“There are no laws to stop us. We are our own law.”

The following German news report explores in appalling detail the lawlessness of violent immigrant gangs in Germany, whose members operate with impunity and hold the police in contempt. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and ESW for this English-language version.

WARNING: This video contains unedited offensive language.

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15 thoughts on ““There are no laws to stop us. We are our own law.”

  1. The system is broken beyond repair. Period. If I have the time I should write a brief essay called “How to survive the coming crash.” The crash is unavoidable by now. Instead of wasting time and energy on trying to figure out how to “fix the system,” which isn’t doable and perhaps not desirable at this point, we should concentrate our energy on the doable, namely to survive the coming crash, preserve as much as we can that is worth preserving and to create a strategy for regenerating afterward.

    We should also document what we are witnessing. It is easy to underestimate the importance of this part, but it is crucial. We must show that we have been deliberately lied to and deceived for decades regarding the scale and consequences of mass immigration and denied self-determination. We are the victims of a betrayal and a hostile agenda and have the right to take every measure we deem appropriate to preserve our people and our way of life. We should also rediscover our own history and culture. In the more immediate future, people need to transfer money from US dollars and perhaps other Western currencies into precious metals such as gold and silver. They need to be armed and live in a community or area which is not totally destroyed by diversity, for instance a minor town or village; not a big city (most of which are already severely damaged), but also not completely alone and isolated in a remote rural area.

  2. This german report on violent attacks on Berlin Police officers came out a couple of days ago. It states that the number of attacks has increased by 30 percent in the last ten years. 3371 cases last year.

    The youths have clearly moved from the “stage of vexation and exaustion” into the “state of “managed savagery” -as prescribed in the al qaeda play book.

    It has the following to say, in case the savagery unleashed by the Umma is not capable of overthrowing the Kuffarocracy:

    “This increase in savagery, which may result from failure is not the worst thing that can happen… Rather, the most abominable of levels of savagery is (still) less than stability under the order of unbelief [nizam al-kufr] by several degrees.”

  3. help required from german readers. are the assholes in this video mainly arabs? turks? something else? can you tell from their accents?

  4. i´d say 4 out of 5. But it is an estimate… in these parts of berlin even the germans start to sound like turks…

    They film in the Kreuzberg and Neukölln area.
    A lot of turks moved to these parts of western berlin during the cold war, because the social benefits were more generous and easily obtainable. Since then a lot of arab asylants have moved in.

  5. I can’t do another thing but be shocked.
    And believe me, I know too well that this happens all across (Western) Europe.

    However I wonder if there will really be a civil war at large. But I think that only one country with such a problem will certainly set the whole continent on fire.
    What will the next generation of Europeans in the big cities, who will be just 40 to 70% of their own environments, do?

    By the way, I jsut came from the home of a travelled friend and he claims that he was in Detroit in the 80s and that in America there were signals alerting the people that they were entering a no go zone.
    Baron, or any other American, is this true?
    Because in Europe, that would be unthinkable.

  6. And people laught when i tell that there are signs with “entre por sua própria conta e risco” in some places in Rio.

  7. Afonso —

    I have seen no-go zones, but never a sign warning about them.

    Back in the 1970s when I spent a lot of time in Baltimore, a friend of mine warned me about a certain neighborhood. If I should ever have to travel through it, she said, I should not stop for any reason, and should keep my windows rolled up and the doors locked, even in the daytime.

    I don’t suppose it’s gotten any better since then.

  8. To tell you all the truth i hope that the civil war in europe comes sooner than later. If it comes too late Europe WILL be defeated by the sheer numbers. As for USA they have more time and will so the situation in my point of view it’s not so dire. South Africa is lost. Australia and NZ do have more time but they are close to the enemy. Latina America? Latin America can become a new USSR or it will go to where the west goes.

  9. It’s difficult to say much beyond:

    If these @ssclowns want to behave like animals, it’s time to start treating them like animals.

    There is one thing that incorrigible criminals and Islam have in common and that is the requirement for them to be paid in their own coin.

    Unless German police want to be attending a lot more funerals for their fellow officers, they had best begin stocking up on jackboots and thuncheons. Several dozen split skulls would go a long way towards making these thugs reconsider their behavior.

    I’m sort of amused that there hasn’t been a lot more hue and cry in light of how, at timepoint 6:13, the spokesanimal threatens all politicians with death. That’s usually sufficient to put elected officials into enough of a panic mode where something actually gets done.

  10. Ah but we will become a new USSR! Have anyone seen UNASUL flag (our proto european union) ? Does it remmember you of anything?

    Let me try:

    Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh
    Splotila naveki velikaya Rus’!
    Da zdravstvuyet sozdanny voley narodov
    Yediny, moguchy Sovetsky Soyuz!

    Should be modified to:

    A Grande Mãe-América consolidou para sempre
    A união indestrutível das repúblicas livres.
    Viva a criada pela vontade dos povos,
    Única, poderosa União Soviética!

    now with music!

    May god have mercy of my daughter!

  11. Is there an address that we can report new examples of Cultural Enrichment, Baron?

    Here are some more examples of Cultural Enrichment and dhimmitude in Sweden:
    Serial Rapist gets 2.75 years jail in Sweden Although the cultural background is not mentioned, the rapist is to be banned from Sweden after he finishes his sentence until 2024 – which would be impossible were he to be a native Swede. And yes, this is not a typo, he did get less than three years jail, probably with time out for good behavior like for not raping any other women while in jail.

    Meanwhile in Gothenberg: Rocks thrown at buses, cars and firemen.Two cars burn. No mention as to whether evil spirits or humans are responsible, but from the tone of the report they just happen without any discernible cause. Or maybe its the Jews when they are not stealing organs from Palestinians (/sarcasm)

  12. I tend to agree with Fjiordman yet I live in the UK where gun ownership is only allowed to the criminal classes!

    Here also I read of “no-go” areas in London, Bradford, Dewsbury, Birmingham and so on.

    Having said that some 20+ years ago there were effective “no-go” areas in the West end of Newcastle upon Tyne. That part has a high immigrant population. THEY though were not the problem.
    The problem was white teenagers or pre-teens who would attack any stationary car, attended or not.
    They even waited at traffic lights and opened car doors, or smashed the windows, to snatch handbags or anything left in view from cars waiting at red lights.
    And of course there were also major WHITE criminal gangs in that area who toted guns and had no respect for the law. “Get Carter” was not far off the mark.
    So it isn’t just the immigrants who cause problems and we shouldn’t lose sight of that.
    The immigrants though do seem to have progressed beyond simple robbery and are far more inclined to inflict personal harm to white people of any age or status and that is the worry.

  13. The white hooliganism bewick describes is yet another poisonous outgrowth of the socialist Welfare state.

    Basically, the state is paying eternal allowance in the form of Welfare to school dropouts who used to go to work to put food in their mouths at the kind of jobs no longer available or branded “beneath” uneducated louts by leftists. These idle hands then make the work of the devil.

    “Free” money that comes out of ant taxpayers’ pockets to sustain these thuggish grasshoppers keeps enlarging the grasshopper pool.

    It’s time to go back to “No work, no eat” for the able bodied. An intermediate step to phase out Welfare for all but a disabled minority of the population is Work-fare i.e. you either go to school and make something of yourself or you present yourself to the nearest park to pick up garbage or nursing home to empty bedpans etc. No work is demeaning. Idling on the backs of workers is demeaning. The same policy will clear out many Muslim moochers automatically who will not handle kuffars’ garbage or wipe their backsides.

    Bring back the ostracism to bumming off others.

    Let leftists hand their own money directly to the idlers as charity instead of putting their hands in their neighbors’ pockets to redistribute to the undeserving which is accurately called theft.

  14. bewick said…
    I tend to agree with Fjiordman yet I live in the UK where gun ownership is only allowed to the criminal classes!

    Before guns there were swords and battle axes. Cultivate a new hobby and explore your history betimes.

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