Gender-Segregated Mourning in Rinkeby

RinkebyA week ago a fire broke out in an apartment building in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm. Rinkeby, like Rosengård in Malmö, is almost entirely populated by immigrants, and all seven people who died in the fire were Muslims.

As a matter of interest, Rinkeby has also been in the news during the last few days as a major recruiting center in Sweden for ethnic Somalis who have been returning to their homeland to wage jihad against non-radical Muslims and Christians.

I postponed writing about the Rinkeby fire until the cause of the fire was announced. Was this the usual Enricher arson, already so familiar in the immigrant ghettos of Sweden, but taken to a new level? Or was it a tragic accident?

So far there has been no word on the cause of the fire. However, the funeral for the victims became a national media event, with major politicians making an appearance to mourn with the families of the victims.

Our Danish correspondent TB wrote us on Thursday with a brief commentary on the funeral for the Rinkeby fire victims:

Muslim funeral in Sweden (ehh… I mean what was formerly known as Sweden):


Leader Mona Sahlin and integration minister Nyamko Sambuni were present. As were police, firefighters and representatives from the municipality.


Largest Muslim memorial ever held in Sweden

[…] And so on… Video included here.

And still no news about what caused the fire.

This was all the English-language news of the event I had up until this evening. Conservative Swede just sent us this report:

As the Axess blog points out, since this was a Muslim funeral there was gender segregation, and the mourning women were directed to stand under the trees at the back.

But none of the media all across feminist Sweden remarked upon this gender segregation. Except for Dagens Nyheter (DN), which at least had a comment that — although remarkably slippery — brought up this circumstance. They indicated that one of the women motivated the whole setup, and explained that the women “understand that they cannot be allowed to be any closer to the coffins, since they are so sensitive and don’t want to disturb the ceremony with their crying.”

Rinkeby funeral

Here’s the DN link.

The title of the DN article is “Everybody carries the grief together”, where “together” is PC-newspeak for “separated”.

The article was written by Ulrika By, a woman. As a woman, she was directed to travel in gender separated buses to the funeral, in a bus full of Somali women. She writes about how two cultures meet, but she couldn’t have missed how two sexes didn’t meet.

How come she accepted the gender separation for herself? Did she consider herself also too sensitive and potentially disturbing to stand with the men?

– – – – – – – –

Well, she got away without answering that by referring to how in our own culture we’d consider a funeral private and how she wouldn’t be “hanging like clusters” around the coffins. All right. But why did she accept the gender-separated buses?

Anyway, some credit goes to Ulrika for being the only Swedish journalist reporting honestly about this.

This event speaks volumes about our cultural climate. The elites see the injustice that they have fought against for centuries — well not really, because we never had this level of gender inequality — and not only do they not react to it, they dare not even mention it (Ulrika By being the only exception).

That is: they have no defence against Islamization and its ensuing gender inequality whatsoever!

They are actually celebrating it as the opposite of what it really is: togetherness instead of separation. At the same time, gender equality is being perfected in Sweden, targeting Swedish men. We already have kindergartens with gender-decoded toys (that is, cars and dolls are removed and the fairy tale books are altered), and the feminists are fighting for more affirmative action for women on the company boards, for more perfect gender equality.

And next we are likely to have the father forced to stay home as long as the mother with a newborn child, or half of the parental government money will be lost. And this money is very important in Sweden since it is one of the few ways ordinary people can recover some of the huge amounts of money we pay in tax.

In the liberal newspeak this is called a “individualization” of parental money, while giving the money to the family as a whole is considered to be “collectivism”. Notice that already today the father has to stay home three months with the child, or three months of the money is lost.

So putting these two realities together it’s akin to polishing the tables while the whole Titanic is in the process of sinking.

Good pictures of the funeral are found here. Photos 12 and 13 especially give an idea of the gender separation.

Esther has information on the funeral at Islam in Europe (in English).

13 thoughts on “Gender-Segregated Mourning in Rinkeby

  1. It remains a mystery to me that Sweden is so destructive of its men. They are called “stupid” in polls among women. They are regularly denigrated as less evolved than women.

    It’s disgusting and it’s destructive of a country’s social fabric to attempt to reduce men to some inferior version of women. Having them stay home “equally” is not only utopian fluff, it’s actually damaging to infants. Men are not hormonally driven after the birth of their child to minutely observe an infant’s behavior. And with all the good intentions and careful thought in the world, they still can’t do as good a job as a woman. Not with newborns.

    What they *can* do is take good care of the momma. A new mother who feels contained and made safe by her partner is a better mother. There is less post-partum depression, and the baby thrives in this environment.

    This blunted idea that men = women does incalculable damage to babies. However, no man in Sweden could say that and survive.

    It’s happening in the US, too. The phenomenon of “mean girls”, of sexually aggressive females at age 13, of the numbers of women now exceeding men at colleges is a commonplace. And the koolaid drinkers think this is good.

    Whenever women move overwhelmingly into a field, the men move out. It’s nothing planned or thought about: too many women in their group is just more estrogen than any man is comfortable with, so he moves on to something less confining, some place where he can breathe.

    The other thing which Swedish and American elitist women don’t realize is that children who grow up without men around are less socially skilled, less intellectually challenged, and have poorer intuitive responses to those around them. They are also more aggressive.

    American professional women don’t get it, either. They believe the propaganda-spewers. Someone pulled off their input knob so they can’t learn anything new. They sure can tell *you* about all the absolutes, though.

    What we’re doing to men is destructive and immoral. It does not bode well for the future.


  2. Dymphna, a few years ago there was this feminist by the name of Ireen Wachenfeldt who in front of the camera said: “Men are animals”, then paused and rhetorically replied to the reporter, “aren’t they?” Which lead to a scandal and she soon resigned. But I think it speaks volumes of how insane the situation are here.

    About the Rinkeby-fire, because of the deafening silence it makes me suspicious. There must be more than meets the eye here, or else it would have made the headlines. So I definetively smell a rat here. Of course of the two-legged enricher kind…

  3. Can someone tell me who are the individuals with yellow high-visibility vests on the pictures (all of them black) ?

    This seems to be a new fixture of Muslim / contemporary Western public gatherings.

    It seems to mean : watch out, I’m some sort of self-proclaimed official pulling strings here, and don’t you dare challenge me.

    Apparently this custom comes from England, where policemen use to wear those vests in the street. By extension, unauthorised civilians took to wearing them in demonstrations, etc.

    Of course, anybody can purchase one, so the message of authority is only subliminal, and not bestowed by any recognised part of officialdom.

    My guess here is that those are the handlers directing the ceremony, canalising the flow of people, carrying the coffins, etc.

    Notice how incredibly ugly and offensive those vests are. Would you want anybody to wear one at the funeral of one of your loved ones ?

    That’s one of the many points where Muslim and Western contemporary mores meet, and it’s not for the better.

    Notice also how most Muslim attendants are dressed in slapdash everyday attire (except the imams). It’s only the Western officials who show respect, with proper, black mourning clothes.

    That’s the civilisation we are giving away to them. And they won’t even accept the gift. They obviously don’t care.

  4. Dymphna: “What we’re doing to men is destructive and immoral.”

    Who is the ‘we’ in this? Men are responsible for their (our) own demise – it wouldn’t be happening were it not for their (our) acquiescence. Have Western men lost their vigour? Have we arrived at the ‘anything for a quiet life’ stage?

  5. Dymphna wrote : Whenever women move overwhelmingly into a field, the men move out.

    That spells disaster for fields such as physics and engineering, and a catastrophe for the armed forces.

    As Robert Marchenoir points out, if Western men ever converted to Islam in large numbers, women will quite literally be beaten to submission within a week. In fact, large scale beatings would not be necessary, for the atmosphere will have changed so radically, that submission of women to men would be normal. (I hate what I’m writing, as I feel offended by it, but that unfortunately is what will happen). Feminists and Lefty sympathisers of Islam, have no idea of the danger that they have placed themselves in, as well as homosexuals and women. Let us hope that there is no such irrational reaction by men, but one never knows. The chance to put the boot in, to have multiple young women dancing at your whim, could prove irrestible to many a young man, thwarted in getting a job by policies that favour women and minorities. Converting to Islam trumps the above policy.

    However, as thll points and has been noted at GoV on many occasions in the poast, it is not feminists or Leftists that are responsible for the disarray of men. Men themselves have refused to assert themselves, probably in an act of good manners and excessive chivalry. We are not doing any good to ourselves, and society at large, by appearing weak. This only allows the wolves of Islam to go on the offensive.

  6. Robert Marchenoir,

    The wearing of high-visibility vests or bibs to give some kind of quasi legal authority started a few years ago in the U.K. its legal significance went unnoticed and unchallenged by most people.

    Traffic wardens wear these bibs daily with the word police on the back as far as I know the only time they can be deputised in the U.K. is during a state of emergency.

  7. DP11:

    It is an Islamic value for a man to want a women that he can kill or divorce for any reason. It is a Western value for man to like a feisty women.

    People will wake up to this (and many other things about Islam) and the West will prevail in this new phase of an old war.

  8. Lygeia

    On futher reflection, I believe it is not men or feminists, who are responsible for the feminisation of men. I mentioned what I had written, to my wife, and all she did was look at me in an affectionate manner.

  9. On thinking about where you are from (histogeographically), I understand where you are coming from (philosophically).

    Thll: The ‘we’ is the terrible anti-West hate cult of PC MC Leftism that is engaged in social engineering of radical feminism.
    The ‘population control’ movement is intertwined with eugenics and is related to this. The goal is to destroy Western culture by destroying the Western family.

    Now, I will write about something I thought of about Sweden. Conservative Swede has blamed the “Christian Ethic” for the collapse of the West.

    When I saw this article about Sweden, I remembered something I had read and realized something:

    In Sweden, socialism was institutionalized as a “Christian concept”. I think that CS thinks that the “Christian Ethic” is what he would hear in a state Church in Sweden. (That would be natural if one is not a Christian). But I must explain something:

    If a cleric is preaching soft left pap, he is NOT preaching the “Christian ethic”, he is a amatuer Leftist activist wannabe who likes religious form and is desperate to be “relevant”– If he is preaching Marx, Freud, Sarte, etc. that is what he is.

    I will say that what passes for “Christian ethic” in the State Church in Sweden is recycled PC MC Leftism. This is no more ‘Christian Ethic’ than is a electronics repairmen decides to teach brain surgery according to what he knows about repairing electronic devices! This may explain why Sweden is so “gone in the head” (mal-trained people in understanding the “Christian Ethic”

    I think that Sweden has Leftism foisted upon it in the name of Religion. If this is so, it is a real oddity in the West– In America, PC MC Leftism was viciously, fiercely anti- traditional Christian, and made no secret of it. It may have been less so in other countries, but the shift during the Western Cultural Revolution [1963-1979] was so great and obvious that non-religious people in, say, Spain (such as Chechar) or even non-religious Scandinavians who study Western history (such as Fjordman) can see that the real Christian Ethic is extremely different from what the PC MC Leftists teach.

    We might want to do a thread about this.

  10. PC MC Leftism is, at its core, an anti-Western Hate Cult. If the ‘Christian Ethic’ taught that the weak were always good, the strong were always evil, and that a Christian nation should empower non-Christian nations and allow itself to be taken over, all of Europe would already have been part of a Caliphate for Centuries by now. These ideas are taught by the PC MC Leftists, with a view to combat ‘Western Hegemony’ (cut down the power of Western Culture)– They define White Westerners as ‘Strong and Evil’ and non-Westerners as ‘Weak and good’. It is important to understand the PC MC Leftist is a total perversion of “Christian ethics”.

    By the way, the real Christian Ethic did NOT prevent Gustavus Adolfus or Charles XII from being great warriors. Sweden was a great power around 1625-1720.

    Concerning the 3rd world population gains, it was caused by decolonialization. Newly independent countries wanted to increase their numbers, so they resisted the eugenic schemes of vicious Leftists. Africans have resisted these Leftist plots most effectively, followed by Muslims.

    This is probably because Black Africans where treated with the most contempt by Whites during the colonial period.

    However, Leftist influence will rapidly wane, as they tear down the West. Remember, there is NOTHING altruistic about the Left.

  11. Dymphna: What we’re doing to men is destructive and immoral. It does not bode well for the future.

    For a modern woman, that is a frank and excruciatingly honest admission.

    Still, there is a grain of thruth in what thll says:

    Men are responsible for their (our) own demise – it wouldn’t be happening were it not for their (our) acquiescence.

    Yes and no. Despite all the wife beaters, Islamic or otherwise, the vast majority of earth’s species, especially mammals, are programmed to defer to females. Kill all the females and everybody dies. You only need a few males to survive but lots of females really boost the numbers.

    That said, we are thinking creatures, at least on paper, and personal responsibility cannot be ignored.

    A forthcoming essay will be a first-time collaboration with another well-known denizen of Gates of Vienna and we will attempt to examine some of these issues in light of both Western and Islamic practices through a unique frontier American lens.

    DP111: As Robert Marchenoir points out, if Western men ever converted to Islam in large numbers, women will quite literally be beaten to submission within a week.

    I continue to be amazed at how feminists ignore this glaring byproduct of their collective silence over Islam’s Abject Gender Apartheid. If they think that Westen men are “male chauvanist pigs” now, just wait until all the wife-beaters, pimps and philanderers have the full force of law backing them.

    I really cannot imagine that these feminists have begun to think through the limitless misery that awaits them.

    My sympathy for these women who chase “bad boys” and cling to their abusers dried up several years ago. I doubt that even if you paid me whether I could squeeze out a tear for them.

    If ever Islam comes to power my only reaction to these gender traitors will be to laugh and point.

    DP111: Men themselves have refused to assert themselves, probably in an act of good manners and excessive chivalry.

    Most likely, men have politely stepped back and given women the rope with which they have promptly hung them selves.

    However, as noted above, letting the wimmenfolk die off doesn’t do the clan any favors. I can only suppose it’s rather difficult to talk Simone de Beauvoir into going back and being barefoot and pregnant.

    Men have waited patiently for all these biological clocks to tick down and their reward has been a bunch of barren harridans shrieking for their fertility treatments.

    Small wonder that so many menfolk seek out the affections of Third World women who are blissfully happy to have a roof over their heads and indoor plumbing. That their maternal instincts are largely intact is only icing on the wedding cake.

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