Racial Discrimination in the UAE

Can you imagine what would happen if any country governed by white people instituted a policy like this one? Suppose Sweden or Ireland decided to limited the numbers of non-Europeans it would allow in as immigrants?

Why, the howls of outrage would resound through the halls of the UN and the EU!

For the heinous practice of racial discrimination, the country would immediately face sanctions and other forms of official opprobrium under “international law”. The officials involved would be removed from their posts, prosecuted, and imprisoned.

But when an Arab country decides to exclude non-Arabs, it’s no big deal. It’s their country, right? They can keep out anybody they want. It’s none of our business to interfere.

According to AKI:

UAE: Non-Arab Immigrants May Face ‘Quotas’

Abu Dhabi, 16 July (AKI) — The United Arab Emirates is considering the introduction of quotas to restrict the flow of non-Arab immigrants allowed to work in the country.

According to the pan-Arab daily, Al-Sharq al-Aswat, the government does not want to limit the entrance for workers from specific countries.

But it wants greater control over immigration since 80 percent of the national foreign work force is of Asian origin.

– – – – – – – –

For this reason, the objective is to give preference to immigrants from other Arab countries, and in this way create a more homogeneous society.

According to the United Nations, the UAE previously had an open-border foreign labour policy which allowed private businesses to hire expatriate workers at internationally competitive wages and enhance the country’s economic growth.

The UN estimates there are 4.5 million people living in the UAE and immigrants comprise 71.4 percent of the population.

The fact that no one excoriates the UAE over this issue is further proof — as if we needed it — that “discrimination” is only a crime when white people practice it.

Something else to notice here: almost three-quarters of the population of the UAE is made up of immigrants. No wonder the government has decided to practice a little judicious “racism”.

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10 thoughts on “Racial Discrimination in the UAE

  1. Abu Dhabi, 16 July (AKI) — The United Arab Emirates is considering the introduction of quotas to restrict the flow of non-Arab immigrants allowed to work in the country.

    Seems an eminently sensible thing to do. It is plain commonsense that people of widely different culture are unlikely to integrate in the native culture. It holds true for non-Arabs in an Arab country. It holds for non-Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malay etc.

    There is one exception to this commonsense rule. Unfortunately, EU rules forbid mentioning it.

  2. I worked in UAE for 2 years and regardless of how long you have lived there no one could gain permanent residency or nationality, non-UAE could not buy property (believe this has since changed in Dubai, not sure about the other principalities) which meant locals could buy property dirt cheap then rent it out at a kings ransom. This all obviously done so that if the economy goes pear shaped (as it inevitably will when the oil starts to dry up) they can say ‘Thanks for doing everything for us the last few years, toodle pip and best of luck in your future endeavours’

    In Abu Dhabi (where I worked) they were worried about UAE’s marrying non-locals though and the government would give a gift of 70,000 dirhams (around £15,000 when I was there) if UAE nationals married each other.

    These are the same people who scream blue murder for any perceived slight or discrimination they believe the Western nations where they have came to live (and are free to leave at any time) and which has granted them citizenship.

    I have no problem whatsoever with any of the above laws that UAE applies, I just wish our nations would follow suit.

  3. Too bad western countries do not adopt a similar policy in regard towards muslims. A long time ago.
    Alot of pain, suffereing an deaths cold have been avoided if such policies had been introduced and enacted.

    Of course there will be no outcry against the UAE. Why it is an Islamic, mussie country and that gives it a free pass from criticism that would surely result if any non-muslim countries did such a thing. No doubt there would cars burning in the streets, protests and of course violence, of some sort as that is what comes when you cowtow to islam and mussies.

  4. I think that the comparison is hardly possible because there are 70% or so immigrants in the Emirates.

    However, and despite what people say even here, I think European societies should learn a lot and emulate the Emirates practices on immigration:

    Wanna come over? You’re here to work, that’s it. Or else to give us money. It doesn’t matter what your position is, if you don’t behave you’ll be punished; If you don’t respect our moral code, you will face retaliations.

    That’s very basic.

  5. Actually, I think this is a bad move because now the Emirates are under the risk of being seen as the anti-islamic capitalist country that exploits other Arabs…

  6. “There is one exception to this commonsense rule. Unfortunately, EU rules forbid mentioning it.”

    And that “blame America” thing, no?

    “and the government would give a gift of 70,000 dirhams (around £15,000 when I was there)”

    I knew that the Emirates treated well their Nationals (they are islamic, but that’s their Civilisation) and the immigrants as such but damn, those are race laws that not every state can cope with…

  7. Of course, only people of European ethnicity are racists,discrimination by non-Caucasians against minorities,even the occasional massacre is just part of their rich cutural traditions and definitely not racism.

  8. It is wrong to call the 75% non-Arabs in Saudi as well as the Emirates “immigrants” as we use the term. As Brocher states, they do not have the rights of immigrants everywhere else to eventual citizenship. In fact, they have next to no rights under the law including property ownership except for an elite few. Solkhar’s ridiculous claim in another thread that non-Muslims have equal rights to Muslims in Muslim lands comes a cropper here alone, in the heart of Islam.

    Instead of immigrant, more accurate terms are “foreign workers”, “expatriates” and for the vast majority, “serfs”.

    Because Arab culture is indolent, whether a rich or poor society, Saudis have to import almost all their skilled and unskilled labor from abroad. The top level are western professionals like doctors, architects, engineers and the like. They are paid well and live well but even they are not offered the privileges of citizenship and if they encounter legal problems, their good life is at an end.

    The vast majority of the expats are workers from Asia, including India, China, the Philippines etc. Their hopes to make a better living and send money home to their impoverished families are often dashed. They are poorly paid and their working conditions are often unbearable. When I was in Dubai a couple of years ago, construction workers had just gained the right to not work during the hottest two hours of the day (summer temps are over 100 degrees F and humid) as they were dropping like flies. They typically slept in tiny shacks crammed with four bunk-beds. Expats’ employment may be terminated at any time for any reason. It is a common phenomena for despairing workers to commit suicide by walking into the sea and drowning. No matter to the Saudis. There are always teeming Asian masses willing to try their luck.

    The funny thing is that the Arabs will regret their decision to import more of their workers from Arab countries. Arab culture is not known for its work ethic but for its vast sense of entitlement. Replacing the hardworking Asian cultures with Arabs is going to cost the Saudis a lot more money for half the work. It will serve them right. Good idea! Send all the Arabs to Saudi Arabia!

  9. It’s a funny thing Iaine, when I worked there we had a right not work if the temperature was above 50 degrees Centrigade. You would not believe the number of days that were 49! Unfortunately it was never above 50, regardless of the fact the my personal thermometer often went to 55 in the midday sun!

    I could tell so many tells about my experiences there but I can sum it up as: if you were born a UAE national your ship has come in!!! IF you are an imported worker, at least it’s one step closer to your dream of a European passport (and I could tell some tells of what they think about that, and this is from first hand experience not hearsay)

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