The Latest Trend: De-Westernization

So it’s come to this: not only are we required to import millions of unassimilable immigrants into our countries, but their children — who might conceivably be assimilable, given enough exposure to infidel culture — are being sent home to be deprogrammed, so that they don’t internalize Western values.

This is carrying the multicultural program to a new a whole new level of perversity.

Evidence of the latest trend comes from Finland. According to YLE:

Immigrant Parents Send Teens Away for De-Westernization

Officials say they are learning of an increasing number of cases in which immigrant parents in Finland are forcibly sending teens back to their home countries to de-westernize them.

The Finnish Red Cross as well as social welfare offices say that every year dozens of parents who believe their children are becoming too westernized send their offspring back to African, Asian and Middle Eastern states.

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Leena-Kaisa Åberg, head of the refugee and immigration section at the Finnish Red Cross, says school teachers rarely question the sudden absence of students with immigrant backgrounds.

“In some cases sports coaches are the ones who look into these disappearances,” says Åberg.

Authorities say these types of matters often fall beyond their jurisdiction, as parents are responsible for minors.

Janne Kanerva, a legislative counsellor at the Justice Ministry, says it’s not a crime if both parents decide to send their child abroad.

This could develop into a major industry and be very good for the economies of poor Muslim countries. So many native Westerners are eager to deconstruct their own cultures — surely there must be a market here for de-Westernization.

Imagine a chain of summer camps for the children of infidel apes and pigs. Local franchises would be established in Afghanistan, Waziristan, Somalia, Yemen, Gaza, etc.

Call it “Kamp Koran”. Motto: “Keep the Kafir Krap out of your Kid”.

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7 thoughts on “The Latest Trend: De-Westernization

  1. It makes perfect sense. To them, their culture has nothing to do with the fact that their native land is and always be a Hell hole. Western cultures success is merely some kind of magic trick. If their countrymen and culture were to take over Finland (or any other European country) tomorrow, everything would go along perfectly.

  2. “Western cultures success is merely some kind of magic trick.”

    In Islamic “civilisation”, wealth means (1) what the umma plunders from the infidel, (2) what subject infidels pay to the umma in the form of protection money (“jiziyah”), or (3) what is produced by the slaves of the umma. The Islamic mindset is incapable of understanding that western wealth and prosperity are necessarily connected with western culture and values. The Mohammedan mentality is one of resentment and grievance: if the west is prosperous, then it is because western culture has somehow “stolen” its wealth from the Muslims, the rightful owners. Muslim resentment is the rage of Caliban faced with Prospero.

  3. “Western cultures success is merely some kind of magic trick.”

    Often attributed to by jinnis according to the superstitional mahoundian mindset. They must be ever vigilant so that not these evil genies doesn’t try to trick them into doing bad things. The belief in genies is strong in muslim countries. The existance of jinnis is also supported by the quran. Great for them , they have yet another thing to blame their grievances on.

  4. “They must be ever vigilant so that not these evil genies doesn’t try to trick them into doing bad things.”

    I wonder what their take would have been on Barbara Eden? Good genie or cute blond infidel whore genie?
    : )

  5. Devout Muslims are not immigrants as the West understands the term and have no intention of assimilating when they go to western countries. They are barred from the normal spirit of immigration by Islamic injunctions that Muslims have no business living among heathens (for fear of contamination) only converting, dhimmifying or killing them. There is to be no true collaboration, only a sham to advance Muslims’ interests.

    The only sharia compliant way they are allowed to live in foreign countries is as infiltrators, would-be colonists whose intention it is to overwhelm the host culture and suck it into the umma (world wide Muslim community). They are infecting bacilli.

    The pattern is clear. Every Muslim individual and family is to use the host country’s tolerance, push their boundaries to obtain elements of sharia for first Muslims, then force the larger society into complying as well (e.g. no depictions of Mohammed allowed, seguing into no cartoons by infidels to no criticism of Islam or Muslims of any kind allowed

    e.g. steadily enlarging demands from halal meals on a university campus, to separate dining room for Muslims, to demanding no alcohol be served to anyone including non-Muslims on cafeteria premises etc.)

    Every mosque is a community and indoctrination center run by Saudi imam-agents, claiming as big a physical footprint as possible, surrounding itself with Muslim ghettos that become no-go areas for the host population and ruled by sharia. Entire sections of cities are taken over this way. Eventually, all the dots coalesce and countries will be balkanized by large swathes of Muslim controlled territory.

    This process all starts with thousands of individual acts promoting sharia creep.

    Those Muslims whose children find the host culture attractive get sent back to the mother ship to get their Islamic brain chips more firmly implanted. Those who assimilate in even the most innocent of ways are exterminated in “honor” killings.

    Islam is an inexorable one-way ratchet tightening its parasitic grip on any host society unwise enough to consider Muslims immigrants like any other.

    Islamic glory days were due to dhimmi and slave labor being appropriated by a warlike people who could not create what they coveted. Muslims think they can recreate that history, that westerners will continue to slave away and pay confiscatory taxes to support their Muslim layabout “masters”. They have reason to be encouraged by the present supineness of taxpayers as the Left impoverishes them to reward their constituencies. Muslims think they can just substitute themselves for the Leftist exploiters.

    Neither Muslim nor Leftist understands the psychology of achievement and inevitably kill the golden goose, ending up with a dismal standard of living for all but a small elite wherever Muslim or Leftist ideas predominate. They’re like evil children who destroy the things they have no idea how to build or repair.

    Leftists are the stupider of the two, thinking that they are using multicult and Muslims as a battering ram to break down western institutions and defences, and that the Arabs will fold their tents and silently steal away leaving ungodly Leftists in the catbird seat instead of as dead catmeat.

  6. Laine’s and Cucurbitae Caput’s comments on what’s at stake and must be understood here are spot on.

    In addition to “de-Westernizing” their kids, those mahound-worshiping scumbags could also help erase their names from Western welfare rolls, simply by being kicked the hell out of countries where they hate everything, except the fat jizya/welfare checks; which they get for doing absolutely nothing besides endlessly getting more mahoundians, and therefore more zebibah-displaying welfare recipients, out of their jihadist-breeding mobile tents (those individuals that enjoy the same rights as men in the West, where they’re more commonly referred to as women.)

  7. Not exactly a new thing. We’ve had this kind of thing in Denmark for years. We call them “re-education trips”. Might be new in Finland, but on the European scene, it’s been going on for years.

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