Geert Wilders Interviewed on Swedish TV

This video is in a mixture of languages, but the interview itself is in English with Swedish subtitles. Part of the Swedish section (but not all) is subtitled in English:

Hat tip: Steen.

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2 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Interviewed on Swedish TV

  1. I would focus for a while on our post-war denazification laws.

    Few workshops and we can be fluent in linking them with islam.

    A nice side-effect would be an estonishment from the leftists – teaching them a lesson.

    Stumbling over those laws, they might see themselves in a position wondering if those denazification laws were not in fact from their current point of view “nazi”.

    I compare sharia to Nuremberg laws.
    Zensters concept of reciprocity tells me … our muslims have sharia as free present for us, we should rush and provide them with our Canon law!! Let them follow it!

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