Nazi of the Week

Back in June we exposed the disturbing neo-Nazi affiliations of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Since then more evidence has surfaced concerning his status as a devoted follower of Adolf Hitler.

To make matters worse, this photograph of Mr. Brown was taken at a state school:
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Gordon Brown, Nazi — again!

Not only is the highest elected official in the United Kingdom under the evil sway of neo-fascist ideology, but he has attempted to inject his poison into the impressionable minds of the young.

This is even worse than a cross on a bookshelf! I don’t think any rational person could help but agree that there’s at least as much damning evidence against Herr Brown as there is against Filip Dewinter.

Hat tip: Derius.

4 thoughts on “Nazi of the Week

  1. Your real subject (in case any do not know) is people such as Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (LGF).

    I was registered at LGF for more than a year and rarely posted there. When Johnson went after Robert Spencer recently, I wrote a short, more-or-less neutral post to say that I found the continued fight appalling.

    I no longer have the right to post at Little Green Footballs.

    Aside from the political wierdness of Johnson’s behavior in this story, my feelings were hurt, as yours seems to have been.

    I could fulminate about Johnson’s totalitarian impulse; but the correct word may simply be “childish.”

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Go and have a good look at LGF now,all of the adverts are for Amazon. Johnson hasn’t gone “wierd”, he has simply commercialised LGF, it has become little more than an Amazon portal, Johnson’s own little money making enterprise. That is why he dropped with all the anti-Jihadist stories (including from the main LGF logo), Amazon would never allow their adverts on a “waaaaaacist” site…

    He just posts fluff now, he has sold out to the man.

  3. Darrin —

    You’re right. I don’t go there very often anymore, and I hadn’t noticed. That’s quite telling.

    And the disappearance from the header of the Cox & Forkum cartoon of the lefty and the Hamas terrorist is significant, IMHO. That was a clear statement, and so is its absence.

  4. It’s not acually complete fluff. Besides the payola items, most of the posting energy goes into countering the “Nirthers”, the creationists, anti-abortionists, Ron Paul, and all the other “fringe wackos”.

    In other words, it’s a portal for mainstream establishment solidarity. Not quite behind Obama yet, but working its way steadily in that direction.

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