How Norway Was Invaded by Beggars

Zylark is a Norwegian who has recently volunteered to do translations for Gates of Vienna. Below is his account of the current multicultural state of affairs in his country, brought about by open borders and a politically correct mentality.

How Norway Was Invaded by Beggars
by Zylark

Within the last four years the character of the streets in Norwegian cities has changed. On just about every street corner in the centers of our five largest cities you’ll find Gypsy Romanians (GR) torturing some accordion with the same awful tune, or just sitting there looking as miserable as possible begging. Then of course we have the roaming street-merchants, selling everything from flowers to fake gold jewelry. With rather pushy methods, I might add.

They come by the busload from Romania, thinking Norway is a land of milk and honey where they can get a small fortune for doing nothing but annoy us.

So it was for a while, but this is changing.

Back in 2005 and earlier we had a vagrancy law that amongst other things forbade begging. Our politicians in all their wisdom decided the time was ripe to repeal this law. Apparently our leaders looked around, did not see much begging anyway, and those who were begging were basically down-on-their-luck junkies and alcoholics. These, it was supposed, did not need the extra burden of being criminals just for begging for the means to sustain their addiction. Better that they beg than, say, steal or commit other crimes.

Our wise politicians repealed the vagrancy law on the 1st of January 2006. They forgot just one little thing: Norway is part of the Schengen Agreement, which means any and all EU residents may enter Norway without the hassle of applying for visas or even bringing along a passport.

That very summer of 2006, GR came in the thousands, most of them in well-organized gangs, or families if you wish. Suddenly our cities were full of beggars. Proper street-musicians virtually disappeared, pushed aside by gangs of accordion playing gypsies. Crime, especially pick-pocketing and shoplifting, followed suit. However, such crime was not a big problem initially.

Today the situation is different. Norwegians have quite simply stopped giving money to these professional beggars.

From an article in Norway’s largest newspaper, VG, one can read:
– – – – – – – –

Anasie has been in Norway several summers in a row. “Never before have Norwegians been as impolite and cynical as now. Earlier I could make 40-50 euros a day, now I get barely 10.”

Vasilian (19), Tiberiu (19) and Simona (17) also decided to try their luck in Norway. They are street-musicians [if you can call one off-key accordion and two tambourines off the beat “music”] and drove the long way to Norway from Romania.

Norwegians have become less generous, they say. They don’t give as much as before. Several hours of playing have only yielded 30 cents.

No big surprises there. Norwegians are if anything an empathic people. But we don’t like being fooled. We’ve seen with our very eyes how these beggars are organized in gangs. They may look miserable on the street doing their “work”, but when they retire for the day they are often picked up by flashy cars or slink off to huge caravans. Also, the disabled among them suddenly become mysteriously healthy come day’s end.

So, since their “income” from begging and torturing our ears has waned, they’ve sought new avenues of revenue. Now shoplifting and pick-pocketing is at an all time high. Not to mention violent assault and robberies. Car-jackings have even occurred. Pushy street-merchants are ganging up on unsuspecting Norwegians and tourists alike, trying to sell junk whilst fiddling through pockets and purses.

This, of course, put a strain on our law-enforcement officers, who have enough on their plate already, and they have to fight this problem with one hand tied behind their back.

Before it was simple enough. If they saw foreign nationals doing any commercial street pandering, be that selling junk or playing music without an easily obtained permit (that require a temporary address for the duration, for example, a hotel), or simply begging, they could arrest them and send them on their jolly way out of the country by enforcing the vagrancy laws.

Better yet, our customs officers could stop them at the border, demand to know what resources they had with them to support their stay in Norway. Anyone without resources to buy food or other necessities would be denied access.

What we’ve seen in the past years, however, are entire busloads of GR stopping at homeless shelters, with the bus driver advising that these are the places where you can get free food…

This has now stopped, as homeless shelters and other centers for low-threshold food aid (aimed mainly at local junkies and alcoholics), are denied to so-called tourists. One needs legal proof of residency or a Norwegian-issued ID card.

The irony is, of course, that our Minister of Justice is just now waking up to this massive problem. That minister, Mr. Storberget (Social Democrat), is the very same who repealed the vagrancy laws just three and a half years ago.

What does he want to do? Admit his mistake and reinstate the vagrancy laws? That would be too simple, wouldn’t it?

Hell, no! He wants to frame some international bureaucracy with a common set of laws and regulations that ensures cooperation between the countries involved, so as to isolate and identify the criminal elements, and target those specifically. A price tag has not yet been set.

For some reason most our politicians seem to forget that just four years ago, we did not have this problem. Not with foreign beggars and visiting criminals. They ignore the fact that back then our law-enforcement officers had the legal tools to prevent this from happening in the first place, and that they, the politicians in power, removed those tools.

In just over a month Norway will be holding national elections. It is already in the cards that the makeup of our parliament will change rather dramatically. One can hope this will also result in a new government with a bit more common sense.

24 thoughts on “How Norway Was Invaded by Beggars

  1. This, plus such additional burdens to European countries, such as Turks and other Islamics, shows that the whole EU concepts was not such a good idea (to put it mildly).

    Imagine, if you will, the U.S. joining an “American Union” excacerbating the problem of “illegal aliens” (Mexicans, Central Americans, Haitians, etc.) settling in the United States.

    Open borders are an open invitation to slackers seeking free rides and burdening taxed citizens with enormous and mounting welfare costs.

    The “Liberal” multiculturalism, accepting all comers as equally entitled to the largesse of the inhabitants of a country, leads to a levelling of the quality of life for all inhabitants of a nation to the low level of that of the in-streaming beggars and criminals.

    If this sentiment is perceived as curdling the “milk of human kindness,” so be it.

  2. As a fan of the civilised North, I am greatly saddened to see the start of its demise; and unfortunately, it really is the start phases of the demise with all of the seemingly relatively minor disturbances being failed to be checked until they emerge fully into a full scale run away problem.

    Make no mistake though, the in-power politicians of Norway – and indeed any politician who says and does nothing to rectify this start – are all nothing other then completely complicit in the inevitable rapid downfall of Norway: They know full and well where this will all lead in such a short space of time.

    If Norway is to avoid the ever dire fate of the majority of Europe, it MUST act NOW to prevent it.

  3. Wow, Zylark, your politicos recognized the emergence of a problem of their own creation in only four years. That makes the Norwegian political class, bumbling as it may be, about six to eight times as quick and smart as our’s in America. Lucky you; I’m jealous.

  4. Combined with other articles on the topic it appears that Hungarians, Slovaks and others can now be vindicated for the years of supposed “racism” for telling it like it is.

  5. They usually label these people “Romanians” in Swedish media and they have been present in my hometown ever since Romania became an EU member.

    They practice the same habits here as described in this post. Unlike the norweigians, us swedes deserve all the crap coming to us since we had the crime data on these people since the 80s; yet we still let them in, all in the name of tolerance.

  6. But of course when this criminality happens even more extremely and in Hungary: and the state refuses to do anything to protect the citizen, so they are forced to congregate into (note: unarmed) Hungarian Guard militias just to try an protect villages from having everything not nailed down pinched; and anything in a skirt raped?

    Why, that makes us in Hungary, and the Jobbik, Movement for A Better Hungary, party all Fascists an Neo-Nazis, doesn’t it?

    All of a sudden the reality of gypsy crime in Western Europe, when it conceptually migrates to Hungary in the eyes of the International Press suddenly aquires scare quotes and becomes “gypsy crime.” And we’re all apprently engaged in “repeating the mistakes of the 1930s.”

    When the only difference is that YOU are relatively well off, but the Hungarians they steal from in Hungary are already desparately poor; and ALSO funding the Romas’ benefits through crippling taxation.

    Don’t you just love the smell of euro-hypocrisy in the Morning?

  7. i’m Romanian and I have no compassion for Norway ans Sweden because of this, maybe for the people, but they should press their governments to send the gypsies back to Romania or where they came from. By the way, I heard many stories of bulgarian gypsies saying that they are Romanian, but they didnt speak a Romanian word, but this doesnt really matter.
    Norway and Sweden should send them back and the people of Norway and Sweden should forget all the PC nonsense and DEMAND that their governments clean up the streets.

    They don’t do this (enough at least), so, in a way, it’s their fault.

    So stop complaining and do what you need to do!

  8. On a trip to Romania and Bulgaria several years ago it was pointed out to us many, many times to stay away from the Gypsies.
    The Gypsies were described in full detail and again, many warnings were issued to steer clear.
    I remarked to our tour guide that one would never be allowed to state a person’s skin color or ethnicity in this manner in the U.S. She replied “You Americans are crazy!”
    So, I guess if we are crazy so is Western Europe to allow these phoney beggars and theives on their streets.

  9. What does he want to do? Admit his mistake and reinstate the vagrancy laws? That would be too simple, wouldn’t it?

    Hell, no! He wants to frame some international bureaucracy with a common set of laws and regulations that ensures cooperation between the countries involved, so as to isolate and identify the criminal elements, and target those specifically. A price tag has not yet been set.

    When your only tool is a hammer, all of your problems start to look like nails.

    So it is with bureaucrats. The only solutions they can conceive of involve even more layers of bureaucracy

  10. We had a hilarious case of Romanian Gypsies in Prague right now. A teenaged “prince” was almost drowned in a lake. Some Czech guy saved his life and was wise enough not to tell his identity. The Gypsies unable to swim just stood in the water with their suits and ties on. Then the ambulance coming was assaulted by them.

    Note the assault – an obligatory deed with muslims as well. Then countless luxury cars with German, French, British and Latvian plaits parked and camped in front of the hospital, later they spent 2 days in a legal camp and declared they had no money. They moved to another lake near Prague removing the sign for “entry prohibited” since it was nature protected area.

    Police blocked the way and did not allow any car leaving to come back. They were about to spread some infection, however they claimed that they used nearby petrol stations for toilets. They were prevented from making fires, but not kicked out. The “prince” had no insurance and was in coma in a hospital getting medical care 80-100 000 crowns every day (one euro cca 26 crowns). Those morons mourning every day in public never came to the idea that given their big numbers they might pay for their princely guy.

    Now the “prince” finally died and we learnt another lesson that we are much less than Gypsy “tourists”. No police or municipality would tolerate so much from us in CZ or abroad being just “tourists”.

    The fat women wore scarfs. It shows clearly the similarity of muslim written ideology and Gypsy non-written one – just use the settled people as much as you can. Feel no mercy or decency with them.
    Move and act around in a dumb crowd and never show you might understand some rules.

    Being part of EU it is a tedious job for our police, almost impossibnle to deport them for ever from CZ to their countries of origin – they feel no loyalty for anyhow.

    Meanwhile “our” Gypsies made a calculation asking asylum in Canada en mass again. They know how to milk Canada claiming various diseases with bogus certificates to get higher benefits. It seems Canadian media started treating this plague with less PC.

    The result is we get a visa regime for Canada reintroduced and must go to Vienna to the Canadian Embassy.

  11. Czechmade wrote :Now the “prince” finally died and we learnt another lesson that we are much less than Gypsy “tourists”. No police or municipality would tolerate so much from us in CZ or abroad being just “tourists”.

    The same situation applies in the UK. Muslims can get away with stuff for which we will be hauled before the beak and fined.

    In a way it is a kind of admission that Muslims are temporary guests, and are accordingly treated differently, to those who are at “home”.

    The situation is similar to kids of invited guests behaving badly, and getting away with it. If your kids tried the same, quoting “if they didnt get punished, why should we”, they would be hauled up regardless- and they know it.

  12. Yes, but those people with nasty kids get never invited again.

    And muslims are kids with kids. Ones less responsible than the others.

    Their culture is based on continuous disregard and preplanned deliberate humiliating us. Defining them as “kids” and sending them home in search of “real parents” including old guys, whole families would be a funny and healthy solution.

    Go – first find your missing “parents”. Finish your process of becoming adult somewhere else.

  13. Solkhar, you are obviously not too fond about gypsies but you fail to see how similar their behavious is to the muslim one. Perhaps due to “home-blindness”? However, us westerners can spot the similarity right on.

  14. Some Gypsies can be quite civilized, disconnected from the crowd and absolutely racist about their own folks. On the whole Central European Gypsies are less violent than those from Balkans.

    Some Gyspsies managed to live for a while among us as equals but did not really assimilate. Those are real masters in Gypsy taqiyya.

    They whine (when caught) about “gajos”. Gajo is every non-Gypsy, White or African or Indian, simply anyone. Gajo is the Gypsy equivalent of kafir.

    Gajo must be exploited and fooled on every step. Gajo is also always unjust to the poor Gypsy. Fooling a gajo is a real bravery and sign of higher Gypsy “intelligence”.

    Just like enlightenment created a myth of islam (a rational faith, great culture in Spain), the Romantic epoque created a myth of “free Gypsies”. Nothing was more despotic and unfree than traditional Gypsy society. Sometimes we are lucky in some areas that such a despotic Gypsy semi-king takes responsability of “his” Gypsies. Those miserable creatures are so scared of him that any cheating/misbehaviour is unthinkable. Those Gypsies might be suddenly celebrated as integrated and reliable in the media. But the key to them is of course their own local despot – only authority to communicate with his fresh subjects, making good money.

  15. Those Gypsies who adopted our miserable European ways might be disdainfully termed as “Cocos” (coconut). They are white inside and Gypsy by appearance. A horrible thing haunting every true multiculturalist.

    Some Gypsies declared in our media that their habit of stealing should be officially tolerated as “part of their traditional culture”.

    Hahahaha. Do not take them too seriously. They are all recent immigrants from postwar “Eastern Europe”.

    Our real cultural property – those Czech Gypsies – were fully annihilated by the real friend of islam Monsieur Hitler.

    The extinct Czech Gypsy dialect should be made obligatory for those new “Czech” Gypsies. And remember “Bohemians”, those were Gypsies sent to France with a special recommandatory letter from our king – to get rid of them.

    This backlashed many centiries later – before WWII – Daladier exclaiming that the “sons of France” are not ready to die for some “Bohemians”…ehmm Gypsies…ok – the Czechs.

    But speak always well of “Bohemians” – those nice Celtic tribes. That is Latine, German, French or English. We do not use it here.

  16. Solkhar is funny. His sabre-rattling consists of using the word “bigot”.

    A kafir must be a bigot. Every kafir is a bigot thinking he can be a kafir for ever. It is difficult to be a non-kafir.

    Imagine joining some foolish uneducated violent “prophet” from Arabia! This is a real non-sense. Why don´t you join Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan?

    Why don´t you join Brezhniev or Stalin, Mussolini, Franco or Hitler? Saddam or Khomeini, Michael Jackson or John Lenon, Marx Brothers or Charlie Chaplin?
    Madonna? Elvis Presley? Obama?

    Not joining these wonders of nature and universe makes you a kafir as well.

    Join each of them. Do not be shy.

    Join Mohammad-Presley-Obama-Brezhniev-Khomeini-Mussolini-Marx-Madonna-Jackson-Genghis Khan Society.

    Do not be a bigot…please!!!

  17. Well, Solkhar, you reap what you sow.

    Your muslims are generally tarnished and defined by the disrespectful acts and words of your prophet.

    They imitate him quite well en mass in the streets, schools etc. of Europe.

    Did you warn those “very nice and accomodating people”? No, you did not.
    You fooled them tacitly by not explaining them how “non-accomodating, disrespectful and not nice” is your one man (-religion).

    Fooling people is utterly disrespectful.

  18. “Those Gypsies who adopted our miserable European ways might be disdainfully termed as “Cocos” (coconut). They are white inside and Gypsy by appearance. A horrible thing haunting every true multiculturalist.”

    Yes, although I don’t know any personally, I have heard and read about them. They are however an extremely rare breed. They assimilate well it seems. They dress as westerners and often marries gajos. Another consequence of their choice of lifestyles is that they almost always gets rejected by their family/clan for having turned to a gajo lifestyle. This is indeed another similarity to the mahoundians who also almost always reject their own kin if they turn away from islam and it’s way of life. It is also interesting that you point out that both groups have denegrating words about people outside their own group. Jews also has a word resembling gajo but the exact word eludes my mind at the moment.

  19. I’m a Romanian and believe it or not, we’ve had the same problems with roma people (gypsies) for years. Numerous times has Romania been scolded (and probably for good reason) for failing to integrate the roma population in our society, yet you now seem to do exactly the same thing: failing to integrate them (whatever that means). This is why I think this discussion is a bit hypocritical. It’s very easy to pass the ball and say “Oh, just send them back to Romania” but the fact is we can barely take care of our own problems, how in the world are we to integrate the gypsies?! Not that we didn’t try, because we did… many times over… but this life style is sort if rooted into their culture, so its very hard to change something like that.
    Someone here said something like EU is a bad thing, but the only way to solve the gypsy problem is for all of EU to solve this issue, instead of passing the ball from one country to another.
    Oh and one more thing, there are gypsies in other countries as well not all of them come from Romania. Don’t believe every news article you read…

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