Obama’s Driving Us to the Poorhouse

Hey, kid, wanna lollipop? Just climb in the front seat and we’ll go for a little ride.

Of course he’ll drive us there in a environmentally friendly car, one which we’ll all be able to afford once he’s “managed” the health care of the elderly into eternity.

This video is from May of this year. If you’ve seen it already, you know it’s worth a repeat:

Whee! 174 miles an hour! We’re on speed, Unca O! Driving all those bills right through both the Senate and the House!

Ooops…what’s that wall up ahead?? You never said anything about any WALL!!!!
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I wish this guy who does these videos had been my Math teacher in high school. Concrete math, that’s his specialty. Lessons from him would have been even better than hanging out with Dr. Science.

Go to the Political Math website for more videos.

Especially see his version of Obama health care. The Lego guy who loses body parts while waiting to see a doctor in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts is pretty entertaining. But only if you’re convinced that the tripe legislation on health care will go the way of Hillarycare.

Also, you’ll see why they call it “Taxachusetts” and why anyone who can, moves to New Hampshire.

Where we gonna go when ObamaCare covers the land like a pall?

Here’s a suggestion: start practicing your Spanish.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Driving Us to the Poorhouse

  1. Absolutely worth running again. Perfect timing, Dymphna. I already know Spanish quite well but after Obumacare I will not be able to afford to go any place else. Plus I am one of those disabled working white guys who is on a health plan that would be killed or horribly modified by Obumacare. That is a certainty as I have already read some of the Obumacare
    health bill and talked with my advocate and insurance company. Imagine Americans swimming across the Rio Grande for better care. Anything(just always bad)is possible with the mullah in the White House and the other losers that are now in power.

    Thanks for the tip on Rosita the Prol and all your assistance.

  2. What a wonderfull video! Funny and scarry.

    One part of me tells me that the video is all truth. In fact, the video is so plausible that I don’t have any doubts about it.

    However… I recognise that for the Obamaniacs it will look like “racist right wing lies” or something.

    Obama will destroy the United States of America. Now, will that really happen fast? Or will that take several decades?
    Is that a necessarily negative thing? Given “bad” American policies and trends, maybe it’s not.

    An independent Texas would be interesting (if it mannaged to expell half the Mexicans, I’d consider immigrate there just to see what’s up). An independent New York / NorthEast U.S. could be once more a magnet of European immigrants, especially Eastern European. And at this time, not the Jewish ones…

    And… will Taiwan survive Obama?

    I? I don’t like Obama. I think Americans use the term “ódio” (hate) too fast, here it’s kind of an heavy word so I have problems in saying that I “hate” some one.
    But, if I ever “hated” Obama – and I still despise him and all he represents – I now have come to see him as quiet a challenge. And now I’d like to have a beer with the man, like I’d like to have a beer with Fidel although with Obama, I’d also like to see if he’d look back after me saying “hey, your pants are in the floor” or something.

    Obama is hatefull, but more than that, he’s quiet a challenge. If I were American however, I don’t think I’d think this way at all.

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