Are You Part of the “Angry Mobs”? Yet?

While Obama hunkers down on posh Martha’s Vineyard, whining about the press coverage of his vacation, here’s an interesting factoid: did you know that sixty-eight percent of Americans are satisfied with their health care coverage?

That’s a figure you won’t hear from the political class, the MSM, or the usual idjits who pontificate on social issues they don’t understand and fail to perform the necessary research that would bring them up to speed.

The MSM loves to invent crises, and the political class loves to pretend to solve them. They both love to pontificate.

On the other hand, it is probably a fact of life that has sunk in to even the hardest Congressional head by now: most people do not trust the junk pages of House Resolution 3200. By page 580, you’re asking yourself if these people are on drugs, of if perhaps they should be taking something, like maybe a large dose of reality.
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The ones brave enough to hold town hall meetings have heard what people think of ObamaCare – and what they think of these patsies for considering the legislation their “leaders” are trying to foist off on them. Wiser Congressmen have decided to take a pass on visiting their home districts during the recess. Who wants to be yelled at for a month by the people who voted for them? Does that endanger their chances for re-election next year? Sure. But who wants to run for public office in the middle of a depression…wait, I take that back. It may be the only job they can get by then.

Better tough it out, your Honorables, or you’ll have to return to lobbying or find a sinecure in some industry whose protective legislation you passed. Come to think of it, there are so many earmarks in the Stimulus attack you already passed that there are hundreds of little cubbies to hide in and draw a salary. Nothing like the grandiose benefits of being a Congressman, but hey, people won’t be yelling at you.

Buyer’s regret is rampant right now, at least in the lower forty-eight states. There is likely to be a groundswell of “throw the bums out” come 2010. Republicans are fortunate to be in a minority because they will not be the main focus of this frontal assault on politicians. Our Clueless Fearless Leader ought to thank the good Lord he’s not running until 2012. By then, if his health care scare tactics make it past the huge hordes of angry people, maybe he’ll have ummm…eliminated any of the problem old people who won’t ever vote for him again. The man is just plain callous…we had a clue when he didn’t show up for his own Grandma’s funeral.

Then there are his henchmen, our legislators, who are mostly drawn from the lawyer class. This is a generalization; there are a few doctors and businessmen, but they tend to vote along conservative lines. The lawyer class, of whom our Fearless-if-Woefully Misguided Leader is one, don’t understand real life. You have only to look at the outcomes of Obama’s vaunted efforts at community organization to realize that the man is other-worldly.

These Congressional imperialists couldn’t explain basic economics to you any more than they could expound on Buddhist theology. Nonetheless, they’re prepared to spend countless hours making stuff up and putting it in humungous legislative packets that they dare you to read. They have to pass these excrements, but they sure aren’t going to actually look inside the, say, 1,017 pages of H.R. 3200. Instead, they have another plan: attack the voters and bully them into shutting up. Peter Weiner observes, in his essay, “Political Organizing in the Age of Obama”:

As a political strategy, it is highly unusual. Support for President Obama’s health-care plan is dropping precipitously, undone by stubborn facts and a growing realization among many Americans of the damaging effects ObamaCare would exact on their lives. As Democratic members of Congress return to their districts and host town-hall meetings, they are, in many circumstances, being met by concerned, agitated, and sometimes raucous or disruptive voters. Opposition is rising by the week.

Faced with all this, Obama and the Democratic National Committee have embraced a novel approach: attack the voters. These voters are, a new DNC ad tells us repeatedly, a “mob,” an “angry mob,” engaging in “mob activity.” Much of the anger, insists the president’ s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, is “manufactured.” There are hints of a conspiracy. And President Obama, in remarks yesterday, gripes and complains about “griping and complaining” by the American public. (This from a man who, during the campaign, in counseling his supporters on what to do with his opponents, asked them to “get in their face” and celebrated properly channeled “anger” on the part of the American people.)

Public officials shouldn’t be shouted down; reasoned, measured debate is certainly preferable to yelling. At the same time, there is a certain hypocrisy in all this as well. During the Bush era, liberals believed dissent – including loud, boisterous speaking “truth to power” – was the highest form of patriotism. “Not any more,” in the immortal words of Peter Sellers’s character Inspector Clouseau…

Oh, my. The worm has turned and the Left is furious that its own tactics are being used to defeat its cockamamie distributionist philosophy.

But the Democrats are planning like mad, trying to build a work-around the FAIL ObamaCare bill. What they’ve come up with to combat the grass-roots, leaderless Tea Party rebellion is a script from Central Headquarters:

The Democratic National Committee and its grassroots arm, Organizing for America, are helping to organize the effort along with the Health Care for America Now, a group pushing to create government-run insurance plan.

“In these last few weeks of recess we want to demonstrate the energy, passion and commitment that the American people have to health insurance reform so that when members return after Labor Day they know that they can turn their attention to getting this done because they have the backing of the American people,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.

Supporters have their work cut out for them. Many lawmakers were thunderstruck over the August recess by the anger and outrage expressed by their constituents in town hall meetings across the country. And in poll after poll, support for reform has eroded throughout the month.

For those of you who aren’t aware of “Organizing for America” it is merely an extension of Obama’s campaign cadres. Our Fearless-if-Inept Leader knows how to campaign. He has yet to prove he knows how to govern as an executive but he sure can pout with aplomb. That’s because he’s cool and you’re not.

The fact that OfA isn’t on board with this scheme doesn’t matter to the Democrat National Committee. The paid marchers have their orders and march they will. Anything for their Fearless Etc. What they don’t realize is how lame they’re going to look. I’d say that they’ll learn from this experience, but this group is driven by dogma so I doubt that any form of empirical input will change their point of view.

Do check out Rasmussen’s Reports. They’re more accurate than most polls because they limit their respondents to people who actually vote. Imagine! They don’t take into account all the Obama obeisance that emanates from people who couldn’t find their way to the polling booth. Right now, Obama is in double-digit disapproval for the fourth day running. The confidence rating for P. O. is minus 11 and dropping…not like a stone, but rather like a feather blown by fate and following the inexorable laws of gravity.

A prediction: look for scare-tactic headlines to distract you from the nefarious conduct of this administration and from the scandals of the 111th session of Congress. Anything to keep you from looking at the man behind the curtain, Dorothy.

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  1. The manufactured distraction to the health care debacle is already in today’s newspapers i.e. terrorists have been “terrorized” by Bush’s rogue government and St. Obama is going to stop all the AMERICAN skulduggery so Muslim terrorists around the world can breathe easier.

    So-called “torture” is out. Now US government agents are limited to “the silent treatment” which will undoubtedly have hardened terrorists spilling their guts about bombing missions OR rolling on the floor laughing.

    The MSM is dutifully parroting this cynical sellout exactly as instructed as yet another example of the greatness of the Great One instead of an obvious red herring to allow the health care hijacking to occur out of the glare of the spotlight.

  2. I don’t have the link now, but I read a scare headline yesterday about Obama’s Health & Science Panel predicting 90,000 cases of swine flu.

    And some strange websites are proclaiming that the swine flu is a government plot, as was the 1918 Spanish flu.

    Not even the Dems…though the scare headlines I certainly wouldn’t put past them. Obi Wan is not going to be cool about being dissed by the press and they’re starting to take aim.

    An interesting September looms.

  3. D-

    We now have another great feature coming to DC, WH interrogation panels:

    From a post @ The Belmont Club:

    “Might I suggest that there is an additional motive for the announcement of the prosecution. Mixed in with the news releases about the coming prosecution there was the announcement of the creation of a new “High Value Interrogation Unit” operating under White House control via the NSC. It will be in charge of interrogating foreign and domestic terrorism threats. Lets see:

    1) Immediately after taking office, the Director of Homeland Security declared that veterans, supporters of the Second Amendment, opponents of abortion, and supporters of conservative politics were “potential domestic terrorists”.

    2) Citizens who challenge their Congressmen over the actions of the regime are called mobs, and the White House encourages violence against them.

    3) An Enemies List that would make Richard Nixon blush to contemplate is established in violation of the Constitution and incidentally a specific Federal statute passed to prevent a recurrence of Nixon’s actions [Privacy Act of 1974]. The original was taken down, but another whitehouse email was substituted. The lists generated are still in White House custody

    4) Now an interrogations unit is established under direct White House control.

    The feeling of warm fuzzies is overwhelming.

    Those of an historical bent might remember Sicherheitsdienst Amt III.”

    The challenges to the integrity of the Republic mount daily.

    The question becomes not if The Won is just incompetent but that perhaps the willy-nilly destruction coming down the pike is the desired outcome. Is Cloward-Piven operative right now in this administration? Is the collapse of the Republic the desired end state for the advent of something else? A Communist paradise in North America?

    Just noodling some alternatives.

  4. .
    The scare tactics and distractions have arrived. Half the country will get Swine Flu!? The CIA investigation?

    The anti-national HC people in the USA call it ‘single-payer HC’ but they shouldn’t. Government Controlled Health Care Insurance should more accurately be called ‘Single-Provider HC’, not ‘Single-Payer’. Single-payer HC is fine and does exist, it should be expanded.

    There should be less mandates, major tort reform, and more competition in HC, not less. Let people choose HC plans from other states, like they do with car insurance and everything else.

    Make individuals’ insurance premiums tax-deductable. Single-provider is what you get with Gov’t HC Insurance, that has never worked well. Cuba, Canada, the UK and other countries have destroyed HC quality with Gov’t single-provider HC.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe loves
    single-provider healthcare

    provided by government
    which has NO competition

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    destroy your healthcare system

    Cuba’s filthy hospitals
    are something to aspire to

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t pay healthcare premiums

    for the uninsured
    just destroy system for all

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    single-provider healthcare

    which has NO competition
    to cut costs they ration care
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
    There IS a Free Market Cure!


  5. Oh, my. The worm has turned and the Left is furious that its own tactics are being used to defeat its cockamamie distributionist philosophy.

    Of course they do not like it. Talk about calling the kettle black. More proof that liberals whither under a logical attack. If we did not get up and use the same tactics there would never be any discussions of these important life and country changing issues.
    The demosocialistacrats would cram the garbage down our collective throats and they still are trying to do so even as many of us raise questions and are demanding answers, not more lies, smoke and mirrors.

  6. @ Robohobo

    The Baron and I were just talking about the things you itemize.

    I was not aware that they’d put up a new snoop email/phone account.

    Do you know what it is?

    @ USpace–

    We need more discussion of market alternatives but the bleating of the MSM makes conversation impossible.


    Look for things to get worse. Drudge has an account of a Dem headquarters being trashed. Bec. they follow Alinsky’s play book I think it’s an inside job.

  7. D-

    Checking on that other one. Back in a while with it. I have chores here on the urban farm. I have honey-do’s that must be finished as I may have a contract coming up in a month.

    I also forgot to add that not only am I part of the “angry mob” but I also most likely fit the profile of a DHS ‘domestic terrorist’. Someone please turn me in.

    As an aside, I found a great doormat at Amazon. It reads “Come Back With A Warrant”.

    The Hobo

  8. The MSM loves to invent crises, and the political class loves to pretend to solve them.

    If only this were so. Through near-constant treachery and flat out treason, the MSM has become a causer of crises. The alleged Qur’an abuse at Gitmo being a prize example. This non-crisis was puffed up into a full blown tragedy that cost people their lives. Muslim lives, albeit, but there is blood on the media’s hands.

    The same applies with the Danish Mohammad cartoons. British and Australian newscasters portrayed the entire dossier of images cobbled up by Laban and Akkari as having been published by Jyllands-Posten. Nor did they happen to note the conspicuous HALF-YEAR delay between publication of these images and the subsequent well-orchestrated Muslim riots that ensued at a much later date.

    As was noted in the original “The Madness is Obvious” thread:

    The message to the practitioners of the ‘culture-of-threats’ is clear: if you threaten us we will do as you say, and we acknowledge that, if we do not, the violence is our responsibility. Could anyone think of a more obvious way to incite violence?. [emphasis added]

    Be it academic or press-based, the abject self-censorship these entities indulge in are a clear belly-up display of cowardice in the face of a frontal assault upon the very constitutional rights that make their existence possible.

    The media seems to have taken rather over-seriously William Randolf Hearst’s legendary (and only alleged) telegram missive, “You furnish the pictures, and I’ll furnish the war“; As they now manufacture real conflicts through their own intentional misinformation and omission of fact.

    Then there are his henchmen, our legislators, who are mostly drawn from the lawyer class.

    The stupendous blunder and inherent conflict of interest involved with allowing lawyers to run a law-making body defies all polite description.

    Faced with all this, Obama and the Democratic National Committee have embraced a novel approach: attack the voters.

    Only Richard Nixon’s contempt for the American electorate can rival this affront to our nation’s voters.

    Oh, my. The worm has turned and the Left is furious that its own tactics are being used to defeat its cockamamie distributionist philosophy.

    Oh, my. The worm has turned and the Left is furious that its own tactics are being used to defeat its cockamamie re-distributionist philosophy.

    There, fixed that for ya. After all, there are few more brazen hallmarks of wannabe Socialists-Communists than the redistribution of wealth. Perish the thought that they might have to create any actual wealth themselves. It is as if the Hand of Fate™ has chosen the script of “Atlas Shrugged” for America’s future. The irony of this world’s premier industrial and tchnological nation foundering on the discredited and anti-capitalist notions of post-modern Socialists goes bveyond cruel irony.

  9. D-

    The new snitch line is thus:

    Which makes it a contact sheet of some sort.

    This is the disclaimer:

    “We want to hear from you

    If you have questions about health insurance reform or suggestions on what topics we should address next, please let us know.

    Please refrain from submitting any individual’s personal information, including their email address, without their permission.”


    Part of the discussion @ BC has revolved around where things are heading. The consensus from those I trust is that there will be a tipping point of some sort that galvanizes action either from us ‘domestic terrorists’ or The 0bamanation (which covers this admin) will wag the dog or …?…. that forces the hands of Patriots. Those Alinskyite Leftys are no longer our countrymen, if you are wondering.

    You have to ask yourself if Cloward-Piven is operative and I believe it is, then what is the desired end state? (See Rahmbo Emmanuel in his statement of “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”) Alinsky actions are designed to crash the system until it has to be replaced with a Marxist construct. This is not a byproduct but a design feature.

    Now we have several items coming home to roost:

    1. CIA investigations designed to neutralize the agency right after a DHS sponsored internal sub-agency reporting to the pResident is enacted.
    2. Teddy “The Schwimmer” Kennedy dies and Pelousy et al decide to use the “Do it for Teddy” card. (Mike @ Cold Fury linked to Ace – we can call it ChappaquidiCare. Anyone older than 65 gets a 5th of Chivas and a Buick or Olds clunker)
    3. Here, Sen. Bingaman says in town halls that he is not against using the nuclear option (reconciliation) to pass 0bamaCare. Reconciliation was designed to use during the budget process and it has been perverted to be used wrongly.
    4. The Won just recently gave $2billion to Petrobas, a Soros subsidiary, for oil exploration off of the Brazilian coast. Meanwhile, we cannot drill our own coastal waters. Something is seriously wrong here.

    And it goes on and on. But you get the drift. Any sane person msut ask themselves, where is this heading?

    I have taken up enough of your bandwidth.

    The Hobo

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