Iraqis in Denmark, Part 3

Below is the third installment about the various enrichment activities of Iraqi “refugees” in Denmark. Our Danish correspondent TB has the story:

Iraqis in Denmark, Part 3
by TB

The first part of this installment is about a prize-winning Iraqi immigrant swindler named Samia Aziz Mohammad.

The second article concerns another Iraqi enrichment project that came to an end today: four young Iraqi Enrichers were expelled from Denmark and will never be allowed to return. The prize for having them here? A gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl.

First the swindler who got a prize that she should have never had:

From the August 6 edition of Ekstra Bladet:

Venstre hailed social swindler

In November 2005 Danish-Iraqi Samia Aziz Mohammad was hailed for her work in the Iraqi parliament at Venstre’s annual conference.

Today Ekstra Bladet can reveal that 62-year-old refugee Samia Aziz Mohammad, who was granted Danish citizenship, has been committing tax evasion and social fraud in Denmark while receiving a huge salary in Iraq.

According to international sources, as a member of the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad she earns around 46,000 Danish kroner tax-free each month plus a whole range of fringe benefits and a lifetime pension. In addition to that she is granted 900,000 kroner a year for bodyguards.

But Samia Aziz, who is registered as living in Næstved, hides her high income from the Danish authorities. Therefore she was unjustly granted an early retirement pension while never declaring her Iraqi income.

The chairman of Region Syddanmark Carl Holst (Venstre), who was the prime mover behind the choice of Samia Aziz Mohammad as the winner of the freedom prize, recognizes that she should have never received the prize.

“She got the prize for having the courage to go back to Iraq and help rebuild the country. But it is clear that if I had had the information back then that you give me now she would never have gotten the prize. That is 100% certain.

“It is deeply shameful and very audacious,” he says to Ekstra Bladet.

Samia Aziz Mohammad acknowledges to Ekstra Bladet that she receives an early retirement pension in Denmark. But she denies that she gets as much as a penny from the Iraqi parliament.

“All my money from the parliament I use for bodyguards. Besides that the parliament pays my representation, my car and my apartment in Baghdad,” she says to Ekstra Bladet.

Næstved municipality will investigate the case, chief of citizen services Carsten Egevang Nielsen says.

“We do not comment on specific cases in the press. But we will investigate the information that Ekstra Bladet has come forward with. If the information is correct we will ask the police to take over,” he says.

And now for the four Iraqi enrichers from today’s Ekstra Bladet:
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Turmoil when rapists were expelled

Hugh turmoil in the court in Viborg today when four Iraqi men were deported and never allowed to return for gang-raping a 14-year-old Danish girl.

Family and friends of the four men ran amok in Vestre Landsret (the court) when all four men were expelled from Denmark for good.

The four men are all Iraqis who live near Odense.

In February they were found guilty of group rape of a 14-year-old Danish girl on Vorbasse Marked on July 18 2008. During the very serious episode they also raped the girl orally and anally.

The four men are going to be deported after 2 years and 9 months in prison:

Abdullah Maayuf Al-Badri, 20 years old,

Hussein Maayuf Al-Badri (Abdullah’s brother) also 20 years old,

Fahad Maziad Masaad, 18 years old,

Abdulaziz Khazar Jebir, 17 years old.

Next time I will report on the Iraqi general whose son tried to intimidate the news crew from TV2 and Ekstra Bladet.

8 thoughts on “Iraqis in Denmark, Part 3

  1. If they ran amok then there is a simple solution – deport the bloody lot. It is time the West awoke.
    And the UK in particular – where Muslims literally get away with murder.
    Rape? Well normally British sentences are rather higher but, with good behaviour, can be halved or more.

  2. El

    According to press reports there were mucho shouting and chairs flying through the air. The judges had to evacuate before police present “calmed things down.” One would like to think that calming things down would involve tasers and pepper-spray, but alas.

    Still, the little brats got the boot, and at least that’s something.

  3. The degree to which the Muslims’ moral compass is twisted is really extreme.

    Danish soldiers have fought alongside Americans in Iraq. Presumably, then, if a Muslim Iraqi emigrates to Denmark, it must mean he’s rather happy to have been liberated from Saddam Hussein by Danes ? How is that compatible with the criminal behaviour depicted here ?

    Also, the obscene turmoil in court, by family and friends, after a conviction for rape, is classical Muslim behaviour. Similar scenes have happened in England, Australia, and, presumably, elsewhere.

    In what other group of people, be it a religion, a tribe, a nation or a race, do you see the mother of a convicted rapist insult the victim by calling her a whore, right in the middle of the court of justice where the shameful conduct of her son has been exposed ?

    A ray of hope, however : I’m glad to see that this scum has been banned from Denmark for ever. In other European countries, including France, in the rare cases where criminals are caught, convicted and deported, they are barred from returning only for a short while (typically, 2 years).

    How insane is that ?

  4. Not only the Muslim criminals and their immediate family are shameless, but their community never condemns this behavior or dissociates itself from it by claiming it’s “not Muslim”. It’s apparently very Muslim.

    In the Muslim countries from which they come, the raped girl would be the one punished. Therefore the Iraqis in Denmark just cannot get over the “miscarriage of justice” that has taken place where their princely sons are punished because of an infidel “whore”. (End of Muslim mindset as pangs of nausea are setting in).

  5. Actually, Laine, there are quite a number of cases, in Europe, where a representative of the Muslim community has come forward and told the media that such-and-such obnoxious behaviour by Muslims is not Muslim.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

    Partly because such reactions are scarce, partly because the implied reasoning (and sometimes it becomes quite explicit) is the following : if you (the infidels) let us deal with the problem, it would quickly disappear.

    We know how these people react. We are the only ones who can speak to them. They will accept no other authority but ours.

    So that’s the deal, fellas : either you’re willing to see your lives continually ruined by those scum (note that we disapprove of them ; but, you know, there’s poverty, unemployment, waycism, colonialism, Israël, Amerikka), or you do the reasonable choice, move your police and politicians out of the way, and let us take charge.

    Mayhem, or sharia.

    Which means that the issue of whether such behaviour is Muslim or not is moot. Either way, it plays into the hands of Muslims.

    That’s the spontaneous, efficient method of conquest which has been refined over the centuries, and which is inbred in the Muslim DNA.

  6. Robert, you’re saying Muslim crime such as rape is used as a shakedown by Muslim leaders.

    I agree they use blackmail when they deliver veiled threats such as “Don’t let Geert Wilders into the Britain. Our youth are understandably inflamed by his rhetoric and violence may occur. We cannot be answerable and it will be your fault if it occurs”. (Note the passive voice of “violence may occur” and the reason that the youth are so inflamed is that imams have been setting a torch to them in mosques).

    This is the common and very successful approach they use.

    I don’t think the few stragglers who come out and say “This is not Muslim” about individual crimes like rape and honor killing are anything but takiya artists, trying to pretend that Muslim crime is no different from many other ethnic groups (tu quoque).

    It would be a contradiction that even a dhimmi might understand to imply there’s nothing Muslim about the crime but Muslims will be able to sway these youths in the paths of righteousness. In fact, even the left biased legal system managed to disgorge these evildoers from the country (after a tap on the wrist considering the severity of their crime) whereas it allows mobs of arsonists and treasonous preachers of sedition to stay on various technicalities.

    The “No go” areas are created in the way I outlined above. “Our youth are understandably inflamed to see non-Muslim police doing police type things in our areas. Let us handle it in our own way through sharia…” (which does not recognize crime the same way as the West and punishes the rape victim).

    In summary, I believe modern Islam advances by a relatively small number of terrorist acts making veiled threats all that are needed in future. That is the opposite of promises to police their own. They always imply they cannot control and cannot be responsible for their own. The responsibility (to appease) is always on the non-Muslim.

    Perhaps we’re really not saying anything terribly different.

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