Iraqis in Denmark, Part 4: The General

Below is the fourth installment in a series about Iraqi “refugees” in Denmark who swindle the government through the state pension system.

Our Danish correspondent TB translated the article and the video. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for doing the subtitling.

Iraqis in Denmark, Part 4: The General
by TB

This article is a bit more sensational than the others, since it involves an implied death threat to the journalists involved. It concerns an Iraqi general who was confronted at his home by a news crew from Ekstra Bladet and TV2:

The General’s son: In Iraq you would have been shot!

You would have been shot in Iraq if you had asked your questions there! That was the warning when Ekstra Bladet confronted an Iraqi general on early retirement pension in Køge — see the confrontation and the family’s many answers!

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Ekstra Bladet Sunday reveals yet another Iraqi Kurd who receives an early retirement pension at an address in Denmark while at the same time living a luxury life because of a job in Iraq.

This time it is one of the most influential couples of Northern Iraq that Ekstra Bladet can expose: The 60-year-old Iraqi refugee Fouad Chalabi and his wife Berevab Sarhank. She has just been elected to the Iraqi parliament while he for years has been the right hand of the Iraqi president. According to high-ranking sources in Denmark and Iraq, that job pays a high salary and other perks such as car, a house and bodyguards in Iraq.

When they made contact with the family in a housing project on Parkvej in Køge, Ekstra Bladet were met with contradictory explanations about why Chalabi was living this double life. And the general’s son was very direct in his rejection of the paper’s journalists and photographers:

“You would have been shot if you had asked those questions in Iraq, the son said,” who recommended that the paper “think of something else”.

“Find another Iraqi. You have to show respect for cultures. You see, my father has a lot of respect in Iraq,” he explained.

4 thoughts on “Iraqis in Denmark, Part 4: The General

  1. And the Iraqi Kurds were supposed to be the best of a bad lot.

    Note the son’s command: “YOU have to respect cultures (i.e. mine). What is that exactly, the swindlers’ culture?

    Meanwhile, THEY do not have to respect anyone, including a culture that sacrificed soldiers to liberate Iraq. Instead of expressing gratitude and respect, these elite Iraqis commit fraud against their benefactors.

    And what exactly is Iraq getting for its money from these highly paid elites holing up in public housing in Denmark for much of the time?

    Not only should Denmark cut them off “early retirement” benefits but deport them for fraud to the country where they’re big wheels. What kind of “refugee” is this, not afraid for their lives but boasting about how important they are back home? And until all western countries stop the foolishness of awarding “early retirement” benefits to people who have never worked for them, the users of the world will wash up on our shores, in many cases with polygamous families in tow.

  2. These people truly acts like the occupants they are and treat the danes like the dhimmi-kuffaar they see them as. The time is not far away when brave reporters/journalists will actually be shot when they dare to inevstigate scum like this. Ship them back to their sinkholes of origin instead but first cut off all economic benefits they gained from their hosts.

    OffT, but I wonder how you do to sub-title vids on YouTube. Do I need any particular software and is it hard to learn?

  3. i share laine’s disillusionment with the kurds. i, like many others, was sold a false bill of goods with respect to them. they were presented as god’s own people for political purposes vis-a-vis saddam, but the honeymoon is surely over.

    i have lost track of the number of ‘honour’ killings committed in europe by kurds. apparently many turkish honour killings are actually committed by kurds too. and they bear significant responsibility for the armenian genocide too, much of the violence of which was committed by them. i am embarrassed to have been so easily manipulated into giving a s&*t about them. if they have, collectively, any redeeming characteristics, they keep them well hidden.

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