The Rage Gurl Returns!

Bouchra IsmailiBouchra Ismaili, the Islamic Rage Gurl of the Netherlands, has appeared here several times in the past.

Now she’s back, and this time the Hizb ut-Tahrir Rage Gurl is heading the Rotterdam chapter of a new Muslim party.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report on the girl who’s all the rage in Holland. First, a translation from Elsevier:

Dutch Muslim Party participates in elections in five municipalities

By Robin van der Kloor

The Dutch Muslim Party (Nederlandse Moslim Partij, NMP) will join the municipal elections next year in the Dutch cities Amsterdam, Almere, Den Haag, Rotterdam and the Noordoostpolder region. After the end of Ramadan, in September, the party will publish an election program. That is what the chairman of the NMP, Henny Kreeft, a Dutch convert, announced on Monday.

Henny Kreeft is still negotiating with chapters in “a good five other places”. Which municipalities those are is still unclear. Earlier on, the party claimed that it was entering the elections in twenty cities.

The Party of Henny Kreeft has existed since 2007. The board consists of both immigrant and native men and women. The NMP wants to create a more positive image of Islam in the Netherlands. Kreeft, a citizen of Emmeloord in Mid-East Netherlands, converted in the nineties. In the past he was active for D66 (center left), the List Pim Fortuyn Party, and the local party ONS Noordoostpolder.

The NMP is not the first Muslim party in the Netherlands. In 2006, the Islam Democrats was established, which managed to secure one seat in the city of Den Haag.

VH fills in the background on Bouchra Ismaili and the Rotterdam chapter of the new party:

Het Vrije Volk reported today that the NMP chapter Rotterdam will be headed by Bouchra Ismaili (31), who, as a representative for the PvdA, sent a filthy hateful email to a Dutch citizen: “You are the foreigners here!!! With Allah on my side I fear nothing and nobody. I AND MY FELLOW MUSLIMS LIVE, your kind is rotting with hatred. A piece of advice if you will allow me, convert to Islam and find peace in your heart. […] I am very busy to make the Netherlands become a nicer cleaner and safer country where people can develop themselves and live in freedom and democracy regardless of color, origin and religious beliefs […] I will even allow devil worshippers to earn a place, because who am I to judge in the end. That is what I leave to the judge of judges ALLAH RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!”

After this emerged in the news, she was unveiled as a Hizb ut-Tahrir mole. She and her party denied this, but after it was proven she had signed the support list of HuT[1], she had to resign.

– – – – – – – –

“The NMP in Rotterdam is a response to the negative stories about Islam,” said Ismaili in newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. “A lot has happened recently concerning Islam. People were attacked and it is time they stand up and defend themselves.”

According to Henny Kreeft, the political leader of the NMP, despite her past Ismaili is “perfectly suited to carry out the message.”

“This controversy was particularly blown out of proportion. […] We are really not after caliphate, or an Islamic Republic of the Netherlands. We comply fully with Dutch law. We shall defend the Muslims, just as Christian parties do their own constituencies. […] We are opposed to a burka ban,” Kreeft continues. “Because it’s not the man who determines what a woman wears, it’s the women themselves who decide that.”

The NMP is also against a ban on importing brides [from Muslim countries]. “That is pure discrimination. This way they want to keep out uneducated women.” The NMP also calls for Islamic banking and Islamic cemeteries.

“Especially in a city like Rotterdam, the voice of the NMP is needed,” says Kreeft. “To address Leefbaar Rotterdam [Livable Rotterdam, the party of Pim Fortuyn orphaned by a left-wing Muslim supporter] and possibly the PVV. Especially within the PvdA [Socialists, Labor] there is much discontent among Muslims. They must bite their tongues while the most terrible things are said about them. It simply demands a contrary voice.”

Although the NMP is said to be a modern party, Kreeft supports many traditional Islamic beliefs. He says he is not against homosexuals. “But we disapprove of the homosexual act.” Kreeft expects to get at least three seats for his NMP in Rotterdam.


[1] Bouchra Ismaili wrote on: su 13 jan 2008 23:31:29 CET

It is about time to discharge ourselves of a culture that damages our Islam and to proclaim the true beauty of Islam. Only in this way will we grow in our Islam. We must not put energy into changing others, but let us change ourselves.

with kind regards Bouchra

Note: Her sister, S. Ismaili, wrote just seconds after her [23:31:46]: “Really very good you have initiated this. May Allah reward your effort. Salaam aleikum.”

6 thoughts on “The Rage Gurl Returns!

  1. “I will even allow devil worshippers to earn a place, because who am I to judge in the end. That is what I leave to the judge of judges ALLAH RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!””

    Of course you will. You are one yourself. So bite me, Rage Gurl!

  2. Interestingly many German commentators on PI find the idea of a NMP good – they state that regular political parties would lose the incitement to win the muslims votes and get punished for doing so until now mindlessly.

  3. “I will even allow devil worshippers to earn a place, because who am I to judge in the end. That is what I leave to the judge of judges ALLAH RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!””

    It seems she has an autocratic mind, what comes out of this media friendly quote in the end after an inner NMP discussions?

    This quote might be used in abolishing sharia courts. Though I doubt her imamic practical qualifications…she is only half a muslim – a miserable female, a tool of devil to be kept in the kitchen of her master.

  4. Ask her about this:

    Denmark: Honor used to silence sexually abused Muslim girls


  5. Would be interesting to read their party political manifesto.

    The tactic the islamic sympathisers have used in the U.K. has been to veil islamic political advancement as religious freedom i.e. the constitution of 85 sharia courts.

    Had the establishment of sharia courts been debated entirely in the public political arena, they would never have been constituted.

  6. Yes 4Symbols, the sheep’s clothing of religion is what allows the wolf of Islamic ideology to roam freely in the West.

    Funny how leftists finally found a religion they wish to cater to and promote in every way in the public space. It’s the shared totalitarianism that attracts them like flies to manure. It turns out a lot of so-called atheists are merely anti-Christian.

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