then.

  8. Firemen having to borrow bullet-proof vests from the military… hmmm… It seems to me it’s time to draw the obvious conclusions from this fact, and from a thousand other similar facts all over Europe.

    I’m sure the European armies have firemen for their own purposes. Civilian firemen have to borrow military equipment to go into what are, in effect, war zones ? They won’t go there unless protected by the police ? Well, it sounds more reasonable to send military firemen instead. With their own armoured vehicles and weapons.

    Let’s go one step beyond. It’s obvious by now that we need some sort of special security force to deal with lawless immigrant zones all over Europe. They cannot be just military and they cannot be just police. Traditional rules don’t apply any more.

    It must be a special-purpose security force, with special methods, special training, special equipment and special rules of engagement.

    Short of this, we are bound either to keep sending ill-suited forces to ever more casualties, either to stand back and do nothing.

    Of course, in order to reach such a decision, it would be necessary to admit that public order has broken down and that what we are experiencing is actually a low-intensity civil war (and sometimes not that low).

    The political price to pay would be very high, because it would mean that all the multiculti pap we’ve been submitted to has been a heap of lies and deception. On the other hand, the politicians who would support such an initative would be sure to draw much applause from a growing number of citizens.

    This is not as far-fetched as it seems. Before we had riot police, unruly mobs which the police could not control were dealt with by the army, often with fatal consequences.

    Then, public demonstrations by union workers and activists, sometimes turning violent, became a fixture of public life in big cities, and an appropriate police force was devised to control them.

    The time has come to realise we have another major change occuring before us. Previous solutions will not work.

  9. I have yet to understand the logic of attacking the fire brigade if what you’re rebelling against is the treatment by the police, though – as they claim this is due to police violence – but I guess logic and reason isn’t on their side..? Police, fireman, doctor – kufr, kufr, kufr? How long until they legitimize attacking civilians?

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